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Google and Android pulled the rug out gradually from the Apple

The system "Android" operating designed by internet giant "Google" for mobile devices nibbles of Apple's growing share of the mobile market and tablet devices thanks to rapid innovation and a large group of the least expensive devices.

The Stephen Baker, an analyst at research group "that NPD Group," that "diversity is one of the factors of force" which is characterized by "Android", adding that "manufacturing a lot of different devices prices and collaboration with multiple brands makes a big difference."
Unlike the "Apple" which limited their programs on their own products, which does not resort to a second party for the design of its products, allowing "Google" for a large number of electronic collections in the world using its operating system "Android" and his creation app commission droid review
Thus, three-quarters of the smart phones in the world 136 million phones were powered by "Android" in the third quarter of the year, according to data issued by the company, "IDC." Explains Ramon Llamas, research director in the "IDC" that "Android" exceeded every year since it was launched in 2008 "growth market (smart phones) and take stakes of his rivals."
In the tablet market, too, record manufacturers who use "Android" a remarkable increase in their quotas between the second and third quarters of the year. Has increased the share of the South Korean group "Samsung" from 9.6% to 18.4%, while the share of electronic distributor "Amazon", which makes the device "Kindle Fire" from 5% to 9%, according to "IDC." The share of device "iPad" from "Apple" tumbled in the same period from 65.5% to 50.4%.
The expert notes Charles Glfan to be "Android" benefit from the change of base of consumers, especially customers smartphones.
In the beginning, it was technology purchasers are paying more important than price, but smart phones are now accessible to everyone and their prices are playing a more crucial role.
The Glfan says "people prefer platform + Android + more than others because it offers them greater choice mostly cheaper" phone "iPhone."
What distinguishes the "Android" from other well is that it is free software designers can use free programs and improve on a whim, because the "Google" benefit and accelerate innovation.
Explains Be Dulina an analyst at "Gartner" that "the pace of innovation in + Android + faster than among + Apple + still too late" in this area.
But He Glfan points out that the problem lies in the fact that the equipment in the market, not all of which benefit from the latest innovations and many of them still works by older versions of "Android", which may be difficult to process design applications usable on all portable devices.
Furthermore, the presence of hundreds of devices operating by the "Android" imposes a tremendous competitive pressure on manufacturers, according to Stephen Baker, who adds, "with the exception of + Samsung +, I do not know if partners + Android + material others making a profit." with Commission Droid software
In the end, remains the biggest winner "Google" which has made great efforts to improve the "system" music, movies, books, games and other applications that are powered by "Android", according to the analysts say.
It was designed "Android" specifically to encourage consumers to use the dating services on the "Google" material gain, such as a store, "Google" electronic "Google Play" and his website dedicated to research "Google Searchlight" service maps "Google Maps."

Google launches an update to her shop equipped to translate applications

Launched the search giant "Google" a new update to the application store "Google Play" version number "3.10.9" for mobile devices based on the operating system "Android".

This included the update fix defects and many of the new additions, most notably show a new screen when you start to install applications or games to be downloaded from the store, and will fall under the "Users Also Installed", and thus is not the user having to return to the application itself to follow the download process, where will the key "Keep Shopping" user when pressed to return directly to the application and to keep up the load.
It also enhanced Google feature "Watchlist or wishes-wishlist", that feature that allows originally the user to add applications preferred purchased or downloaded from the video or music or other to the list for later viewing combined in one place, but it was lacking the ability to delete the reference or bookmark "Bookmarks", but through this update the user can do so through a new button has been added called "Remove".

It icons and new keys listed by Google in this new update, key translation "Translate", which will appear next to applications or games to be downloaded, as it allows this button translation describes the application or game to the language to translation to it, and thus gives the user the description information on the application before install.
Google also introduced improvements to the advantage of the recommendations and suggestions, so that now enables the user of the ability to add friends and people who know them to feature "circles-Circles" its own social network Google "Google Plus" and identify the games and their favorite applications.

This new version is currently available within a store "Google Play."

Google doubled the number of devices required Nexus 7

Google asked in the second quarter of this year 2012, 2.5 million Tablet PC type of Nexus 7, but since the device launched Google amended the number of devices required due to the surge in demand for hardware and speed sales.

Says a source that is expected to double the number of devices requested by Google for up to 5 million units in the 2012, and usually ask technology companies organs to agree last two months in the year, "October and November," is expected to remain high on the devices Nexus 7 until last this Last year and up to 700 thousand to a million units.

After Google launched Nexus 7.16 GB at $ 199 and 32 GB at $ 249, Google launched the revised version of the Tablet PC Nexus 7 a capacity of 32 GB and SQL technology Contact the 3G and the rate of $ 299, and within a short period of release of these devices in the market carried out All of department stores such as "AT & T" and Google Play.

The company says that the Tablet PC New able to prove its worth between Tablet PC other than the same category, as they were not expecting to reach the demand for the new computer will be high to this point, where class Tablet PC New Nexus 7 by a large number of technical experts and devices that the Tablet PC Tablet PC category small so far.

Competing Google now with the latest Tablet PC on the market "iPad Mini" launched by Apple recently, and is expected both companies festive season next to achieve the greatest possible sales, according to a knowledgeable business Google that it will put a lot of offers on processed new through next season.
fx capitalist

Google is putting the finishing touches on iPhone Maps

According to news reports, the Internet, that the company "Google" American giant put the finishing touches to copy the application of digital maps for phones "iPhone" smart, following the company's decision "Apple" the controversial dropping support service this year.

The newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" of America, it was given the beta version of the application, "Google Maps" for some individuals within the company for testing, where the newspaper cited "a person with direct knowledge of the matter" as its source.

It is said that "Google" currently developing the final touches on the application before applying for approval to include it on the App Store, "Apple iTunes", but the newspaper said it is not known exactly when it will happen, as it did not refer also to whether the application will be compatible to work on devices "iPad" tablet or not. fx capitalist review

Locked in "Apple" and "Google" is now a war on the acquisition of the digital maps market, which is a major growth area where an increasing number of researchers for places to visit, shopping and eating on their portable devices.

The "Apple" was released in mid-September the latest versions of its operating system "Oh S 6", which replaced the previous version of the application, "Google Maps" application for "Apple maps" as a service installed by default on the system.

However, the application maps "Apple" failed to achieve desired objectives, but on the contrary has met offensive fierce by users around the world because of problems with accuracy and validity of data places offered, prompting the company's chief executive progress formal apology for that, and promised a solution these problems soon. fx capitalist

Google and Acer launch a new computer with a series of Chrome Facebook

Google announced today a new laptop computer from a family of "Chrome Book" (Chromebook), and loads the new computer screen measuring 11.6 inches and the production of Acer, is cheaper so far in this series.
Holds new computer name "Acer C7 Chromebook" and joins the family of Chrome Facebook, which includes the current range of laptops "Samsung Chromebook" and "Samsung Chromebook 550" and that are running Google Chrome cloud.
Google says that the new computer works with a processor from Intel, and has a full QWERTY keyboard, and mouse touch control. And contains a storage area by 320 GB, and comes with additional 100 Jijaaat space for free for a period of two years in the service of Google Drive. And take a run C7 a time of 18 seconds, and have a battery operated for a period of 3.5 hours. WP Pipeline
Compared pc Samsung Acer C7 whose specification is a little low, for hours of battery life is almost twice higher in Samsung devices, which increase in value for Acer Computer by U.S. $ 50 and above. The C7 thicker and slower in terms of the take-off, and also lacks the capabilities of a computer Samsung 550 in the support and operation of the third generation 3G.
The price new computer to U.S. $ 199, it may be desirable in abundance in this holiday season, it is easier to use compared traditional portable Balhawwasb, once users log on to their own accounts Google workers, they will get their own files wherever they are.
Noteworthy that Acer C7 will be available for sale tomorrow in the United States on Google Play store, shop, and in some stores Best Buy. In the United Kingdom registered users may find it in Google PlayStation store, shop Amazon, and store PC World, as well as Currys. Google says that will be available in more countries soon. G plus ownage

Apple in the process of production of the iPhone 5 S next month

Seems to be a disappointment users of the iPhone 5 » forced Apple to reissue device with a new copy.
A new report, published by Chinese newspaper Commercial Times yesterday, Apple's intention to produce experimental samples of the seventh generation of its smart phone "iPhone", or what may be called "iPhone 5 S" in the month of December (December) next.

