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Tauri Bot Review Is TauriBot.com A Scam Or Legit? What is Tauri Bot Software? My Tauri Bot Review Share The Real Truth About Tauri Bot System Until Download It


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It is a cornerstone of the real estate sector mainly from the United States economy, and is considered an indicator of growth or stumbling macroeconomic. Property represents housing axis activity within the real estate sector on the one hand the public and the economy on the other. When the head of the US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke warned that the residential real estate crisis may continue for some time, it pointed out that the Tauri Bot sector captures 30 percent of the total value of US consumer investments.

In fact, the residential real estate sector lost $ 7.6 trillion in value during the crisis, representing 32 percent of US consumer real estate wealth, meaning that the value of residential property had reached 23.75 trillion dollars on the eve of the crisis and deteriorated to 16.15 trillion.

And establishes the real estate sector in general, and on a global level, a wide range of economic activity including at least half, if not beyond. With the exception of its association with the construction industry and the types of cement and its derivatives, iron and types of metal, wood and plastic, stones and casting concrete and tile, whether ceramic or quarrying decking, marble, and related industry complementary, it serves a variety of specialty engineering offices, contractors and real estate Tauri Bot developers, and processing industries, furniture, air conditioning and internal engineering and electricity (...). The sense that it provides job opportunities have only one third of workers in the country, especially for skilled workers and uneducated.

But the reality of the real estate could turn into an economic catastrophe, when it promotes growth with an artificial demand. During the last decades of US household debt it exploded, increasing tenfold in 20 years, from 1396 to $ 12,564 billion billion to the end of the first quarter of 2008, representing 29 percent of the national debt. It rose from 90 to 160 percent of gross domestic product between 1970 and 2006. While the savings rate did not exceed one percent of the income of households in.

The reason is simple and easy. TauriBot rigidity entering middle-class wage-earners, and the decline of the poorest resources, individual bank loans became the crane foundation for internal consumption for families. Consumption plays mainly a role in the dynamics of the national economy, rises from 67 to 72 percent of gross domestic product between 1975 and 2007, to accumulate during the 20-year-old stock of loans of 358 billion dollars to 2.5932 trillion, and has held them on credit cards $ 915 billion in March 2008, You can not pay a large portion of them.

In an unequal society in the developed world, it seemed to establish a home warranty for most wage earners, and is considered proprietary driver ideological pattern success of the "American way of life", as a result of the rigidity of social flexibility associated with higher health insurance costs 87 percent in 2008 compared to 2000, housing and education (increased costs university education 40 percent) on the one hand, and the weakness of public policies that exclude the other and increase the instability distribution, and amid this climate of lack of social security (4.5 million without health insurance in 2007). It has become in the owner's ability to mortgage his estate to the Tauri Bot banks in return for loans, or the insurance companies to provide health instead of processors, or the purchase of a car, and in a period of unemployment, or to pay premiums education, TauriBot students amounted to 80 billion in 2007.

But in return the form of the establishment of real estate property, a central factor for the debts of families during the last two decades. Go credit held stock on housing from 10,611 to 926.5 billion dollars in the 20 years the equivalent of twice the federal debt in 2007, and is a three-quarters of families debt.

And based this vast operation for loans in great shape, the high real estate prices, which TauriBot low interest of the federal reserve. It was the wealth factor, driven by real estate speculation is not logical, it dovetailed with the fanciful heights of prices, amounted to 80 percent between 2000 and 2006, an average year in terms of the country. And it helped the rise in prices of real estate owners to hold new loans, relying on their property that did not stop rising values. And distributed between 2005 and the first quarter of 2008, real estate loans worth 3010 billion, which form a bulwark of paper.

In this range of high-risk loans emerged. Vtjah relative stagnation in the real estate activity middle classes, workers Malians directed towards new clients to secure higher returns, and chose the lowest income families. They suggested the terms "immoral" for the most part to secure high-risk loans have high benefits, and changing and going on for a long time, formed between 2004 and 2006, about 40 percent of mortgages with about 600 thousand held annually. And valued at between 2000 and 2006 some 1,200 billion dollars, which is not a great value, but it was disastrous for the crisis.

