The Jet Set Club Review

The Jet Set Club Review Fundamental analysis, is the other way in the analysis of the movement of the currency rate and the reasons for the movement of the currency rate, a method which is based on the study of effects of economic and political influences and predicted impacts on the price movement of a currency. If technical analysis is based on the study of the movement of the currency rate only, the fundamental analysis (pickling news) Fundamental Analysis is based on the analysis of the reasons for this movement. And the effects of economic and political influences may be long term or short term. influences long-term economic is what he is examined by economists and by analyzing the economic situation of the state and compare the economic situation of other countries in an attempt to estimate the impact on currency rates, and such an analysis requires economic background and wide are not available to non-experts, such an analysis is outside the functions of shops normal trading currencies on a daily basis and on the basis of quick transactions but is within the interests of large financial institutions that would be interested to foresee exchange rates on long-term up to years before you invest huge sums in the purchase or sale of these currencies.

As for the stores, the normal fundamental analysis interested in the following manner:

Every day, the major economies such as the United States, Japan, the European Union as a whole and the countries of Europe, the main such as Germany, France, Italy and Britain separately are these countries a week to issue a lot of economic data for each of them, affect this data directly in the exchange rates of these countries.

For example: It may be the euro higher against the dollar at a price of EUR / USD = .9850 but at eight o'clock EST (EST) issued US economic data indicate the strength of the American economy in certain aspects, may result in the emergence of such data to the high price of the dollar to become after hours EUR / USD = .9700, for example, data such as these reinforce investor confidence in the American economy, which helps to increase the demand for the purchase of shares and American investments and thus increase demand to buy the dollar, leading to its high price compared to the euro.

The opposite happens if the economic data was bad for the American economy.

Such economic data that affect currency prices for short periods, such as the impact of interest to myself shops currencies.

And sometimes one of the officials in one of the major countries in the economically by issuing a statement which could lead to the high price of the currency or decline.

For example: You may authorize the President of the Japanese central bank statement may lead to high or low the price of the yen against the dollar, sometimes dramatically.

How do I know about the emergence of this economic data and statements?

Also, most The Jet Set Club Review brokerage firms provide service shops graphs for exchange rates paid or as a free service, it provides a basic service where shops can through the program charts of major news and read up immediately for shops.

There are a lot of sites that offer basic service that concern shops currencies is free shops can access to these sites and read the news.

Do not worry .. it does not mean that you are binding throughout the day staring at the computer waiting for news or economic data.

Data are important economic be known date in advance where you can get from many sites on the agenda Calendar for the most important economic data to be released next week, in the form of a table showing the state that will be issued this data and the type of data, time and experts predicted for the data that will be issued.

If there is important data can be known in advance to schedule an immediate follow up the outcome by the news service provided by your brokerage firm or through specialized sites in the The Jet Set Club Review news.

You are also using the technology and the WAP you can read this news by mobile phone or by laptop LAPTOP.

What is the most important economic data, which is issued?

There is a lot of data, which is published weekly, we will mention the most important of these data and their impact on exchange rates:

CPI Consumer Price Index (CPI) The Jet Set Club Review

An indicator to measure the rise in commodity prices for the consumer. The higher this index was greater compared to the previous month, or month to month, compared to the same period of the previous year, year to year, the impact would be negative for the currency where the price falls often.

For example: if the consumer price index in the United States 3% for the month of December, while it was 2.5% in the month of November, it is a bad news for the American economy because it means a rise in inflation, could lead like this news for the low price of the dollar against the following currencies and this compared to a month to month Month to Month (M / M). The comparison with the month of December of the previous year called for the year compared to the year Year to Year (y / y).

Producer Price Index Producer Price Index (PPI)

An indicator to measure the rise in commodity prices for producers and manufacturers in the production inputs. The higher the index goes down the currency.

Retail Sales Retail sales index

It is an The Trade Power Review indicator that measures the rate of sales in the consumer goods, the higher the average price of the currency rises because the higher sales guide to the health of the economy.

Wholesale sales index Wholesale index

Indicator that measures sales producers who sell their goods wholesale, the higher the average price of the currency rises because rising wholesale sales guide to the health of the economy.

Budget deficit Balance deficit

It is an indicator that measures the level of deficit in the state budget, and the higher the deficit has led to currency devaluation to this state.

Trade Balance Trade balance

It measures the extent of the Ataraxia 7 Review surplus or deficit in the exports and imports of the state, the state that have a trade surplus with other countries or with the world's exports of goods to be more than its imports, and vice versa for the State that its trade deficit. The greater the trade deficit for the state whenever led to the decline in the price of its currency.

The unemployment rate Unemployment rate

Ataraxia 7 Review measures the number of citizens of working age who are not finding work, the greater the rate of unemployment has led to currency devaluation because it is evidence of the weakness of the economy in this state.

Jobless claim jobless benefits

It measures the number of people who receive unemployment compensation from their governments, which is similar to the previous index has the same effect.