The report also revealed that the company will manufacture 50 thousand to 100 thousand sets during the pilot phase, and they sought to accelerate access to licenses components "iPhone 5 S", despite the shortage suffered by the company in the production of the required amount of "iPhone 5" .

The report added that he expected that the "Apple" manufactures "iPhone 5 S" during the first quarter of next year 2013 at that launches the new version of computer Tablet "iPad" after "iPhone 5 S" three months, because the screen resolution of the latest version of "iPad Mini" not when the user expectations. Commission Robotics

Digital home Internet everywhere and remote control

Technical changed everything around us, so we treat change, but we have adopted in all aspects of life, so we are telling jokingly Our concept popular hospitality add to basic provide the password to open the wireless network and charger iPhone, but change technical included our use of mobile phones and tablets only, while remaining homes standing far from changing technology where, with the Internet Allacelikh are covering all aspects, and supports change technology in homes to rely on certain aspects of the most important conservation and energy efficiency, control adjustment and temperature inside the house, and provide oversight and protection from theft, and control remote home, and in this report we will present the most important things that could have turned the house into a digital or intelligent.

Internet in every home

Necessary at the moment for those who builds his house to take into account the need to be available online everywhere in the house not through roads wireless only, but by wire and everywhere in the house, it must be extended cables for transporting data with extensions telephone and careful be far away from any electrical current so as not to affect the transfer of data in case you want to use surveillance cameras, and this applies to cables for transporting broadcast of collectors (shower) to the TV, while existing home, if there is the impossibility to implement extensions It is possible to use devices that primary strengthens broadcast of the modem to all parts of the house. siege commissions

In the case of the desire to transfer the broadcast from the wireless to wired, there are some tools that allow it, be strong in these devices slots private Pkiabl network, and after defined on the wireless network you either re-broadcast the Internet and strengthen signal or re-broadcast by cable, or both.

Remote Control

Internet provides in all parts of the house and around the clock, it means that you are able to reach any part of the house at any time, Take for example lighting the house, there is a kind of electronic chips are placed on the electrical wires inside the key to run, turn off the lights, it provides wafer lighting control either through the Internet or through text messages via mobile phone, and the work to separate electricity or delivery of the device is required, whether lighting or air conditioning or other, it is also possible and put them on board main power in the house to stop the flow of electricity to the house.

Electronic surveillance

There are solutions everyone knows allows control house and store Tltqth cameras, but these solutions're not going to talk about it now, and what we would like to talk about is the simple solutions that allow beneficiaries simple implementation in the home, where they are sold through shopping sites on the Internet Cameras allow filming home and broadcast on a special site on the Internet, in addition to the possibility of talking to those in the house directly, there are solutions that allows monitoring of movement by any person over and weighed about 25 kilograms at the entrances to the home of the doors and windows and then a warning, either through messages by telephone or mobile directly from home, There are solutions can be installed on the door locks.

Multimedia Center

Providing a kind of (Mac mini) for example, or other devices that lead the same purpose, and be the size of a very small could have this device center for multimedia in the home, Recently became Internet shops offer buy movies and music directly from the Internet, and providing center multimedia in the home allows for everyone to benefit from these purchases and purchase amounts are not incurred item more than once.

Also there receivers for satellite broadcast allows to store broadcast and then re-watch it at any other time, and also there are types of TVs and so-called smart allows the possibility of linking TV Internet and then browse sites from which, or browse social networking sites, also provide key information Weather and others.

The rest of the home tools

Available technology solutions allow control curtains either by remote control inside the house or remotely, and there are solutions allow unify control all home tools through Remote Control one, and also started some companies market so-called refrigerator smart, which allows link the Internet and identify the contents and dates validity of every kind, as well as to submit proposals for some cooking recipes can be implemented through the contents of the refrigerator.

Home security information

Make home in this form online should require special attention from the head of the family so as not to penetrate the privacy of the home, you must make sure free computers in the home of viruses and suspicious programs so as not to allow control tools home other remote, and must use any site on the Internet The link to make sure you use the connection now and be a link site carries character (s) in the address prefix (http) become like this (https).

Also be taken to the complexity of passwords Internet sites to difficult to guess, and when we say are difficult to guess do not mean that the human element, but we mean some computer programs used by hackers and are trying to access the sites through guess thousands of passwords quickly, and to develop a strong password should contain the symbols and letters and numbers and diversity using a key (Shift).

It is important that you do not leave your wireless network without a password, because there is no password easier to penetrate, or even allow for the road or the neighbors goers used, and this may lead to security problems may be the head of the family indispensable.

Android shattered the record for the mobile operating systems

Succeeded platform "Android", the famous open-source development company "Google" American giant, in record breaking sales volume Toys mobile devices around the world, as revealed by the latest market statistics.

The company confirmed "IDC" U.S. specializing in market research that the system of "Google" is the first operational succeed in overcoming the production volume of 100 million copies through one quarter.

According to statistics, has been put forward about 136 million phone "Android" intelligent new, market share of 75%, during the third quarter, an increase of 91.5% from the same period last year, a growth rate approaching twice the rate of the smart phone market as a whole, and attributed "The DC "The increase in sales in part to the ability of" Google "on the construction and maintenance of a platform ecosystem.

He explained Kevin Ristyvo, analyst research in "The DC", that Google has a product portfolio prosperous and multiple, lacking many of its competitors who provide additions weaker operating system, pointing out that this factor and other factors, led to the loss of market shares to its competitors with few exceptions.

In the second place, during the quarter came platform running any "Oh S", where she managed the company "Apple" American, to ask about 26.9 million units, giving the operating system market share 14.9%, and analysts said that those numbers came driven by issuing the phone " iPhone 5 "during the last period of the quarter, according to agency responded," Middle East News ". peng joon siege commissions

The company "Research In Motion" Canadian, it has continued to fall, where production fell smartphone "BlackBerry" from 11.8 million units to 7.7 million units, up 34.7%, which resulted in a decline in its market share to 4.3%. Dissolved platform "Symbian" in fourth place with a 2.3% market share, followed by "Windows Phone" with a 2% market share.

Google announces new design for search engine

Google announced a new design for the search results page in the famous engine, and is the new design change the location of the toolbar from the side of the screen to the top.

The company reported in her blog that the new design gives the site a little more comfortable and able to focus on the results you are looking for the user, as well as the results of graphs, without the weary side menu.
It seems clear goal behind this update, which is to create a simpler interface and less complicated, and create a comfortable user experience and constant across different devices and screen sizes. Google had amended its search engine interface on mobile phones to be more smooth, and now poses updated to version web office computers.

Do you spend messaging services on oral talks

According to a recent study published last October, the number of Internet users in the Arab world to 23% of the population, is expected to rise to 38% in 2030 this percentage increasing in the world caused by ease of use of the Internet on the one hand, and the diversity of devices that are used to access a Internet on the other hand, add to the diversity of services offered by the Internet.

In Kingdom since it began days Internet first was the conversation is the first service exploit Saudis, followed groups exchanged e-mail as it allows these groups field to share images and video files and Internet links, and today changed the equation and turned things that keen internet users to make use of the computers to mobile phones, making chat programs and the exchange of information and images is the key player on these devices as well as social networks such as Twitter and Path and Facebook.

This shift in the use of the Internet computers to mobile phones, allowing new revenue for telecom companies by offering Internet services over the cellular network, to become companies offer packages of Internet prices relatively moderate, in contrast, use the Saudis these packages to run chat programs such as the "siege commissions" and the "Line" and the "Viper" and "Cocoa", and other programs offered possibilities phone calls or video calls, such as the "Viper" and the "Tanico" and Skype, and other services, and this program not only works over cellular networks but through wireless networks (Wi-Fi).

The make-way use Saudis for these programs seek amount shift from communicating via phone calls and that was prevailing before high frequency use of the Internet, through communicate via SMS, which was the beginning of the use of mobile networks, and the end of using Internet programs through broadband services to share pictures and sections audio and video clips, and perhaps this might sets off alarm bells for services telephone calls, which are limited to business calls, and even the latter (business calls) turned to the use of programs conversations across chat programs visual such as Google Talk and Skype networks VOIP.