During the period resorted Committee of the Federal Reserve Open Market, to raise interest among the tight monetary policy to rein in rising price levels and maintaining an acceptable level of inflation, leading to higher premiums for borrowers in the secondary mortgage market, which includes customers newborn borrowing do not have a credit history well at the banks. The loans amounted to $ 100 billion with the feet of the dealers to sell their homes with higher prices 30 percent, but shortened to repay their debts.

The government resorted to the catastrophic collapse of the real estate, to support reinforces the continuation of its activities in the acceptable level, and the support stops, sales fell in the residential real estate 25 percent, a foretaste of an economic thaw, at the time still the consumer suffers the consequences of massive losses devoured crisis money from his fortune, as well as high unemployment rate. Fear banks and customers to extend credit amid falling real estate prices, as fear of falling into the trap of high interest rates in the future. http://binaryapp-810.co/tauri-bot-review-is-the-tauri-bot-app-scam-or-legit Tauri Bot

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Stark Trading System Review Is StarkTradingSystem.co A Scam Or Legit? What is Stark Trading System Binary Trading Software? My Stark Trading System Review Share The Real Truth About Richard Paul Stark Trading System Software Until Download It


Stark Trading System

Compatibility leaders of the Group of Twenty on Friday to dilute commitment to monitor the serious imbalances in trade balances, but they did not give investors little evidence that the world is safer from economic catastrophe evidence.

After charged the beginning of a summit of the Group of Twenty in Seoul and agreed to developing and emerging countries to determine the "guidance" vague for measuring imbalances between economies differential in velocity, but resorted to a time-out in order to calm down tensions and left to discuss details for the first half of next year.

European leaders held a meeting and a separate microcosm during the summit to discuss a deepening credit crisis in Ireland, which recalls that the repercussions of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression still posed a threat to global stability.

The statement, which was signed at the end of the summit, the fifth summit since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008 limited gain for each party.

The leaders pledged to seek to exchange rates determined by market forces, referring to the Chinese currency, the yuan under the control of the Court and the United States have long complained that they are undervalued.

The leaders pledged to renounce reduce competition in currency values ​​in an attempt to calm the fears of other countries to facilitate the Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy is aimed at weakening the dollar.

The Group responded to the emerging economies which Twadja it difficult to contain the huge capital flows to approve the imposition of control measures "carefully designed."

The group also agreed that there is an important opportunity, but limited to the completion of the Doha trade talks, which was launched in 2001 and liberalization round stalled for a long time.

But the group did not refer to Ireland as the timid pledges to deal with the imbalances trade balances do not seem strong enough to bring about any real change. The International Monetary Fund warned that gaps between rich countries exporting liquid and heavily indebted countries widens to pre-crisis levels imported.
US President Barack Obama said during a news conference after the summit, "the work we do here will not always seem impressive.

"I will not always be changing the world instantly. But step by step what we are doing is to build a strong international mechanisms and institutions will help to stabilize the economy and ensure economic growth and alleviate some of the tensions."

After weeks of verbal sparring United States and China sought to bring peace after their differences over China's currency "undervalued" global risks posed by the United States printing money to stimulate its economy, which is facing difficulties.

Obama said "exchange rates should reflect economic realities ... Emerging economies should allow currencies is driven by the market." "This is something I raised with President Hu (Jintao) and we will watch rising Chinese currency closely."

The group sought to restore compliance through unity that emerged during the crisis two years ago, but deep divisions showed that the leaders can not afford to go beyond what was agreed upon and finance ministers last month.

Negotiators continued to work in Stark Trading System until the wee hours of the morning to reach an agreement can be ratified by all their leaders despite the sharp differences that have emerged in the days preceding the summit.

An official involved in the negotiations "This was not a festival of love."

In particular, the leaders could not reach a consensus on how to identify when global imbalances pose a threat to trade balances economic stability and contented themselves with the obligation to discuss a number of indicators in the first half of 2011.

He said Tim Condon director of research at ING Financial Markets in Singapore that "it is difficult to oppose" pledges leaders but less than was hoped the summit of progress.

"I decided to just put the desired goals as a result of the summit and hope to make the best of it and accomplish more in the coming meetings."