Consumer Confidence Index Consumer confidence index

It is an indicator that measures consumer confidence in the state to the local economy, which is an important indicator, and the greater consumer confidence in the economy of their state higher the price of the currency.

Confidence Index Product Producer confidence index

An indicator similar to the previously unknown but measures the confidence of producers and manufacturers in the state's economy, and the greater the confidence of producers in the economy was a sign of the health of the economy lead to the high price of a country's currency.

GDP Gross domestic production (GDP)

It is an indicator that measures the Ataraxia 7 volume of goods and services produced in the domestic economy, and the greater the volume of production that was a sign of economic activity which leads to the high price of a country's currency.

Key interest rate Interest rate

It is a very important indicator much impact on the local economy, where he will meet officials in the central banks of each country to determine its key interest rate on loans, which in turn affects the interest rates on loans granted by commercial banks for producers and consumers. The central bank's decision in determining the key interest rate depends on the needs of the local economy and it does Officials at their meetings either raise interest rates or slashing.

The raise key interest rate leads to raise interest rates on loans and thus reduces the loan requested by the investors of the banks leading to reduce the pace of production and investment in the state, also cut key interest rates helps to reduce the benefits obtained by the banks when lending money to producers, which helps to increase demand for loans and thus increase the pace of production and investment in the state.

In fact, the effect varies interest rate decision on the price of currencies between the effect of long-term and short-term impact, for ordinary stores, we can say that the high interest rate leads mostly to the high price of the currency to fall and lead to currency devaluation.

Direct intervention Intervention

The high price of the currency of the country and has his pros cons on the economy of this state, and disadvantages that the high price of a country's currency affects the exports where they become commodities produced by this country more expensive for other countries, which reduces the import of other countries, including.

For example, the high price of the Japanese yen leads to higher prices for Japanese goods for the countries of the world and this leads because reduce other countries of imported Japanese goods and replace them with goods from other countries, and this no doubt will negatively impact on the Japanese economy. Therefore it is not always going to be the high price of the currency hello him.

And when you find that the price of its currency, the state has become too high, which will affect exports seriously deliberately for direct intervention in the currency market where you sell huge amounts of its currency to reduce their price.

For example: when the price of the Japanese yen for the price of USD / JPY = 118.00 in a times resulted because the Japanese central bank to sell billions of yen in global markets, which increased the supply of The Binary Redemption Review dollars and led to lower its price to fetch up USD / JPY = 120.00, has the Central Bank so because he found that the yen's rise would lead to a decline in Japan's exports of goods.

So the central bank's decision to intervene in the currency market is an important decision affecting the price of the currency in which the state intervenes. For example, if I learned through reading the news and economic analyzes that the central bank of the state will intervene in the case of the high price of its currency for a certain Fissehmk can not offer to buy the currency when the price is close to this limit because then may interfere with the central bank and lead to a sharp drop and fast in the price of the currency.

Indicators major stock exchanges

Stock Exchange is the place where it bought and sold shares of state companies, for example, in New York Stock Exchange is the main venue, which bought and sold its shares of American companies and the London Stock Exchange is the place to be bought and sold by the British stock.

Trading activity measured in certain stock exchanges indices called stock indexes and stock index for each of its own.

For example: Dow Jones DJI is the index, which tracks the trading activity in the most important 30, an American company, the height of the index is evidence that the buyers of the shares of these companies percent more than the number of sellers, a sign of investor confidence in the American economy and the decline is evidence that the number of sellers of the shares of these companies is greater than the number of buyers, a sign of the decline in investor confidence in the American economy.

Thus, the rise in the Dow Jones would lead to a rise in the price of the dollar because it means that the buyers of the shares of America more than it means increased demand for the dollar and vice versa.

Each Stock Exchange as mentioned index measures the trading activity by:

Index is called the London Stock Exchange FTSE FTSE, which measures the trading activity of the top 100 British companies.

The index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Nikkei-called NIKKEI which measures the trading activity of the 250 most important Japanese company.

The Nasdaq index measures the NASDAQ is trading activity in the top 100 American companies on the Nasdaq, which is dominated by companies from the mechanism of the tech sector as companies.

Thus, the greater the index led to the high price of the currency of the state followed by this indicator.

In fact, the most important benchmark shops ordinary matter is DJI Dow Jones since the height of this indicator is often accompanied by a rise in the price of the dollar against other currencies.

Followed in importance NASDAQ NASDAQ.

As for the rest of the stock indexes are little interesting shops have been normal for talking a clear difference on exchange rates.

What we have mentioned previously is for data and news that have a significant economic impact on currency prices.

As for the political news concentrated in political crises and periods of tension and wars between nations, in mostly the political tension of the state leads to a decline in the price of its currency against the currencies of other countries where keen investors to dispose of their investments in the state, which suffers from political The Binary Redemption Review crises and wars.

It is often said that capital is a coward.