Perhaps the coming period will witness a major shift in the use of communication tools online view of the evolution of mobile phones and their ease of use and access (such as iPhone, Galaxy 3, X Beira) and other phones with big screens, in addition to computers tablet, will hear in the coming period for the end era of phone calls paid?, boom and other means of communication over the Internet.

Ultimate Landing Page System Do you use electronic welfare payments?

Ultimate Landing Page System

We were born and grew up to see that money and wealth are coin bags and packages securities class blue SR 500. This primarily reflected on our perception of wealth and the way we deal with it. In most affairs of your life, you will be in trouble if I forgot my wallet because money is the only way subsidized in many transactions. Ultimate Landing Page System
What if there was an alternative? What if we do not want to use banknotes and coins (Cache) and replace it by other means?
Is this a useful and feasible idea? Well, what does this have to do e-commerce?
In this post we will review some important information and some applications to turn to the community without banknotes - Cashless Society
Sttfajo if I told you that about 93% of financial transactions in the United States are in isolation from the Cache, the ratio less than in a country like Sweden - at least internationally - where the proportion of transactions involving Cache does not exceed 4% of the total trading. But may raises Astgrapk that find in a country like Italy, formal organization prevents the circulation of banknotes for high amounts of cash. This is not a luxury or luxury nations want to enjoy it, but is a very important organization has its causes considered in more than one respect: economic, security and even healthy!
For example, on the economic level, the cost of manufacturing and print currency and transfer is very expensive if the shift to electronic payments. On the security front, many of the money-laundering operations and thefts will be reduced depending on the country's shift from cash transactions and paper can be robbery without leaving a trace of the prosecution, to electronic transactions can be tuned electronically prosecute manipulators. As for health, the germs lingering in the banknotes remain for a period of more than 3 days!

Highlighted innovations in the field of electronic payments is to create magnetic cards - half a century ago - now and went evacuated great applications such as: credit cards and ATM cards. And made a point of real quality are evident today. Ultimate Landing Page System
The next stage, will be the shift from magnetic cards to pay using smart phones and we talked about here. It actually occur in many U.S. states and European countries. The most striking features of the transition, is providing electronic payment for small shops and even individuals! Where such service enables Square to receive money from the credit card in person by installing a piece in your iPhone!

When the subject of technical and routes electronic trading, one of the most important topics that are emphasized and presented and discussed is the subject of security and reliability. This aspect considerably, but there are too many solutions and solutions in place you raise the level of security and encryption in all aspects to ensure the safety of the electronic process and not infiltrated by the aggressors. Could reach safety in electronic trading on the degree outweigh the degree of securing third party transactions and paper!
Transformation of society does not depend on Cache will help the prosperity of e-commerce without a doubt, where will facilitate the collection and the expansion of the owners e-commerce sites in the service areas around the world do not have access to them service payment on delivery, especially if the ratio of the ability to complete those processes high.
No party or one party responsible for this shift, but shared by more than one point in particular:
Banks: facilitate the extraction process credit cards
Monetary institutions: creating laws stimulate and obliges the use of electronic payments
Individuals: that getting a credit card or reliance on electronic means of payment safer and more economically effective in the long run for the traceability of transactions and disbursed know where.
Government: the enactment of laws and regulations that protect and prosecute the owner of the establishment and the bomber Learn more on my special Ultimate Landing Page System Review

Facebook messages get new design

Network seems to be the world's largest Facebook tested a new design for the messages to look like more Brsal email and thus continuing to complete a series of improvements that began for a considerable period.

The new design shows a complete list of user-specific talks on the left part of the screen and you can click on any conversation to download all the messages on the right side of the screen without leaving the list, such as what was happening with the old design. Coupon Mage

As we can now attach a complete set of images and multimedia files at the same time from existing albums or computer and improve the search process has been carried out of date by typing the full names only, but now you can also book keywords.

The Web site a list of emoticons in instant chat messages and timing of read-friendly message not to mention the keyboard shortcuts to make messaging easier to use on PC and Mac are as follows:

ALT + g: Find a conversation

ALT + q: open keyboard shortcuts

ALT + Delete: Archiving message

ALT + r: remove or add a read of the letter

ALT + c: writing a new message

ALT + i: Go to your inbox

ALT + u: Go to other file

Do you have appeared for this new update? If well Harkona and your view in the comments wp pipeline ..

Apple's revenue growth 24% and sell more than 26 million iPhone in just three months

U.S. company Apple announced financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter ending at the end of September, announcing profits of 8.67 dollars per share.

The company's revenues amounted to about fiscal quarter, including $ 36 billion net profit of 8.2 billion dollars.

The company has achieved in the fourth quarter of last year returns $ 28.3 billion and a net profit of $ 6.6 billion, and share of 7.05 dollars per share. Any company's revenue grew by 27%.

However, revenue growth at this rate did not live up to the expectations of analysts waited achieve revenues of approximately $ 36 billion share $ 8.75 per share.

The company said sales of devices where it sold 26.9 million mobile iPhone, up 58% from the same period sales for the past year, have also been selling 14 million iPad devices and a 26% increase for the same period, sales previously sold 11 million.

The Mac sales increased its only 1% and reached 4.9 million units, while sales of iPods declined by 19% and achieved a 5.3 million sales.

And, of course, there are no significant sales of the iPhone 5 which accounted for only 9 days from the date of issuance in the fourth fiscal quarter, and we mention that the company said the sale of 5 million mobile iPhone 5 in just a week, which was considered the fastest-selling phone in the world. 1 Option Profit

The company's international sales 60% of total sales, and after a continuous growth for several years the company has finally decided an annual dividend of $ 2.65 per share, which stopped investors' fears of a private company that the annual distribution is not usually Apple.

The company introduced yesterday a group of new devices and updates that will increase growth in revenue in the quarter the current fiscal, which Sntha end of the year and show us sales figures for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini and updated device series iMac and MacBook Pro new 13-inch. 1 Option Profit

AdWords advertising program monitors the load applications on iOS

Google today announced that marketers and advertisers who promote their products on the system iOS applications, can today control the conversion rate of any load applications using Google AdWords advertising program Viral List Crusher .

With this support for the operating system iOS, business owners can trace download applications on any device works this Kalaifun system and iPad and iPod touch through AdWords advertising campaign directly.

This means when a user to download the application for smart phones either store Google Play or shop applications Father Store, and after the first click on any ad within the application, if the present Declaration converting to download another application, this download the other it was possible today followed.

After all said Google that system applications iOS able to track downloads that exposure via ads in phone applications only, will not be able to track load system applications iOS which reached across an ad for network search Google or Display Network to Google on the Internet if browsing smart phone.

It should be noted that the downloads that can be tracked when the Declaration refers link directly to the father Store, where you can not follow the intermediate links or deficient across sites shorten links. easy cash code review

My E-Commerce Story

Buying and trafficking through the Internet, has different benefits, for both the seller and the buyer. Like any company, on the ground, online companies are seeking to maintain its reputation - more - to ensure that people buy them, especially since the reputation and experience of past users may be the fundamental criterion for the buyer checks it before embarking on the procurement process.
Support you today the experience of buying an electronic "unsuccessful" but useful, and had the experience of buying a product from China to Saudi Arabia. Series comes as part of the first episodes of a series of trade from China, which we talked about earlier. Easy Cash Code

What is the primary motivation that payment for purchase through the Internet?
Motivation to buy was the search for a business opportunity, as you know that merchants in the Kingdom (greedy too) on the issue of achieving a profit margin high, and this greed generates good opportunity for anyone looking for a reasonable profit, and through a simple search, for any product you want, you will find that is sold here are very high numbers, compared to the cost price, and if you want to search for any product - price cost Mnkhvs -, the best place is definitely China. This site of the best locations to begin the search for factories and companies that could be issued an Item.
What is the product that you are trying to buy it? Why not buy it from any store nearby?
Product that you are looking for, is the Chinese iPhone 4, including that the target was a commercial, only natural went to buy from the exporting country. Almost sold this product in the UK, up to 450 riyals. Through primary research find that its price in China ranges from 150 to 300 riyals, and of course different prices due to different device types and the amount to be requested.
And have chosen this product, because it is badly needed in the local market, especially for those who feel that the original device price is high, do not care device applications, but only looking for a form.