The first group was divided after the transformation of the global recession to varying speeds recovery. Slow and kept the developed economies interest rates at record lows in an attempt to launch a major growth while emerging economies have recovered very quickly to the point that many people were concerned that inflationary growth. http://itdecs.com/reviews/stark-trading-system-review-stark-trading-system-is-a-scam Stark Trading System

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Power Profit Platform Review Is PowerProfitPlatform.com A Scam Or Legit? What is Power Profit Platform Binary Trading System? My Power Profit Platform Review Share The Real Truth About Power Profit Platform Software Until Download It

Power Profit Platform
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The 27 EU leaders succeeded in reaching an agreement includes the creation of an amendment to the Lisbon Treaty of European unity, would allow establishing a permanent mechanism for crisis management within the euro zone began in 2013.

The leaders agreed to create a permanent financial safety net from 2013 and move the European Central Bank to increase funding for the network to cope with the debt crisis that has engulfed the euro zone. But after the insistence of Germany heads of state said the 27 members of the Union, it will not be activated solution to a long-term crisis that will be added to the EU treaty Power Profit Platform mechanism but «if this is something inevitable to protect the stability of the euro area as a whole», also did not see the leaders need to increase the financing of the current temporary rescue fund, which some analysts say it may not be enough if Spain and Portugal needed a rescue from the European Union Pump Trades programs, and the International Monetary Fund after Greece and Ireland, also did not discuss the use of the fund more flexible. Capital markets may be seen as a decision not to increase the size of the temporary fund or even to discuss the matter a sign of the split, which could raise further doubts in the markets. He said the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker: «the decision is not to expand or increase the size of the funds at the disposal of the European Financial Stability Fund». The European Central Bank said it will double its capital to almost doubled to 10.76 billion euros to deal with the biggest credit risks and to deal with market volatility, the euro countries will bear the increase. He said Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet, that the Board of Governors of the Bank believes that it is appropriate to set aside «additional provisions» in reference to potential losses in sovereign bonds from the euro zone had been bought by the bank. On the sidelines of the summit that the two-day work, and concluded yesterday, Friday, in Brussels, known as «the autumn summit», said President of the European Union, Pump Trades: «We have agreed to enter required from Member States to the treaty to create a permanent mechanism to safeguard the financial stability limited amendments Per euro zone ». He added that the aim is to activate the amendments in early 2013 at the latest, then it can be permanent mechanism itself to enter into force in June 2013.
For his part, President of the European Commission, Pump Trades, said that this fundamental economic decision, it is important that the response given by EU leaders, is that they are ready to do whatever is necessary to achieve financial stability in the euro area. He Jersey Buzek, President of the European Parliament: «The adoption of a permanent mechanism to support the stability of the euro is an important message to European citizens and the Member States» in the unified bloc.
The President of the European legislative body is convinced that the participation of non-Member States in the euro zone in the permanent mechanism, is considered a good thing in the eyes of the European Parliament, and considered that determine how to participate and mechanisms and conditions is up to the Member States of the Union and the Bank of the European Central primarily, then displays after that Parliament, like other initiatives. In response to a question about the euro bonds and restructuring of the public debt or bank debt, Pump Trades noted that all these things are in the framework of strengthening European economic governance, «but we must discuss all the ideas together, as they are indivisible.» He stressed the welcome Parliament to open a comprehensive debate on all the ideas put forward to strengthen economic governance in Europe. http://itdecs.com/reviews/power-profit-platform-review-is-powerprofitplatform-scam Power Profit Platform Power Profit Platform

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Mudarib inside «JPMorgan Chase» Foundation in London, Ashish Goyal helps in the management of billions of dollars, and it is linked to the extent of revealing the bank vulnerable to risks, such as fluctuations in foreign stock exchanges. During his spare time, he attends classes in tango, and playing cricket, and frequenting clubs, accompanied by his friends. It is worth mentioning that Goyal blind.