For example: led Gulf War between the United States and Iraq to the sharp decline of the dollar against other currencies.

  Technical analysis is the basis of the analysis for the normal stores

The Binary Redemption Of the things that you care about to learn is that the shops normal that deals in buying and selling currencies on the basis of quick transactions begin and end on the same day on mostly interested in technical analysis more than News analysis, follows the news and economic data on the price of the currency may be misleading a little bit.

Economic data has been issued without a good American dollar to rise if the overall situation leaning against the The Binary Redemption dollar.

Auto Mobile Code Review

Auto Mobile Code Review Abandoned shopping cart or Shopping Cart Abandonment is the biggest problem to plague every manager to market letter, which simply means that the visitor is entered on the website e-store, and decided to buy a product, and while this potential customer is being procedures terminate the purchase and payment, for one reason or another, did not finish this process of buying and closed the page where it was and went out of the site is no longer or complete what he began. This is equivalent to a Auto Mobile Code Review customer entering the shop, and asked about the merchandise received satisfaction, then suddenly came out of the store and did not complete the purchase.

This phenomenon in any market letter site call abandonment shopping cart, and when repeated, it means profits should treat bleeding and stop it as much as possible. There are many ways to try to treat this Auto Mobile Code abandonment, but before that let us try together to identify the causes of months, which could push any potential customer because the market abandons a letter during the completion of the procurement process. He explained that earlier this month some of the reasons but not all, or all, an attempt to get to know these reasons, and not an attempt to restrict them all, and these reasons are not necessarily available in the market and one letter, it is not the discretion of the equation of chemistry.

Let's start lists some statistics the American market, which has seen at the end of last year (2013), an increase of 9% in the procurement process across the Internet during the holiday season and holidays, while on the other side, increased purchases from traditional stores rose only 2%, while any Auto Mobile Code Review company statistic in her that in the months of November and December 2013, out of every 10 dollars spent by buyers in America, I went $ 9 for the traditional shopping, while gold one dollar in shopping via the Internet.

May be understood from the context that this large proportion of which is as well but they do not grow fast enough, and the reason for this is that although there is a desire among users in the purchase via the Internet, but the sales locations across the Internet still suffers from some of the problems that make buyers reluctant and are shying away from buying of them, including the following reasons based on many of the statistics and opinion polls.

Reasons that may be paid to any buyer shopping cart abandonment:

1 - Stop site electronic market for labor as a result of a sudden increase in the number of users

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment - the collapse of the Motorola site in Cyber
Motorola collapse site in Cyber ​​Monday
Let's assume that the market electronically what has been announced for the show, and this show was excellent which brought him opine buyers at one time, what was the only site that has stopped working because of this sudden attack. This defect does not suffer from electronic markets or small and modest, but that eStore American company Motorola collapsed and stopped working in Cyber ​​Mendaa day after the announcement last start selling phone Moto X low price. Another famous American stores suffered from similar problems in the seasons of downloads, so that the company Keynote see that 23% of all electronic stores in America crumble during the holiday seasons, downloads, and offers serious.

2 - Copy mobile phones from the application of purchase of the electronic market is backward and primitive

In the beginning we used to say designed a special version of the Mobile and Tablet of the electronic market, now the situation has become more serious, and is a duty on the market for electronic design application (App) of its own just for the sale and purchase of on-board mobile phones and Allouhaat (Tablet). Statistics are very clear in this regard, the current trend is for the purchase of mobile phones and , across applications, but the company comScore found that the purchase of conventional computers increased by 9% to 37.8 billion USD during the last two months of 2013, this increase may be interpreted that applications of electronic market is still primitive unintelligent does not provide the experience of using unique.

3 - very good deals ... runs out very quickly ...

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment - Out of Air iPad Apple store in Hong Kong
Out iPad Air from Apple store in Hong Kong
No wonder in it, when people find a good deal, telling each other and seize the opportunity even running out of quantity. This angers users running out a great deal, especially if you arrived on the scene and found the deal, and while they end up buying from the site stopped working or slowed down until he runs out quantity! This defect was not spared from Apple store in Hong Kong while the announced start selling iPad Air Vnfdt quantities in a short time and the message began to show no stock surfers angry.

4 - policy of non-recovery of goods sold

Do you remember the stupid policy that says the goods sold is not Auto Mobile Code refundable and not replaced? This policy expel potential buyer through the Internet, and make him go to those markets that offer this service. If you are thinking of entering the realm of electronic shops and markets, providing you accept a refund policy stated the price of goods sold or replaced, otherwise you will not be unto thee, or buy from you.

5 - bad customer service

Company Galaxy Research conducted in Australia in search of a survey about the behavior of buyers in Australia and found that 55% of buyers via the Internet see the very great importance of the ability to speak over the phone with the workers in the online marketplace to either ask a question or explain the advantage in a commodity or otherwise. The 59% of respondents found that the availability of the same e-mail address for correspondence before buying is a matter basis. But 81% of this sample, they begged their access to a quick response to their questions and inquiries, either via phone or e-mail - either this or abandonment and leave.