Image of the Chinese iPhone 4
What are the steps and methods used to verify the credibility of the eStore where you purchased the goods?
Frankly grave here was my fault: (, I received e-mail from someone and I talked to him through the Messenger, and gave me a link site and product, and told me that he found Emily through a search!
And by virtue of that we Arabs and our confidence in the people always be high and trusted him and did not expect it to be this person just a quorum, and I believed him, especially that Aamih was similar to email the company almost.
After that asked 20 device from iPhone Chinese, and turned the amount, I thought that Otqsy more about this person and question him through the management of the site, and unfortunately this idea was too late, and not beneficial to me actually virtue I turned amount and reached the amount Walid seller, and actually came response that does not work they have now, but he was a former employee had left work! And is currently exploited Imiolh former company!
After the seller faced with this information, he said, "I really do not work for this company and was afraid they would tell you, do not deal with me! But I did not Okhaddek, and turned you into a similar product for your product you have requested! "
Already about me another product (Sony Ericsson) is very old. This means that the process of the monument and, thankfully, not in the theft of money, but was in the type of product, and this is what tempered shock victim.

A picture of a shipment that arrived to Muhammad from China
How do you make a payment to the vendor? How has the delivery process?
Turned his 3355 riyals through Western Union and Delivery by DHL.
What lessons that came out of this experience?
Do not trust anyone who does not know the personal knowledge.
Do not send your money by direct transfer does not deal with any site that does not receive funds through PayPal paypal. (Mark Paypal, is the mediator between you).
Order a small video to see your product (Ashan comfortable psychologically only). Option Bot review
If you have been a scam, this does not mean to stop working.
China has 1.3 billion people, and the fingers of the hand are not either.

Prospects and the future of e-commerce

Increasing day by day the number of merchants who express optimism the desired benefits of e-commerce, as it allows these new trade for small businesses to compete with large companies.
The protocol financial transactions safe (Secure Electronic Transactions-SET), and leads the emergence of such technologies and solutions to remove many of the concerns that were for some people, and promise these indicators bright future for e-commerce, and bottom line is that e-commerce has become a reality, and prospects and its potential standing at the end.
Despite all these indicators, which promises a bright future for e-commerce, but it is difficult to predict what will imply to us this trade, but the only thing that is certain that e-commerce is here to Auto Traffic Conspiracy stay

Basics of e-commerce

* The concept of electronic commerce Electronic Commerce:

Electronic Commerce: is a new concept to explain the process of buying or selling or exchange of products, services and information through computerized networks, including the Internet. There are several points of view in order to define this word:
- The world of communication known as e-commerce as a means for the delivery of information, services or products via telephone lines or over computer networks or through any technical means.
 - From the perspective of the business is the process of applying the technology to make business transactions take place spontaneously and fast.
- While the service e-commerce is defined as a tool in order to meet the wishes of companies, consumers and managers reduce the cost of service and increase Kvotha and work to accelerate the delivery of service.
- Finally, the online world knows that open trade area in order to buy and sell products and services and information via the Internet hedge fund trader x for example.
The field of electronic commerce:

Structure of electronic commerce:

A lot of people think that e-commerce is just getting on a website, but much larger. There are a lot of e-commerce applications such as banks and shopping malls on the Internet and buy stocks and look for work and do auctions and cooperation with the rest of the individuals in the work of the search. In order to implement these applications, requires access to supporting information systems and infrastructure.

To perform the work of these applications require relying on four important areas:
1 - People
2 - public policy
3 - technical standards and protocols
4 - other companies

* Sections of e-commerce applications:

 E-commerce applications are divided into three parts:
1 - buy and sell products and services, which is called the electronic market.
2 - to facilitate and conduct the flow of information and communication and cooperation between companies and between the different parts of a single company
3 - Provide customer service

* Electronic Markets Electronic Commerce:

Market is a place of dealings and transactions and relationships for the exchange of products and services, information and funds. When the auction market, the Trade Center is not a building or something like it is a place of networking has business dealings. Valmcharkin in electronic markets of sellers and buyers and brokers are not only in different places, but rarely know each other. Methods of communication between individuals in the electronic market vary from one individual to another and from one case to another.

* Information systems between institutions and markets electronic:

Information systems between institutions Interogranization Information Systems based on the exchange and flow of information between two or more organizations. Primary purpose is to rid the transaction effectively sending remittances, invoices and bills of exchange through external networks. In these systems, all the relations between the parties concerned had been agreed upon in advance, there are no further negotiations but merely implementing what was agreed upon in advance. While buyers and sellers in electronic markets are negotiating and bidding and Anaqson in price and agree on a specific bill and carry out the agreement and they are online or not online. Systems between institutions only used in enterprise applications for companies while the electronic markets are used in enterprise applications for companies in the enterprise applications to consumers.

* Information systems between institutions:

Information systems between institutions is a system linking several commercial entities and often include a company and supplier and Msthlkha. Through information systems between institutions sellers and buyers can organize and arrange routine business transactions. The exchange of information through networks of contacts have been properly configured so as not to use phones and paper documents and business contacts. Previously, the information systems between institutions was done through private communications networks but the trend now is to use the Internet for such purposes. Option Bot

Types of information systems between institutions:

- Additional network Extranet: companies that provide connection to companies safely online
- Electronic funds transfer Electronic Funds Transfer
- Electronic forms
- Integrated communication: is the process of sending emails and fax documents through a unified system to send mail.
- Shared databases: that the information stored in the databases are subject to inspection by all parties involved in the trade. The purpose of this sharing is to reduce the time needed to send and receive data if the data is not open to all. And Almkasemh runs through additional networks.
- Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management: a collaboration between companies and suppliers and consumers in the field of demand forecasting and inventory management and end commercial applications, a cooperation which leads to reduction of stock and to speed up the shipment of goods and to allow real-time manufacturing
  الربح من الانترنت

Marketing skills

Welcome in My New Post about Marketing skills, you will learn here:

Selling skills and marketing.
Communication skills.
Skills of persuasion.
What is marketing?

Marketing is a set of activities carried out by individuals and organizations to facilitate and speed up transactions and exchanges in the market in the context of the environment and market conditions. Walk Away Winner review

Marketing focuses on the needs of customers through integrated marketing efforts result in a good sign of good customer needs and satisfying those needs, and are achieving the goals of the organization through customer satisfaction.

The process of selling part of the marketing efforts, but they focus on the product from the goods or services, through the efforts of sales and promotion, and are achieving the goals of the institution through the volume of sales.

The previous definition, we find that marketing is based on the following efforts:

Identify the category of target customers.
Study their characteristics and their behavior and lifestyle habits and purchasing power.
Identify their needs and desires and aspirations.
Established to guide the efforts towards the production of goods and services that satisfy these desires, quantity and time, and quality appropriate to target this segment of customers.
Direct the efforts of the Foundation Information about the availability of this category of goods.
Guide the efforts of salesmen toward the use of appropriate methods for each of the product and the client.
Directing efforts toward established methods of measuring customer satisfaction.
Directing efforts toward established ways of increasing the satisfaction of employees in order to retain and add new customers. Mobile Monopoly 2
Directing efforts toward the appropriate pricing.
Who is the target customer?

Are a group of individuals or institutions who meet the following conditions:

Have the desire to purchase (or need).
They have the ability to pay for it.
Have the ability to make a decision.
And the investor or its resources are not wasted his time with the client is not appropriate, and sometimes have to deal with more than one party in the same transaction where the need for different sets of those who in his final decision.

How to compete with other products?

Try to be different
Enter on what improvements provided by others
Invented new ideas
1 - Try to be different

The only alternative to enter the conflict Navsh is to offer something different from what others offer, so that the customer buy from you, so that it attracts a segment of the market aimed at the difference.

This means that the item or service must acquire a unique recipe, and you must know you and know your customers.

And should not be distinguished based on fraud, because the client intelligent, and know that sooner or later.

2 - Enter on what improvements provided by others

This is an alternative entry point for new ideas, for example, Singer Sewing Machine did not invent, but they added to it the development of mechanical movement with men instead of the hand. Also, the rice paddle Beni Mazar of the introduction of an explosive five kilograms, and having noted that it has created an easy conquest put five kilograms in two bags each bag 2.5kg then Nglifam inside one bag. Automated tv profits

3 - invented new ideas

The company mascot is an example of innovation where you buy patents and then manufactured in small quantities and are marketed through a system of special and innovative marketing.