You can not note this is never that you see inside the trading floor, which moves between the computer screen to the other, but when you scan e-mail and read his research and consideration of reports drawn up, it is clear that it depends on the program to read screen featuring super fast to the point that speak of him seems incomprehensible to the untrained ear. When Goyal needs to read graphs, which is unspeakable program, wandering through the data and trying to imagine the graph image in his mind. http://binaryapp-810.co/citadel-ltd-review-is-citidel-investment-app-scam-or-not

And on his desk, Two screens exposure to computers usual flash mechanism incoming messages from «Bloomberg», including figures and tables constantly changing. The same technology can read text messages received on his mobile phone out loud.

Goyal said 30-year-old, who graduated from the Wharton School, joked «my friends have already complained that they are not able to hear the telephone as he spoke to it very quickly. And then I turn to them, saying, «I can not read text messages.»

For his part, executive director of the main office for investments with «JP Morgan» and Chairman Citadel Review said, he hired him because he was one of the few among the applicants for the work of the institution to know the Asian exchange rates, and have a great management skills and knowledge of markets exchange foreign.

Said Vladimir, who is currently working with Goyal «We came out of the interviews by the Chamber of it . And it works a lot of individuals working on the analysis of historical data and the use of comparisons in order to issue decisions concerning the risk team, but is looking forward to the point they had reached and things are now baptizing news to follow. So, do not blind the eyes graphs ». However, as someone who was able to capture only light and shadows, Goyal also aware of the limits of its potential. And that, he said, «I and my immediate office of speculation, but my movements will be very slow. The challenge is to know where I can add value to it and place it where I can not. You have access to the real place to which they belong. »
Goyal said he has always wanted to work in financial markets, but despite the fact that his resume includes a reference for having a high degree in Business Administration from the University of India, and the other from the Faculty of the University of Pennsylvania Wharton, next to his work for three years in an Indian branch of the Bank «means that Ji », it is felt that the people who committed his appointment discomfort about it.
After receiving his first degree in Business Administration, Goyal said he joined the list of more candidates for the job and a lot of institutions, but they reject it once they understand that he is blind. When the offer to work for the Einstein Method the frustrations you might have it so much that he told bank officials «I am blind, you still want to talk to me?».
Goyal said «They asked me about whether I can carry out the job as advertised, and I told them that I think I can safely do so. Therefore, he was appointed. »
Years later, when Uarton to provide in order to qualify for a job in New York or London, Goyal said, that the Director of Admission university signed a request to joining the following terms «never blind myself the speculator on Wall Street. I can not guarantee you get a job, but you definitely will be better off when you get a degree from the Wharton ».
However, even after graduating from the Wharton, he was rejected by a lot of Wall Street firms for failing to find anyone else inside Wall Street uses the same type of screen readers. The «JP Morgan» The only bank that offered him training in the summer, which in turn led him because exposure full recruitment organization. Goyal noted that he was not born blind. During its inception in Mumbai, Goyal said he was happy to enjoy a normal childhood, but by reaching ninth began to notice his inability to identify some people as soon as they watched, no longer able to see the lines in the brochures study. One night, he fell a water channel, and again fell while driving his bike and caused the break. After that, he began unable to see the ball during his training on the tennis.

Physicians and person case, a genetic condition that causes the destruction of the retina, gradually and cause vision loss. Goyal and the attainment of 22 years he had completely lost his sight. And so, Goyal «The worst thing I did not Acts what was happening, and what should I do about it» he said. He added that at a time when his peers began dating girls «I was struggling to deal with the disability I was hit. And Raodney questions such as: What do I say to people? Sometimes I could see other, and other times I can not do so. » The cause of vision loss in
Goyal injury to «fear and confusion», and the dwindling number of friends. Goyal said «I was ready to declare and refrain from fighting the final exam and only work with my father», who works in the field of real estate development. But his mother forced him to perform the exam, Goyal was surprised when he found himself not only passed the exam, but also high degrees.

Today, Goyal confirms that he was proud to not need others to help him on a daily basis, and it regained its activity in the field of sport, as was the case when he was a child. Last year, his team won the championship cricket for the blind, which is being experienced by relying on the larger ball for a little used by sighted.