Statistics Links

Nearly 64% of users who start buying cycle of a product through the Internet and do not Auto Mobile Code Scam abandoned shopping cart.
The research study found that users preferred to get Free Shipping $ 7 dollars, rather than get a $ 10 discount on total purchases.

The Binary Redemption Review

The Binary Redemption Review A lot of professional traders in the Forex dressed in the idea of ​​speculation in the Forex or short-term trading in Forex. There are a large number of articles on the Internet that lists the risk of this type of trading and ensure that all of your Forex will end within seconds if they chose rolling this type of rapid trading. This The Binary Redemption experience can be compared to jumping without Canopy, where it will be fun as long as you did not think about ultimately.

There are many Daily Results speculators in the Forex market, and particularly those who succeed in this type of trading. As is the case with any other method of trading, the short-term trading in the Forex could be profitable if executed intelligently. The first thing you should do is think of temptation. Where that person may think that through the speculative nature of the Forex markets, that person should not be relaxed fighting it. But the opposite is true. Must be rolling on the tense and squeamish to stay away from speculative or short-term trading in the Forex, where it will enter into trouble.

Steadiness when speculation in the Forex is the key

The Binary Redemption Perhaps more than any other type of trading, the speculation in the forex needs to discipline. This type of trading that includes a large number of short trades and the word "short" is the correct term here. In case stuck Forex trader losing his position to speculate, because he sure that the market will turn, it may lose what we achieved during the week in seconds. Must be kept rolling in speculative trading at, and devoid of The Binary Redemption emotion behind it seeks to accumulated profits. Rolling will be exposed to losses and gains, but should be in the case of the short trading correctly, the rate must be for the benefit of successful trading. The trading volumes have the same importance. In the case of a trader to diversify quantities and tried to compensate for the losses through the multiplier (as in the cases of gambling), or that is what is worse than that, and is the change random quantities, it is a matter of time before it loses all his money. Must be maintained at the rate specified level of speculative quantity.

When speculative strategies

There are different types of strategies when speculative, and should be studied as a whole. Among these strategies, a strategy based on the scale of speculation, and speculation based on the hack and speculation based on the pattern. All of which are considered acceptable depending on the nature of the market. There will be a price patterns and situations where the bats have a preference on trader Daily Results Review positions. In all cases, this role is not suitable for the faint-hearted, and you need to dedication in short-term trading. You can not get away from the screen and that the diversity of the number of hours devoted to exercise, as such habits reduce the probability of Daily Results profit.

There is no shortcut for trading in Forex or speculation. Each deliberative way, regardless of what it is, you need to study and test. It is nice in the speculation is that it does not need to follow the patterns or market activities. There are some markets that are more suitable for this type of trading more than other types, short-term trading in the Forex depends on the saturation of the Magnetic Profits Review market. Forex trader depends on suitable tenders and needs to be there is always someone on the other side of the Crisis Killer trade.

Quincy Brooks Secret Millionaire Society Review

Quincy Brooks Secret Millionaire Society Review Here is an overview of the software systems and modern foreign currency trading platform (Easy-Forex). Secret Millionaire Society Scam Programs are designed for foreign currency trading allows users to trade currencies online in real time, and in a safe manner, privacy and effective. The fundamental problems that must be on a program of foreign currency trading platform that faces are: Real-time: provide continuous exchange rates updated in seconds.

Those prices, compared to the prices of conventional banks, are actual quotations of foreign currencies can be traded. Once you've decided to trade in the currency of what you can "closure" on the price of what and who will be the actual price, which will be carried out by the process. Safety, privacy and data integrity: For any user that financial operations online, these are the key issue. The focus is more on this point in the circulation of foreign currency programs, where they can be traded amounts are very large. Must be designed program trading in foreign currencies of the highest levels of data security, integrity and privacy. Most systems use a layer of at least one of the at least 64-bit packets of Secret Millionaire Society Review layers Secure (SSL), as well as ways and procedures of multiple copies and data retrieval. Is available 24 hours a day seven days a week: to provide an updated quotations of foreign currencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week and allowed to trade at any time of the week. Program of foreign currency on the Web site is loaded against the program:

Program comes to foreign currency Noaan- program on the website and have the client program: Program of foreign currency on the Website Program means foreign currency on the website that all the operations were done on the Website service provider, requiring user confirmation. This means that it offers users a familiar interface, on the website, to carry out the operations they want. The benefits of this system are: There is no need to download and installation of any special software Log on from anywhere, at any time. The system allows on the Website immediate access to the user account, from any computer that is connected to the Internet. The user interface on the Website, simple, smooth and easy to handle them. System program of foreign currencies found at the client: Foreign currency program located at the client program is carried by the user and the inauguration to enter the foreign exchange markets. The program continues with the Custodian of the seller service provider of Secret Millionaire Society Review foreign currency. Trading platform (Easy-Forex): Progress (Easy-Forex) trading system in foreign currencies on the website. We believe in making forex trading easy, so we offer foreign currency trading system on the website friendly, fast, safe and without even can download the new investor in foreign currency from easy access to the foreign exchange Secret Millionaire Society Review markets. From our side, when (Easy-Forex) my farm different servers in different locations to ensure backup and retrieval. Each server farm program used for load balancing deal by which each node and to ensure immediate response, in real-time for any operation carried out by the user. Day trading is a way of trading in foreign currencies. And is usually open daily trading operations and close on the same Day-trading operations you can do as much as you want in the day. This is up to you. It is possible to process daily trading last more than one day. And when you get this, the process will be renewed automatically at 10 pm GMT, every night until the closing process. Will be charged upon renewal process versus saved for an additional 24 hours, and those fees will be calculated once a day when the Secret Millionaire Society Review renewal process. Fees will be met from the free balance in your trading account, and if there is not enough balance will be calculated on your credit card.

In the absence of a credit card, it will be calculated from the heat balance when the process of withdrawing from your account, which will be deducted the amount you owe for a fee to keep the deal from the amount you withdraw it. Day trading has become more common with people using the Internet to trade more. It is one of the tools of foreign currency (or products) provided by (Easy-Forex). Make sure to also read the trading strongly leverage after this article. Day trading with (Easy-Forex): Include the process of day trading with (Easy-Forex) on the four major steps: Decided that the process in foreign currency Decide which process you want to do and, and set up in your account online Watch the process in your account Closing process Here's an example using the four steps in detail: The first step: You decide to do an operation in foreign currency: You think that the value of the dollar will rise because you followed the market and believe that the rise is likely in the near future. I decided to buy the dollar to rise before and after the sale to rise.

Will profit in this way in case the dollar has already risen. Second step: the process decided that you want to do. Desert Millionaire Review currency you want to trade him. You can choose to trade the EUR / USD, and this means that you buy or sell the dollar against the euro. Once the Dollar rises to the level you expect, shut down the operation. Then you get more euros versus the dollar amount you have purchased. Here's an example: Let's put aside the question of the difference: on the assumption that the price of EUR / USD is 1.2600, this would mean that the euro would cost 1.2600 per USD. This also means that you'll get 1.2600 USD if sold one euro. If the value of the euro (the price rises), and reached 1.2700, you will pay 1.2700 USD to buy one euro (the value of the dollar is now less), and so Fbaaadh sell the euro at 1.2700 against the dollar you'll get 1.2700 USD profit of 0.0100 dollars. In this example, assuming you bought 10,000 euros, and you've won $ 100. Requires the purchase of 10,000 euros $ 100 only as deposit guarantee in case you are using the power lever 1: 100. So, in this hypothetical case, Bastosmark $ 100 got a $ 100 profit. But, if the euro depreciated to 1.2500, it would have lost the $ 100 deposited. But in real life, the market maker calculates the difference, which is the difference between the bid and ask price at any moment. The idea, though, is that the change in the exchange rate exceeds the value of the difference (which is between 3 to 5 points in the habit), which can make a profit from the shops. The next thing to do is to decide the amount you want to trade him. You do not have to buy the full amount that you can use leverage to trade strongly. Leverage the power of the most common is 1: 100. Then choose the amount you wish to risk it on your Desert Millionaire Review investment You can determine the price of stop loss, and is the price at which it will close your transaction automatically in case the market went the opposite of what you expect. While your process be open, you can change the price at any time. We (Easy-Forex) ask to determine the price of stop loss to ensure that you lose more than you'd like it. Do not venturing more than accept afford to lose. Progress (Easy-Forex) property to install the unique price, which you install what price for a short period of time that you need for a few seconds to think about your position. That gives you more time to accept or reject the process provided. When you have taken those previous decisions, you can press a button and acceptance process will be open.

 Step Three: Monitor your account When you log into your account online at (Easy-Forex), you can look at the progress of your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This gives you the opportunity to open and closure of operations or change the process at any time you want. Step Four: You can choose the closure of the operation when it is so decided. If you've set the price for the stop-loss process and reached to that price, Vsnglq automatically. Find some traders stop loss price as a good way to ensure not lose more than the limit.

Process can be closed automatically if you also may set the price for a profit. You are not required to determine that price, but that does not mean that you are liberated from the control of your positions on an ongoing basis. Orders demand: Progress (Easy-Forex) orders demand as an additional service. And is working automatically after that determines the price you want to open up the process. Where the system open process "reserved" automatically when the price reaches the specified point. This format may be provided on yourself the trouble and effort to follow the market, moment by moment, waiting for the arrival of the price point you want. The application with the Swiss Binary Robot Review is something very easy, where you can choose the price you want, monitor your account, and opening and closing of your transactions wherever you are in this world. All you need is the Internet and an account with (Easy-Forex).