Also created the company Persil solution to the problem of the color change after repeated washing, increasing demand for their products.

Excellence in customer service

How are characterized in the provision of service

Of the most important commandments of excellence in customer service and maintain the following:

Customer is the most important person in your organization.
Client does not support you, but you rely on the client, and you worked for him.
Client does not constitute a source of inconvenience to you, the customer is the goal of your business.
Atoqk when the customer thanks to visit you in connection with your organization or you do not provide the service kindly upon him.
The client is a part of your business, like anything else that your stock of products and your employees and your workplace, and if you sell your organization, customers go with it.
Client is not just a statistical rigid, the client who has feelings and emotions just like you, so factor in the customer would like better than to treat it.
The client is not the person who is better to argue with him.
Job is your duty requires you have to work to satisfy the needs and desires and expectations of your customers, and work as much as possible to remove the fears and the reasons for their complaints.
Client deserves the highest level of professional attention and treatment polite that you can make it.
Customer is the lifeblood of the President in your business, always remember that without customers will not be for you work, you work for the client. Job Replacer

The right price is the price of the product that achieves km from sales help to achieve the objectives of the facility.

It is noted from the definition that was not subjected to the direct cost, but that achieving the goals established - including profit and of course - makes the process of pricing the cost of being indirectly.

It is noted that the reduction of the apparent rate may push some customers to opt for our product, but this may not be the best solution in all cases, and especially for the small project. The other competitors have provoked such a policy against us in order to Wejtkatvon get us out of the market.

There are many methods used in pricing such as:

Add a profit margin on the actual costs.
Calculate the value of the goods or the maximum rate that can be borne by the buyer.
Commitment to the prevailing prices in the market (identified by the kings of the market).
And the way the small convenience of the project is derived from the definition of the appropriate price, and begin to identify the price at which the target group of customers willing to pay, and purchase amounts cover costs and make a profit appropriate, and to study the compatibility of this price with the prevailing prices.


Consumer will not know that you have opened your project unless up to him and tell him so, so you will not know the quality of goods produced and its composition and prices.

And care must be taken form and shape and distribution of advertising.

And the declaration should be successful if it achieves the following objectives:

Attract attention.
Generate interest.
A desire.
Directed towards the act (purchase).
And care must be the appropriate means of communication, such as magazines and newspapers, and television and radio, outdoor advertising, and direct mail, and personal interviews.

There is a useful means of advertising for the client, such as pocket notebooks and pens, etc., and their impact significantly in advertising and remember the name of the advertiser.

Is also worth pointing to the importance of repetition in the Declaration, and that the response rate in many cases be about 1% of the target.

Stages of the procurement process

Discovery requirement. (I'm hungry).
Search for alternatives (beans and Falafel Restaurant - Seller cheese sandwiches).
Trade-offs between alternatives (cost - the bait - saturation).
Determine the appropriate alternative (decision-making a purchase from a particular place).
Evaluation after purchase (you had a health food - Does the service is good).
Errors delegate marketing

The product of ignorance
Don't wasting the time of the client.
Poor planning for the interview.
Lack of confidence.
False promises or exaggerated.
Communication skills

What is the connection?

Communication is the process of exchanging information and ideas between members of any society, some of them, whether the ideas of a scientific nature, process, or social or cultural, and stems from the need of the individual to talk and listen and interact with others.

And the employee spends on average 75% of working time in the communication processes, increase greatly in individuals who work in mass communication. Viral Traffic Optimizer

Call functions

Result in the communication process the following functions:

Transfer the message from one party to another.
Receive data and keep them.
Analysis of the data and derive information from them.
Influence the physiological processes of the body and modified.
Influence other people and direct them.
Obstacles to communication

Contact constraints can be divided into 4 main divisions:

Personal obstacles
Channels of communication
Language and words
Non-verbal communication
1 - personal obstacles

There may have future impediments to receiving the correct message, including the classification and division of members of the community or stereotyping Stereo typing, they lead to poor reception and interpretation of the message, as well as the presence of backgrounds and ideas of multiple I have a group recipients lead to perceptions of multiple, contradictory I have multiple recipients.

For example, we find that the behavior is characterized by generosity of the citizens of a town characterized by diligence, it raises the fear that target the person, instead of welcoming his behavior Hamid.

2 - channels of communication

May cause a poor choice of channel of communication hinder the access of the message. For example, the transfer message regarding trends and opinions and feelings should preferably be oral and face to face, such as the declaration of appreciation or dissatisfaction, and others.

In contrast, the instructions and guidance routine should preferably be written, oral or written and together if there was a need for clarification or to receive immediate feedback

3 - Language and words

Cause misinterpretation of words several problems when transferring the message, as a result of the different scientific and cultural backgrounds and experiences I have accumulated the recipients, so that the sender is confirmed by the feedback that the message has reached the desired sense.

It was found that some common words have more than 28 explanation, example of this when he announced a managers need to work in the most efficient production, it was interpreted by some people need to increase production at all costs, and interpreted by others need to pressure the expenses of production, while interpreted by others need to increase the number of employees to increase production.

4 - non-verbal communication

Cause incompatibility with non-verbal signals letter verbal obstacle for the arrival of the message, and lead to confusion and confusion and uncertainty at the receiver.

Example of this that requires a diligent staff, managers and inform him of the decision to move, while the Director's mind was busy in another problem, the employee routinely receives the news that the penalty is.

For this I have to not only the sender's attention to the verbal message but also to the accompanying non-verbal message.

Sections Contact

Oral or written.
Verbal or non-verbal.
Horizontal or vertical.
Formal or informal.
Why care about non-verbal communication

Because the message does not match the verbal with the non-verbal communication is one of the obstacles.
Expressions can be non-verbal means to clarify or confirm the verbal message.
Expressions of non-verbal memory is more stable because they see eye or other senses.
Non-verbal expressions are better able to connect the trends and sentiments.
Because we will study in detail the verbal communication in the following sessions.
Sections of non-verbal communication

Can be divided into verbal contact Guy to 4 main sections:

Physical contact. Includes facial expressions, the volume, expressions and body movements.
Signals. Such as flags, firing 21-gun salute, trumpet or Alsarenh.
Symbols. Such as the use of symbols to indicate social status or religious or scientific.
The use of aesthetics. Such as the use of music or paintings.
Static non-verbal communication

Physical contact
Expresses the heat of feelings, such as peace in the hand and eye contact and patting and others.
Reflect the extent of official or friendly, such as moderation relaxation, folding hands or feet.
Near or distance from the other person is a friendly message in the eastern culture, but it may mean the opposite meanings in other cultures.
Is communication between individuals, face to face, or side to side, or even the back. Collaborators Mottaganpin prefer to sit, preferably while competitors encounter.
Way of talking

Technique is complementary to the content of the talk talk, the tone, tone, and the rate of words. A modern style to be expressing the message or explaining or confirming them.

And for this I have to be concerned with the speaker sound, not a carrier of the message, but as an integral part complementary to it.


Silence of the methods of communication that can be exploited more than one way, but it can be used to express the contradictory meanings, depending on the nature of each position. American Grown Michelle Obama

And, for example,
The period of silence could use as a separator between parts of the message, or to create an atmosphere of tension. Also can be used to express admiration, or lack of admiration, or appreciation or contempt, and also by the accompanying expressions.

Try to avoid the following movements:

The following movements lead to tension and show listeners tension existing offer:

Play string or keyboard or currency.
Frowning or suture.
Licking the lips.
Coordination of hair or clothing.
Placing the hand in the pocket.
Persuasion Skills

First, the concept of persuasion

Is the conversion or adaptation of others' opinions about the opinion of a target.
The task of the sender or speaker of persuasion either the target or the future is a process-based conviction.
And the conviction is not a process you need to skill-based talk and charge only persuasion, but also to the presence of some of the readiness of the target, or to help him prepare for the creation of this friendly.
Second, the factors affecting the process of conviction

Selective exposure of persuasion.
The impact of the group that person belongs.
The impact of opinion leaders.
1 - Optional exposure of persuasion.

The process of persuasion that the individual may have been optional for the message to the exercise of pressure on him.