Despite his achievements, which also included this year, receiving a national award from India related to «empower individuals with special needs», Goyal was dressed for an interview with the same tone of humility. He said «should not switch to a model for others. Although I have achieved all of this, this came after a struggle. It is also not everyone is lucky penile support I received from my friends and my family, so it's unfair comparison between me and them. I also own a medium talent on a lot of levels. » http://itdecs.com/reviews/einstein-method-review-is-einstein-method-scam-or-legit Einstein Method

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 Phoenix Trading

It is expected to exceed the German stock exchange and NYSE Euronext thorny political obstacles to declare an agreement later on Tuesday will produce the largest market share in the world at a time when gaining a wave of mergers between global stock exchanges force.
In Asia, Phoenix Trading company operating the Australian Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Singapore amended the structure of the Board of Directors of the alliance to be the $ 7.9 billion in an attempt to win the support of Australian lawmakers who were concerned that giving up control of the local bourse.
And feelings of nationalism among the major obstacles to the wave of mergers sweeping the sector as it is usually seen as a symbol of Exchanges of national pride. Face transactions - and
Including a view of the London Stock Exchange to acquire a group Ta.am.aks operator of the Toronto Stock Exchange - severe scrutiny from regulators and politicians around the world.
Sources said that a number of key details in the German stock exchange agreement with NYSE Euronext has been settled. One source said that the final agreement expected to be announced on Tuesday.
But a number of difficult aspects have not been cured yet, which is likely to feed concerns raised on both sides of the Atlantic.
And seen the policy also concerns as the reason behind the Singapore Stock Exchange granting greater representation of the Australian Stock Exchange in the management of the new entity. The two exchanges said in a joint statement on Tuesday they Phoenix Trading equally by the Board of the merged entity management seats after the original offer was awarded the Australian stock market is less than half the board seats.
Sources refused to publish identity that there are obstacles to the alliance German stock exchange and NYSE Euronext will be settled in the coming weeks and that those obstacles still would hamper the deal.
A source said "it is clear that the biggest question mark in general on the deal relating to the regulatory and political scene to emerge from this deal in Europe."
According to economic Fox network, citing banking sources that Pheonix Trading Binary Group, a group of derivatives exchanges in the world has been forced make an offer to acquire NYSE Euronext.
A spokesman for Chicago-based Phoenix Trading declined to comment. Group officials and directs investors away from the expectation that the company is entering the merger deal.
And it reached the German stock exchange and NYSE Euronext to agreement on details such as the identity of the senior executives but talks on the name and location of operations of the new entity "sensitive and complicated", highlighting the difficulty of integrating the work of companies operating in different ways and represents a symbol of national pride.
The two companies announced in the past that Duncan Nediraoar head of NYSE Euronext will head the merged entity will take over as Chief Executive Officer Reto Franxiona for the post of President of the German Stock Exchange Board of Directors and the shareholders of the German company will receive a 60 percent stake in the new company.
A source said that the structure of the 60-40 ownership would make the majority shareholder in the merged company from the United States, where the Americans shareholders will receive 55 percent of Germans, while shareholders get 11 percent and 11 percent on the British and shareholders will own the rest of the world share of 23 percent. Phoenix Trading Phoenix Trading Citadel LTD Scam Citidel Investment APP Citidel LTD Investment APP Citadel LTD Investment APP Catidel LTD Investment APP

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Automated Cash APP Review Is AutomatedCashAPP.com Scam Or Legit? Is Automated Cash APP Software Works? My Automated Cash APP Review and $1000 Bonus