500K Project Review

500K Project Review In this article we discuss the course of the trading day, and that it is desirable to follow the rolling since the start of the trading day until the end.
Start rolling that takes into account that there are 3 periods essential where the height of trading which is the period of the Asian and European session and the period of America, for example, when you start rolling in the morning during the European session first thing you must do is 500K Project Scam browse the agenda of economic news to see the economic data that will be issued in the period European and American, in order to find out what is important news issued and also in order to identify the most active and couples that are usually associated with the issuance of the news strong, for example, if there are many of Britain's News of the pairs sterling therefore it will be the most 500K Project Reviews active during that period.

After browsing the news agenda starts rolling surf the 500K Project Scam currency pairs is desirable that surfs couples in an orderly fashion and in the following manner:

• The start 500K Project Scam rolling analyze the major currency pairs which: EUR / USD GBP / USD AUD / USD USD / JPY USD / CAD USD / CHF.
• then navigates to analyze the Yen pairs, the most important: EUR / JPY GBP / JPY AUD / JPY.
• then moves to browse some important crosses such as the EUR / GBP GBP / CHF CAD / CHF EUR / AUD.
• then moves on to analyze the rolling currency pairs linked sees active on that day, for example, if he saw active pair EUR / USD: Visttia analysis of all pairs of euro chooses the most active ones and ones: EUR / AUD EUR / CAD EUR / GBP ....

The purpose of the start of the main currency pairs in order to find out the general situation for couples to observe the most active and weakest of them can be linked to the transmission of the pairs and crosses to choose from.

currency pairs are relatively slow or moving in a narrow frame and sometimes may affect the rolling thing of boredom in case the market was slow for two consecutive days, for example, Insured Profits Review but then surprised the rolling action marriages slow hundreds of points without stop in a short time, Why?

This phenomenon is considered commonplace in the currency market (Forex) and states that the low volumes lead to trading volumes are high, rolling to be aware of this phenomenon well, where it was noted that many of the traders become bored in the event that the market movement slow Vioagafoa from trading on that day then surprised the violent movements that followed the former calm and they have missed the opportunity to enter this powerful moves.

This may be a phenomenon also derived from the theory of the trend and the patch, which states: "that all Trend followed by a correction and every correction, followed by Trend New", and the patch is often his tight, slow and sideways The trend context to impulsive move, strength and the direction is clear, so the correction is to move slow and boring for the market and is always followed by a strong move not a trend.

In summary, this article is the need for attention to the movements slow and narrow, which moves in the form of channels forming horizontal because often the end of a price explosion of a powerful trends.
  Words we hear it so much: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MT4, MT5, Metatreder, all of which date back to the trading platform famous MetaTrader and developed by the software company 500K Project Review Russian MetaQuotes, has achieved this platform widespread success as a currency strong, which saw Iqbal several brokerage firms to purchase and display additional trading platform or essential to have, but to address some of the disadvantages of MetaTrader and some positives, but we start drawbacks:
Cons trading via the MetaTrader:
Difficulties in the implementation of the transaction is instant: as a sockets on the MetaTrader is the lack of success of the rolling of the implementation of his deal with immediate effect, as the rolling presses buy the EUR / USD for example Viattiyh program that the price has not been implemented or that spreads may change and therefore can execute the deal at the new price or spread on the new.
One of the negatives of other MetaTrader 4 which is the lack of a frame of time sufficient to chart where it is, where there are only 9 a frame of time starting from Alfrem monthly, then weekly, then daily, then 4 hours and hours (and this is a big difference) where that Alfrem jumps from daily to four 500K Project Review hours and 4 hours to an hour, ignoring a frame of time as important as the 10-hour and 8 hours and 6 hours and 3 hours and two hours, and this is what he had to treat it MetaTrader 5 where most FPS added time that was lacking in MetaTrader 4.
Problem servers: Since the Meta Trader Sergrat especially for broadcast and show its icon down the chart, and according to these servers broadcasting price, and vary servers from a 500K Project broker to another, but with some brokers have emerged problem in servers in the platform MetaTrader, have we can not limit the problem here platform MetaTrader, but it may be the cause weakness or defect in the surfer Forex company (brokerage firm).
MetaTrader pros:
Chart of the best technical analysis daily, where by many of the characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of the charts in the market.Best Fat Burning Foods
Includes a broad range of technical indicators.
Possibility of templates (Templates) quality and high accuracy.
Automated trading applications

Secret Millionaire Society Review

Secret Millionaire Society Review The international currency market is the largest market in the world, where are dwarfed in front of all other financial markets.
And you will realize the magnitude of this market when you know that the volume of trading in New York Stock Exchange and is the largest Stock Exchange in the world up to 25 billion dollars a day while on the stock exchange are traded 2,000 billion dollars a day! .
This is more than enough to realize the enormity of this market.