The pressure to persuasion factors lead to the rejection of internal excitation of the content of the message, making it difficult mission-based persuasion.

It must therefore be based on the persuasion that focuses on self-help on the configuration of the conviction.

2 - Effect of the group that person belongs

The main group to which he belongs, or even Target or which wish to join them in a strong role in influencing the process of persuasion they have.

Based persuasion can use this role to influence the receiver by multiplying examples of convenience, and the exploitation of a conviction of members of the group in direct view of the target group the message.

3 - the impact of opinion leaders

Opinion leaders are individuals with influence who help others and give them advice. Affected individuals and their sometimes more than a means of communication or affected by the media.

Works opinion leaders play an important role in changing the attitudes of individuals, based persuasion can also use this role in influencing the recipient.

Third, different strategies to convince the

To rely on emotion or logic in the grooming
Dependence on the degree of intimidation to achieve a grooming
Start needs and trends in the recipient
Display and analyze the divergent views of the subject
Link the content source or reference
Degree of clarity and ambiguity in the message
Logical order of the ideas of the message
Cumulative effect and repetition
1 - to rely on emotion or logic in the grooming

Fact shows that there is no fixed rule, we can stress that can be relied upon in this area.

However, the degree of influence of emotional grooming than the message targeted at the convincing rationale which relies in this case on appeal to the motives of the individual to some extent.

And we have no way to determine the extent of use of Alastmalat emotional or logical, but a study of individual differences for the targeted and when there are previous experience between the sender and the target, it will help the possibility to identify each individual unit or each small group and fashion style to use with it.

2 - to rely on a degree of intimidation to achieve a grooming

Experience has shown that a large proportion of groups that are under a moderate degree of intimidation affected by listening to advice and less than this ratio the greater the degree of intimidation.

The message, which works to create fear less the greater the degree of impact or as much fear in it. And reason in humiliation as a targeted message that high degree of their stress as a result of severe intimidation and lead to downplay its importance and a threat or may lead to a move away from the message instead of learning from them or think about its content.

3 - start needs and trends in the recipient

The spokesman, who addresses the needs of target and it helps to determine which methods to be achieved more in a friendly opportunity to convince them that instead of working to create new needs for them. And talk or be the message more effectively to persuade the target when it appears to them as a way to achieve the goal he has already.

Persuading any individual to do a particular job must be based on a sense of the individual that this work means to achieve the goal he had appeared before, or by thinking about it at least.

4 - View and analyze the divergent views of the subject

Result in side view and saw the pro-targeted to strengthen their minds and interact with the normal speaker. Because the message that was one aspect of the subject be able to convince the people and push them to adopt the view displayed when highlighted by the target.

Experience has shown effectiveness in general provide opinion and pro-opposition together for an individual expert. When a speaker to view and points of view neutrality can be a powerful influence and persuasion and become the future to view a higher degree of immunity from anti-views after that.

5 - to link the content source or reference

The sender or the speaker in some cases ratios of information or opinions that say for certain sources or references.

And notes that the target after a period of time will remember the content without the source and remember that with the exception of sources such as the various religious scriptures or religious conversations.

Sources and targets which are considered fixed and sincere facilitate the process of persuasion, while other sources that will lead to a negative may constitute an obstacle for them to persuade.

6 - the degree of clarity and ambiguity in the message

Represents the degree of clarity in the message of great importance to convince the more targeted the message was clear and do not need to be interpreted in an effort to draw conclusions and become more persuasive.

However, the purpose of clarity in the displayed message may be given the opportunity to become active recipients trends in resistance to that letter, while the implicit target of the target leaves the opportunity to work his mind and concludes that the non-target direction was toward the goal. The $100 Startup

7 - the logical order of the ideas of the message

If the speaker presented his arguments in the contradictory arguments more powerful effect on listeners, therefore, prefer to start strong arguments and then help then at least influence.

And stirring needs first and then provide the message that satisfy those needs to be more influential than content delivery convincing first, and then the speaker to present arguments in favor of first, as this will strengthen parked and getting ready for the opposition rejected the arguments that will come after the arguments in favor of persuasion.

8 - the cumulative effect and repetition

Repetition of the factors that help to persuasion and can result in repetition of the message or opinion to modify the general trends about any issue or topic.

But the repetition in some cases, may cause distress and boredom and requires to be a repetition with diversification.

It was clear that the targeted individuals who have been offered more than one reason or justification for one Aktherastaadad convince those who were offered one reason or one reason.

Also, the persuasion of the resulting cumulative exposure of the subject is greater than a one-time exposure. سوق دوت كوم

Evaluate the Effectiveness Of Ads

To evaluate the effectiveness of the promotional campaign that depend on advertising tapes, it requires you to be able to answer certain questions, such as:

What number of people who clicked on the ad?
Do you stayed for a while on my site?
Do you have any purchasing processes?
And that the site can advertise through which to tell you the number of times that have been advertising it as a download to the client computer during a limited period. However, the compilation of useful information about the effectiveness and efficiency of the tape ad, then you need to as well as statistics showing the number of clicks they have made clients on advertising and the actions that they have done after that. There are two basic instruments to measure the effectiveness of the ad tapes: analysis of files, transactions and services declined to comment Keyword Domainizer.

1 - You may analyze transactions:
It possible to reveal the transactions analyzing files that programs and Web service unit created for a lot of information related to effectively address advertising. For example, you can set up a special page is linked to a tape by advertising through the links, and can to this page to redirect the user to the home page of your site. It is by calculating the number of times to visit this page redirection, it can be to files, transaction analysis tool hooked up to the number of users who have access to your site by clicking on a particular advertisement. Work From No Home System

It does not require you to use the redirection page, but in many cases the simplest ways in which you can measure the effectiveness of advertising. And other means possible to pass a unique value in the URL associated with each ad. It is possible in this case, recording this value in a database or in files of transactions and refer to them to get to know the number of times each title click on the ad. It can be used with users who do not support their own browsers redirects on the Web page. review engine roi review

Shows you the files, transaction analysis tools - such as WebTrends - the countries that belong to clients. Through this information you can determine whether you will continue to advertise in a site or not, for example, if you advertise on my site Web Site One and Two Web Site, and you pay the same amount of money to two locations in the peer advertising your products through them, Let us assume that the analysis files you detect transactions that Two Web Site sends to your download operations more than any other site refers to the URL.

2 - Services to comment:
You can access files on the analysis of transactions through other companies instead of relying on computer programs. The work of these services through the inclusion of HTML code in each page of your website, then this code to send info to another server you log loading and data transmission. And in this case you can access the data in a safe part on the website of the service to comment SEO FightBack.

For this method some of the negatives are as follows:

Is required from your employees to search across the entire web site in order to add the required HTML code to each page. If your site uses a database to manage the content, it may not be for these services provide the ability to download information on advertising for each product on the website on the user's computer.
Because programs and Web server automatically creates transactions, it is worth the use of these files, and will not be in need of computer programs to analyze the transaction files internally, and these programs accessible to everyone, but if your budget is very limited. Easy FB Commissions
The use of this method means that the other party - is to serve the comment - will recognize the rate of visiting your site. Some companies have considered this information is privileged, then it may not wish to be shared with others.
Buying and selling tapes ad:

Should be on your network to determine whether they want to buy or sell advertising services advertising services as part of its policy or resource. If you purchased advertising services on other sites, but you do not display ads on your site, Vstfotk in this case the opportunity to realize some profit potential, hence, it may be best to e-commerce site of your ads not accept it. And then you can tell from your own site targeted advertising for your company's products are not products of other companies like CPA Freedom review.

If you do not accept ads of others on your site, it will offer these services advertising on sites that sell products and services, complementary and not products and services compete with a good idea, for example, can a site selling files, audio tracks online ads for a site that allows sale tickets for concerts, not selling ads on sites other files, audio tracks, and you can through other display ads on your site develop another source of revenue as long as these ads do not lead to pull customers from your site to third party sites. Mobile Monopoly 2.0

Tapes targeting ad:

The identification of the site that will through your ads is a matter of great importance as it forms part of the challenge of promoting on the Internet, on the other side, there are sites access the same degree of high load, such as Yahoo and Excite can be declared which in return for payment you select. But the question that arises in this regard is: Do you allow such sites targeting the quality you want? And in this context, targeting the appropriate location from which to advertise.