Automated Cash APP

You may have the New York Stock Exchange, which has been symbol of American capitalism over two centuries, new Pmalkin in Europe over the next few times. And it announced a stock market which is facing pressure from new electronic companies, which pulled its business, including, on Wednesday it was in advanced talks to merge with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange operator. It is expected to result in an agreement to reach the largest deal in the money market presence in 14 European countries and the United States, which will allow customers to speculative stocks in New York, with options linking these shares in Paris and derivatives associated in Frankfurt.
This combination, which will be formed in the wake of the merger of a number of other stock exchanges will provide further evidence of the extent of the change wrought by globalization and technology on the market. For
Despite the fact that the New York Stock Exchange and other exchanges between the giant, its importance diminished in a world where trading on the clock and the emergence of extreme speed calculation programs being. Add to that that this stock market, which has long known executives who knew Automated Cash APP the stock market, they no longer have a prominent presence as they were in the past.
Although the representation of images bell to start trading and workers anxious and happy on the floor of the trading room for millions of people in the stock market, the speculation has become more widely implemented across computers far from Wall Street places like Jersey City and Kansas. The New York Stock Exchange has already undergone a radical transformation over the past few years alone, where transformed from a non-profit organization in which speculators on the ground most of the speculative operations to international nonprofit company working more broadly in the electronic speculation. The types of stock and options that are working on Speculators have fallen from 3000 a decade ago to 1300 at the present time. General and as its share price fell by almost 64 per cent after reaching its maximum height in 2006.
Thus despite the fact that the news about the merger negotiations modern Wall Street on Wednesday, some had already recognized the need for further changes.
Says Barry Smith, 44, an executive director was with two friends working in front of the Stock Exchange Restaurant: «stock market may need to be further strengthened». Among the conditions that are negotiated by the New York Stock Exchange maintains a 40% share, but «Porsche» German will own 60 per cent of the new company which will be held in the Netherlands. The New York Stock Exchange began its work in 1792 when stockbrokers gathered under a tree DLP Manhattan south of speculation in the bonds of the new state headquarters in Manhattan, and then evolved into the world's largest stock exchanges at all.
If an agreement is reached, it is expected that the deal is facing a lot of obstacles that will be among the political and organizational rejection. New York's leaders were clearly firm in the need to maintain the status of the city major financial capital. Competition among stock exchanges has created an atmosphere of tension in recent years with a stampede investors seeking low-speed, cost and liquidity to the largest electronic platforms that do not offer large sums of money for financial centers. As stock exchanges are under pressure to cut costs and greater investment in technology that will allow them to host a lot of transfers as soon as possible. Says Elie Darwish, a financial analyst in the Automated Cash APP in Paris: «There is a race intensifies towards the stock exchanges, which will give the Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext - Deutsche Porsche) the status of an unprecedented».
It is expected that the majority come Al411 million which is expected to be reduced from the spending of the merger between the New York Stock Exchange and Germany of integrating the two companies IT systems and internal operations. And it is expected to be cut more than 1,000 jobs, with less than 100 jobs in New York, according to one familiar with the matter, who asked not to be named because he does not have a mandate to speak to the press, however, that the integration process can raise the question about the importance of the exchange of vital financial industry in New York, the role of the officials on the ground have become more limited as a result. Said Michael, a professor at Automated Cash APP School of Economics, said that the workers in the stock market can help in times of market tension as was the case in the hijacker who witnessed the landing of May (May). He said: «can become more like men reform in May, may not necessarily doing anything all day, but be present when you need it». The joint statement of the two companies came in the wake of the announcement of the full integration of the stock exchanges of London and Toronto.
Despite the confirmation of the London Stock Exchange and Germany that they are engaged in advanced round of talks on the agreement, they have warned that the talks may be exposed to collapse. Germany stock exchange and have a history of attempts to merge with other exchanges such as the Big Board and the London Stock Exchange, which all failed, however, that the merger may be announced next week, according to the official, who requested anonymity. It is expected to get the holders of shares of stock exchange «NYSE Euronext» to nearly 10 per cent of their shares for a profit.
The past six years has resulted in large consortia of Exchanges, which included the purchase of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Council internationalized Chicago and Nymex Holdengiz, and display the Singapore Stock Exchange buy the Australian stock market, even if the stock exchange «NYSE Euronext» was the other the product of the acquisition of the New York Stock Exchange on «Arkepelago Holdengiz »that provide electronic trading platforms, and the Euronext Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange stock. It is expected that the declaration on Wednesday, more pressure on the smaller ones such as NASDAQ to look for an additional partner bourses adds to be able to continue. http://binaryapp-810.co/automatic-cash-app-review-is-automatic-cash-app-scam-or-legit Automated Cash APP

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Citidel LTD Investment APP Review Is Citidel Investment APP Scam Or Legit? Is Citidel LTD Investment APP Software Works? My Citidel LTD Investment APP Review and Bonus