Historical background of the global currency market
You may wonder about the reason for not famous for trading currencies when compared to trading stocks and commodities, which began in its current form almost since more than a century. The reason is its modern era.

After the Second World War and in 1947 was signed between the victorious nations of the Convention on "Betton Woods" to arrange the conditions profit global Among the terms of this agreement was the process of evaluating currencies against the dollar substitute for gold as a way to help build what was destroyed by the war in Europe debilitating, and it was of the most important results of this decision is the stability of exchange rates, the lowest limit of the fluctuation against the dollar and against each other.
There was no room for trading currencies, which are mainly based on the Guaranteed Profits Review exploitation of currency fluctuations against the dollar.

But in 1970 and as a result of difficult economic conditions experienced by the United States decided to President Richard Nixon's decision to the famous disengagement between the dollar and the currencies of Europe and Japan, which led to the affected currencies of Europe and Japan this decision severely affected, making a quick swing up and down under the influence of policy and economy of each state of these countries and under the influence of the strength or weakness of the dollar and the American economy, and the history of this market grew at one time in the United States, Europe and Japan and other countries.

But as a result of the newness of this market on the one hand and the weakness of the means of communication on the other hand it was impossible for the non-banks and major financial institutions trading in this market is huge. But with the continuing evolution and rapid means of communication and the rapid spread of the use of computers, and with the Internet revolution, individuals can become enormous and since no more than a simple trading currencies and take advantage of the opportunities to end to make profits fictional and very quickly.

As you can see, the currency market is the most modern markets among the rest of the financial markets, which makes it a mysterious and unknown to most people who are accustomed to trading stocks and commodities for decades, as well as distant from the people who originally Private Wealth Circle Review any of the financial markets.

Why do people buy currencies of other countries?

When a dealer from Egypt, for example, by purchasing goods from Japan should have to pay the value of these goods in the currency of the seller accepted the Japanese, the Japanese often the seller will not accept to get the price of his product in Egyptian pound, but he wants to receive the price of his goods, either in the currency of the town (Yen) or currency acceptable in most countries of the world such as the dollar or the euro or the pound sterling.

Here not only in front of Egyptian merchant to replace what he has of pounds for the purchase of dollars for the seller sends it to the Japanese for goods bought by him. If the Egyptian merchant to buy the dollar and pays interview Secret Millionaire Society Review pounds. Similarly, if someone wanted Arabic to travel to one of the European countries for the purpose of tourism, for example, must own currency to buy local unified European currency (euro) to be able to pay the buying of goods and services in the European countries he will visit.

Similarly, if there is someone who wants to invest in the Arabic Britain to buy real estate or stocks, for example, pays an astronomical value of these investments must be paid for in pound sterling currency accepted by the seller or English as dollar, for example, if that replaces the actual local currency and buy pounds. This most important reasons why the point of what to buy another currency.

Trade & Investment and Travel

This applies to nations as it applies to individuals, states, including the exchange of goods and services and selling The Wealth Factory Review astronomical nation can be paid the value of imports must be paid in the currency of its value in the currency of that country or those accepted by the state, so the states have always buy because the currencies of other countries.

As well as for investments states and financial institutions that invest in the state pay the value of these investments, states that invest in currencies or currencies accepted, such as the dollar, euro and pound.
Do you know now why is the currency market is the largest in the world?

This is because there are millions of trade, investment and travel cases occur every day and everywhere in all parts of the world, there is if a continuing need to buy and sell currencies in every day and in all parts of the world, from here it is traded daily at least two trillion dollars .. !

This figure represents the tremendous value of currencies that are bought and sold every day in different parts of the Insured Profits Review world.
As mentioned, the main reason that makes people and nations who buy and sell currencies is operations trade, investment and travel which is made between individuals and nations.

The purpose of access to the other country's currency in all previous cases, is to use this currency in the exchange of goods and services between individuals and nations. People are buying another currency is not love them ..!
But because it enables them to get the commodity from another country, any people that buy and sell currencies as a tool for the exchange.

But how do we buy currency? We do this by paying the corresponding currency other .. to be days that you have to go to a money exchange shops and you replace what you have from the local currency in exchange for another currency, for example USD. You do you sell your currency and buy the dollar.

Of course, in order to buy something they must know the price .. as well as when you want to buy Binary Matrix Pro Review a currency that they must know the price in another currency.

Profit Prophecy Review

Profit Prophecy Review A few years ago in a previous article touched on the reasons and justifications provided through various media as the main reason for the fluctuation of oil prices as it represents the psychological factor for investors next to the multiplicity of possibilities and risks the most important factors that benefit speculators and help in influencing the course of spot prices up or down on both, and that the implementation of buying dips or selling rallies.

Some sources counted number of reasons during the period between mid-2007 and until the end of 2008 and found that there are more than 170 different grounds provided an excuse or justification for the high or low spot prices during the trading oil markets, which operate 253 days a year ago, an average of 21 days per month, note that many of the reasons or justifications may be repeated several times at a rate of two to four almost Profit Prophecy Review daily.