Dealing with representatives of ads:

To overcome the complexities of choosing the best ways to promote on the Internet, it may be your best interest to engage the services of representatives of the Declaration through the web. Delegates and enjoy these professional contacts and wide and many also have access to more Web sites that accept ads by others better than you. The advertising companies may help you through the web access to sites, as well as special assistance in evaluating the performance of your ads delegates, and above all of the above, it can help you find the special graphic designer Web. The reach of alternatives to address advertising - such as the promotion of care during the campaigns - may be easier when you use delegates ads, due to the extensive and intensive contacts. Social Commissions Review

Private Networks delegates tapes ad:

One effective means by which you can get your message across to optimally use the network for delegates tapes ad. The networks are generated by compiling this huge number of sites that offer advertising services and then broken down into categories.

And services are sold this advisory networks to advertisers who want to display their ads on a group of web sites and not on a single Web site. Instead of choosing a particular site for the development of advertising it, you can use the network for delegates tapes ad choose the category you want your ad through them, and contribute to the service in increasing the number of downloads of your ads on client computers during a limited period. It also will not need in this case to the individual to maintain relations with all of the sites that display ads through it. For example, suppose that your site sells computer tools, in this case can the network advertising on your site through a variety of sites that include content related to computers for a lot of customers - from Director of IT departments to home users and hobbyists.

Swap tapes ad:

If your company has advertising budget is limited, it may not be in style as you can use the above-mentioned in the promotion and publicity for your products. However you can still campaigns to promote your products on the Internet without having to pay cash - and here we mean that in Amk.c barter or exchange of advertising space with other sites. The results of this method will achieve more effective and successful if you seek a network for the exchange of advertising. Dropship Dinero Facil

The members of the network for the exchange of declarations in this case the inclusion of code on their Web site shows bands advertising other members. And require some networks display these tapes ad at the top of web pages.

And despite the fact that your site displays the tapes advertising with other Members, the tapes your ad is displayed on the websites of members of participants, and is allocated a certain number of downloads of your addresses to the computers for customers to web sites other Members. The more times the downloads of these recorded by your own ad for addresses to the network, the more times the download that is customized to address your ad.

You can in this regard to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign through the use of communication networks for the exchange of tapes advertising as well with networks such as paid advertising tapes Double Click. You can also evaluate the performance of your address as well as advertising on the Internet.

Programs of reference:

Than other methods to direct the download to your site Use the reference, which is also known as the sub-program. And do not require such programs from your site that displays advertising tapes. It also does not require huge cash expenditures such as those required by the networks for advertising or tapes and advertising agencies. The reference of these programs by making the sites of other companies offer advertising in exchange for your address to pay them a commission for each new load. It is possible that the process this payment or reimbursement based on the number of clicks or visitors purchasing new or processes that are - and we mean here to get the amount for each process of purchasing or obtaining the proportion of the total purchase amount.

And should you notice not be assumed that the programs of reference and a cheap way can be to your company through advertising their products, if failed to estimate the number of companies that will include or record a program reference your accuracy, the amount of load that will be generated for your program, you may end the case to pay cash to members in this program than originally calculated, and on this you have to plan the structure of the payment process which is based on commission in an appropriate manner. سوق كوم

Product Development Strategy

Become e-marketing or Internet Marketing a necessity of life in our society today, Hundreds of millions of users access the Internet every day from all over the world, this sense we can exploit that opportunity and turn the Internet into an open market a diverse audience for the promotion of various goods and services, and achieve high profitability behind it Property Millionaire Maker.

But how do you start to create a site for the marketing of goods electronically?

Product Development Strategy

Product development to marketing on the internet is not as difficult as many believe, the technology is offered a new world full of opportunities not only for companies, but even for micro-projects which are of the house, and often enough information and skills they owned in order to begin to develop a product of your own like Easy FB Commissions.

Study the market well early success
Before starting the product development then study the market, to see how much it needs for this product, Trying to market a product has no market is an attempt doomed to failure, The product should be required and also striking for other products, then you entered the market with hundreds of competitors the opportunity to sell you for your product much less, so you must develop a distinctive product is required, and meet the customer's need and exceed expectations as well. review engine roi

Methods of delivery:

Better methods of delivery are the methods of direct
Method of delivery of the product is very important, the best way is characterized by fast and do not depend on the interference of people to complete, and the example of this service sites that are not entering her only involvement in this case, the best way to connect the service is to be allowed automatically to the subscriber access to the site in immediately after the completion of the pay for the subscription online. But of course, not all products or services can be connected in this way but it should be the delivery process easy and enjoyable for the customer and to fully satisfy and maintain a customer permanently American Grown .
Here we must recall that the process of automating delivery method not only benefits the customer, but You are also useful, because eliminating the interference in that process gives you the opportunity to the attention of other tasks you need to own your care, there is no need to waste your time in the process monotonous.

Choose a product idea:

The most difficult stage in product development is to identify the kind, quality and successful products on the Internet: consumer products, online services, software, and information such as CPA Freedom.


Information in particular is a product very salable on the Internet is essentially the source of my information in the first place, and most users are looking for information, so the sale of information is more examples of e-commerce boom, although sales are indirect ways sometimes, and that is what we will see later Work From No Home System.

One of the best-selling types of information on the Internet, the information education, which teaches how to make things, or speak on a particular topic in detail.

Can also sell the information in the form of a book, the book will be sent to the address of the customer and payment is made on delivery, or the book is provided on the Internet in the form of an e-book and do not show special bond only after a guest has to pay for it over the Internet.

There are several other examples for the sale of information across the Internet, including:

Recipes, cooking and desserts, arts sewing and embroidery, gardening, methods of slimming, child-rearing.
Tips and answer questions in particular demand: questions of a technical, legal advice, medical advice ...
Guides and business opportunities and addresses of some of the different places and shrines.
Internet services:

There are many services that can be marketed over the Internet
Internet services are very profitable, it is obvious that these services are sold on the network, and examples of these services:
Graphic design for websites or advertising material.
The development of Web sites.
E-marketing services.
Writing and translation services.
I do not have a special product, what to do?!

Of course it is better to be yourself a producer of a commodity, but if it is not the case, do not grieve; you can market the products offered by other individuals, and do you supervise the service and marketing in a professional, where you can play the role of mediator between producers and customers. It is worth mentioning that the most famous online vendors do not produce goods that they sell, and the fact that this is not surprising because in the markets real rare that the seller is the producer, but there is usually more than one broker, so if the Internet cut intermediation and increase the profitability of producers and lower prices of goods in Sometimes, it does not prevent many other times in the presence of mediators provide additional value to goods and sell them and compete with indigenous producers! Keyword Domainizer Review

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing has become a media or to all over the world, or a means of communication with all parts of the world.
Advantage of Property Millionaire Maker e-marketing from the other as an interactive in nature, and because it provides us with reaction direct target market, and is one of the most important features for this type of marketing, so the most important things in marketing mail is the Foundation's website on the Internet, which is often the main objective of the institution because his job is to attract targeted visitors who are considered the main objective for any organization, because these visitors are the primary goal of any institution.
The Internet marketing and large-scale is very large, because it is not, as some think it's just marketing via the web, but includes as well as marketing via e-mail, which is the most important types of direct marketing as well as marketing and other means of communication, and the management of digital information for customers and electronic relations with customers fools together under the list of e-marketing.

Combines e-marketing between creativity and technology that should be used in the Internet, which summarized the design, development, advertising and sales.
E-marketing aims also to develop many of the means of communication used in the Internet in multiple stages of the cycle to communicate with customers or clients to gain "customer engagement" and through search engine marketing , which includes Set the search engine optimization "SEO", a process that set the search engine results, by choosing keywords specific service or item provided by the site, when a user searches for this keyword in the search engine the site is one of the first consequences phenomenon to him and this service are free, of course, by search engines, this move is one of the most important and most effective steps that can not be ignored in the process of marketing the review engine roi site.
Pay-per-Click "PPC", a process to show the site as the first result of the researcher, or show location on one of the aspects of the results page "sponsored adv", when the user places a specific keyword, and visit the site announced should the advertiser pay a certain amount on each visit, and This method is effective because the payment is only when the user visited the site.