Citidel LTD Investment APP

Analysts say the nuclear crisis in Japan, rushed to get rid of nuclear power in some European countries and render many planned projects are fraught with great dangers for more than in the end of the adoption of the European continent on natural gas. However, the depth of the change depends on how quickly Japan to stabilize the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant.
For the area had no history of little earthquakes or tsunami or even large power outages, Europe's reaction to the crisis on the other side of the world was great. Talk of a European nuclear renaissance has not yet translated into more than unfinished plants in France and Finland, and a lot of dreams that never materialized.
And it hastened German Chancellor Angela Merkel to suspend operations at seven old reactors after
Japanese disaster, as the nuclear issue has become a political football in a country where anti-nuclear sentiment energy raging since the disaster «Chernobyl».
Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann and pledged to seek to gradually get rid of nuclear energy at the level of Europe, warning of «the face of a difficult». As well as Italy, Poland hesitated in the future would own nuclear plans.
In Brussels administrators of the European Union sees an opportunity to take control of the area has long eluded them. Said Christian at the Center for European Policy Studies: «The European Commission is trying to determine where they can be more effective, the nuclear issue is certainly one of those issues that transcend borders».
The EU leaders agreed last week that Europe's nuclear reactors and 143, must pass «tests bear». It will be Energy Commissioner Gunther Citidel LTD Investment APP in the Union - which is the same in kicker Party member - put details of the plan in the next few weeks.
It is likely that the tests are focused on the floods and earthquake resistance or power outages for long periods and procedures for incident management and a lack of spent fuel. Although these tests may not have a legal effect, the public pressure will probably costly to update the stations that fail the tests. The governments of Spain, France, Germany, has already pointed out that the closure of the stations may be one of the options available. Said Colette Aonr in French consulting firm «Capgemini»: «the cost of nuclear energy may rise about ten percent».
France seeks striving to adopt the highest possible standards of nuclear safety, hoping to become a European compact reactor the high costs, the only design that can pass the stress tests in the future.
Whatever the case, analysts say the cost estimates and schedule for the construction of new nuclear plants in France and Finland have already turned out to be overly optimistic. The witness -3 Olkiluoto project in Finland with a delay of four years, in addition to exceed the estimated cost to him.
And it may result in increased costs to improve safety levels, to change the economic balance in the interest of non-nuclear energy at a time of high political risks. Citidel LTD Investment APP said: «I do not see that the new nuclear power can be competitive in the European energy market is characterized by freedom from restrictions. And get a profit from a nuclear plant takes between 15 and 20 years old, I do not see that anyone can do this without the support of senior government ». He added: «I do not expect Poland to build a nuclear plant, it has already extended work long-term contract to import Russian gas. Even if Lithuania wants to build a nuclear plant, they face the prospect of dissipating its assets. »
And it urged the International Energy Agency on deliberation and patience in judging the risks of nuclear energy, but pointed out that it is needed to help reduce harmful carbon emissions, while considered «euros Electric» which represents the electricity industry that «any problems in meeting demand will be a regional».
Said Susan Nice, an analyst at «euros Electric»: «if it decides to shut down all nuclear power plants older than 30 years, the twenty-seven member states of the European Union will lose 14 percent of its capacity to generate nuclear power, or about 19 thousand megawatts of electricity». She added: «some areas will face problems, especially in cases of accidents and difficulties related to re-run a second power grid», which means that there will be a need for new power plants.
Renewable energy and is facing several obstacles to bridge the gap, the most important because it requires the presence of a continental network allows countries to transfer surplus supplies from renewable energy resources across the border. Miranda felt Hreuerz, a researcher in policy at the Free University in Berlin: «You can not move electricity from west to east because the units do not exist to link to make this affordable».
According to sources that Germany in particular form, vulnerable to the power grid crashes because they are prepared to shut down nuclear plants in 2015, not in 2011 as the production of electricity from coal is not an easy choice, too, because he faces a tougher EU laws in order to improve air quality .
Analysts said the bank «Deutsche Bank» in a report last week: «We do not think as a general rule that conventional coal plants practical option anymore».
And so only the gas does not stay. The report concluded «that gas imports will rise to 71 percent of the supply of 15 countries in the European Union by 2015, compared by 66 percent in 2010». http://binaryapp-810.co/citadel-ltd-investment-app-review-is-citadel-app-scam-or-legit Citidel LTD Investment APP