Including but not limited to an increase or decrease in crude inventories American (Crude stocks), high or low dollar, weather, Close excellent choices of oil as a result of exposure to technical problems, sabotage or as a result of exposure to natural factors such as hurricanes, the increasing growth of oil consumption in China and India, the lack of additional capacity (spare capacity) of oil next to the Kingdom, the limited production of excellent choices of oil, security and political conditions in or near the oil-producing regions, acts of sabotage of oil pipelines in Nigeria and Iraq, the kidnapping of workers in the oil industry.

These and other reasons, one of the most important justification for low or high prices, in addition to economic indicators and monetary exchange and interest as prices, inflation, unemployment and other other indicators that give indications on the state of the economy and direction.

It comes in first place as the main reason for the fluctuation of oil prices, "oil inventory data, crude Crude stocks", which is published weekly, which is one of the most important factors affecting the basic fluctuating oil prices, especially in the past few years whether to drop or rise, on the other hand also longer oil stocks scale balance between production and demand because they reflect market pressures on crude oil prices, and this Profit Prophecy therefore provides a good measure to change the price.

For example, excess inventory leads to lower prices because it is an indicator of the slow economic growth, American, and thus reduced demand for consumption and energy in the future, on the other hand low US inventories of crude oil means increased demand and thus lead to higher prices because of fears of a lack of inventory, especially in winter (heating oil) and summer (for motor fuels), so we see that in both cases _soa increase or decrease in Press For Profit there fluctuation of prices either rise or fall because of the psychological impact on investors.

And is heading the charge in a matter of lowering or raising prices always to speculators in the commodities market may accusation is true to an end what better Aldharov regular but lost in the Aldharov unusual and which threaten the security of the United States then it is quite different from the most important events that have occurred and which has been proven through which prices oil is not subject to factor market _oho supply what happened during the events of September atheist from 2001; where prices were at the beginning of the month of September 2001 AD, and even on Monday, September 10 _oa one day before the attacks on the World Trade Center prices were ranging between 26 to 27 dollars per barrel, at a rate of up to 27.50 dollars a barrel on Tuesday, September 11, occurrence prices were up 27.65 per barrel, and the next day of the attacks prices were at 27.64, on Thursday rose prices rose slightly at 28.58 a barrel, until it reached on Friday to 29.59.

So if we take the average price of trading since the beginning of the attacks and until the end of the second week of the attack on September 21, 2001, we see that there is no difference at all in almost average prices for 9 days after the attacks, where prices reached 27.65 vary slightly from the average price of pre-attacks at 26.50 dollars a barrel, but the prices have continued to decline from day 24 until the end of the trading month of September 2001 AD, and prices ranged between 21 and 23 dollars at the rate reached 22.3 dollars per barrel.

Another example also during the second Gulf War and the occupation of Kuwait and the burning of oil wells by Iraqi forces in August 2, 1990 AD and until the liberation of Kuwait in February 28, 1991 AD, an event threatens to stop more than 50% of the world reserves of crude oil Vantage Iraq and Iran limited or stalled because of the Gulf War first oil wells in Kuwait burned Saudi oil is threatened by the forces of the Iraqi regime all this threats and risks have increased the proportion equivalent to 28% almost all prices before the crisis only, where prices were at the invasion of 23.71 dollars per barrel by the end of the war officially on 28 February 1991 prices were at 19.28 dollars a barrel, a record high during the crisis when the price of 41.7 dollars per barrel on October 11 of 1990, and the lowest price on 22 February 1991 at 19.43 dollars a barrel, an average of up to 30, 50 dollars a barrel, during the period of 7 months of the crisis, an increase equivalent to almost 28% on the prices of the pre-crisis (23.71 dollars per barrel).

This leads us to that seen in the area at the moment; Despite the security and political situation extremely dangerous in or near the oil-producing regions such as Libya, Iraq Gulf States from Press For Profitcountries, who lives a period of civil wars, as in Syria and Yemen, however, average prices remained intact , and the proportion of the oscillation is very limited; During the three and a half years, and particularly since the beginning of the year 2011 and until mid-2014 arrived rate prices to 97 Dollar close to the average current price of $ 93 for a minimum of $ 84 a barrel in the first week of 2011, and a maximum 110 dollars a barrel on August 28, 2013 AD.

On this basis, I say that the oil markets and speculators need always to the reasons and justifications, such as the kidnapping of workers in the refinery or disable the line transmits a hundred thousand barrels of crude oil in Nigeria, for example, which leads to high volatility of prices and profits high, but in the event of crises dangerous such as the events present in the region or the Gulf War and the events of September 11 ratio of price volatility remains at a very limited scale compared to the risks that have occurred, and therefore, this confirms that, according to many analysts always that all commodity prices, including oil, are subject to control and not subject entirely to the freedom of the market through the futures market derivatives, which directly affect the course of spot prices.