And means of communication is also used to acquire customers, advertising and other sites in this area by taking advertising on the site has announced "banner adv" strategy and Web 2 "web2.0" and other means by which we will discuss it later such as Easy FB Commissions

How to bring more Traffic to your blog

Each blogger shares the same goal, which is to get more readers there are millions of bloggers who start but soon Maystzlmon because they feel that there is no there are readers interested to Miketbon, and they can not do anything to get more visitors.

We will talk about some steps that will help you bring in more visitors.

;1. More than the use of Nutrition RSS, a blog containing all the RSS feed so you should work a mailing list of prominent urge your readers to facilitate the registration process them in the RSS feed for your blog in order to make them followers of each Jdiedk.

2. Building links from other sites using Loki Link Builder Review , search engine spiders use these links to index the contents of the site and archive this content, this means that whenever it was easy for search engine spiders to find you the easier access of visitors to your blog from search engines you can use the power of SEO FightBack.

3. Writing articles and publishing content, similar to websites and blogs, both of which needs to be content if they have sufficient capacity to deliver that content Vstassir good things well and visitors will earn more when publishing each article.

4. Submit your comments to other blogs talking about topics similar to topics forums,

Blogs like Work From No Home have been designed so that there is ample bottom of each article of the conversation and debate. So you can post your comments and couches for articles other sites and place your e-mail and link your site and this will certainly increase visitors to your site that simply interact with other articles to get more visitors.

Do blogging continuously

As what you have, the more content you have more visitors. Because readers who have concerns about issues that speak. Always looking for what is new in these subjects.

Design E-Commerce Site

Design e-commerce site or sites profit from the Internet is different from the design of traditional sites not only in terms of purpose but also in terms of design, technical and psychological used is designed more around sites of traditional not understand something in the design of e-commerce sites - although he claimed that - and designer e-commerce sites differ in professionalism for the designer normal despite the professional formality of the designer normal form and graphics and the music charming but there are other professional marketing of the site requires a design structurally special raises the possibility of disclosure of the site is fabulous and I am in this article show several points of a simple public can benefit from the designer traditional or designer Profit from the Internet sites and we will review now five basic rules for web design in general and to design e-commerce sites or sites profit from the Internet in particular like Easy FB Commissions

First - Do not use home pages flash or home pages lean ads When entering the visitor to your site you have three or four seconds before deciding to visitor pressure on the back button or decide to keep the site and follow-up, Vcefhat beginning which includes beautiful photos with words polite like " hello "or" Click here to enter, "are in fact represent only Vases beautiful do not have the purpose of a real visitor does not enter the site only for a specific purpose does not want you to cause him a headache by the words" register here "or" do as well as to get as well as "Every These things considered harassment visitor may pay for the rapid escape from the site! You should make your visitors know the value of your site from the beginning and you should provide them with what they are looking to hold follow-up site has been recorded previously a number of videos on the minds of "SEO" or "Creating websites for search engines" which are offered by several sites a great design but it lacks the elements of configuration that are not good traditional designers.

Secondly - do not use banner advertisements excessively even browsing with less experience in dealing with Web sites are training themselves to ignore banner advertisements, you might want to provide content values ​​and develop links with relevant content of your site and then leave the visitors feel the desire to purchase from you to feel they are forced to buy and this is the base important in e-commerce sites to Work From No Home.

Third - Use a simple and clear for browsing and navigating between the pages of the site introduced a list of simple and easy to use to navigate between the pages so that even a young child learn how to use it, and away from the menu complex Flash and drop-down menus multiple levels, because the visitors if they can not move between pages on your site or found difficulty that will leave the site and look for others, which may cause heavy losses to the owners of e-commerce sites or sites profit from the Internet using review engine roi.

Fourthly - helped the user to know his whereabouts on the site clearly When the visitors deeply engrossed in browsing your site, you will need to make sure they know they are on any page to be able to move to any section of the site easily. Do not confuse your traffic because confusion means "abandon ship" and leave the site.

Fifth - Avoid the use of sound recording music does not make sense even if you like the music and noted that life tastes and tastes vary from person to person, what you may find you great may find others boring if your visitor will stay long in your site to read the content of the site, you must make sure that he will not disturbed by the sound recordings of works Ttakerraly your site. If you insist on adding audio recording to your site you should make sure that visitors have some control over the sound recording and control the volume or mute works well. Loki Link Builder Review
These are just observations superficial minor must be taken into account when designing e-commerce sites or sites profit from the Internet has provided Corurse fully entitled "Web Design Sales" I discussed where some of these ideas as presented in the course SEO fight back review full explanation of the sites you love Google Bot and loves to give the order advanced at Find specific words.

20 Key Marketing Failure

increase sales
Do you really want to know in advance your plans for the share of marketing success? Are you concerned the jewels collected by the ideas in your plan together to ensure that achieve the required rates of sales?

Martin Perez, founder and CEO of Merge Left Marketing Consulting marketing and brand management, provides the following twenty-warning signs, if any of them in your plans please feel free to stop even filtered for review of all these serious problems to maximum your Review Engine ROI

1 - go in estimating the time you need the money more than they spend thinking about how to secure the money already!

This happens during the confusion in focus, you have to be lucid during your thinking where will the money to provide a marketing plan, this is no less important than the required amount of money actually, a bit of management priorities here

2 - Did not allocate adequate time and care in a "display value" provided to your customers customer value proposition, or maybe you do not know exactly what is the "value proposition" this.

In short, the value proposition is that you feel your customer the value of benefits provided by a product compared to the price paid, Valsbon, for example, technique used in the Mobile Money Bandit phone screen, interested smooth touch and clarity of colors and compares what happened to it, including to pay for it, the theory of expectations can play it to your advantage

3 - Believes that anyone can be a client for you.

And this is the biggest error is located by many people, the more you know who is your customer is likely to be accurate and defined specifications, knew how to go to it, you can split the market into several segments and meet the needs of each slice a different manner, for example, company design furniture must know who is who decides to purchase their products ? During the search, we find that women and not men, so you should focus the efforts of the marketing plan is likely the customer exactly

4 - to think in Kevin Costner, "I make and they will come!" (Beautiful famous slogan after the movie "Field of Dreams"!)

Well, this may not work with Dubai when they made towers Urban middle of the desert surprised at people onset for this, but what soon came to the whole world to them ... but he does not succeed with all things, you'll know exactly how will the customer for your product, even if it comes himself did not you go to?

5 - I read the book "The Scarlet cow" for seth godin on building a distinctive brand hallmark, but you did not read nothing about what should be done in this cow.

Trademarks distinctive create to continue and live and grow, not to check the interest and then throw it and create a new sign to check it out the growth of certain then walk, mark Binary Options Strategy, for example-old more than a hundred years, the first internationally among all brands, how do you maintained it? its development and progress with time

6 - do not know what the Internet can be useful or not useful, and in any case you are assured to the adequacy of traditional channels to deliver what you want to you want.

Internet has become a channel marketing such as SEO Fight Back Review should be met even if your business is your product on the ground, the Internet connects you to millions and you can influence them and inform them of your product and follow up on their views and the cost is very simple, people become more interested and aware of the importance of online degree is from backwardness to have company, even if small and do not have a site Online

7 - did not reflect on integrating the different elements in the package and the media in support of your marketing "marketing collateral", or perhaps you do not know anything by that name.

When you use the media as a means within your marketing campaign and advertising, should not be repeated the same messages in all media, what you can move it as an ad on the radio different from television differs across different newspapers across the Internet and so on. Must take into account the specificity of each method and integration of all media to achieve the target allocation of campaign like Property Millionaire Maker.

8 - you think you can handle all aspects of your marketing plan without any help or guidance, Wim help! Marketing is easy ...

Do Henry Ford for more than a hundred years, and proved it a failure almost to air company Ford Motors, management experts and marketing have become a necessity for every marketing campaign, and it's not magic and push of a button done everything, and man marketing is not old problems be attended only when exposed to the problem, Construction was proper marketing campaign from the outset by the domain expert saves you the cost of getting problems solved.

9 - you think you are able to take advantage of any opportunity that other people succeed in seizing, and so your heart beat per chance a passing ...

The conditions of the people, businesses and opportunities varies with time, even if you had the same opportunity that made someone a millionaire, may lead you to bankruptcy because you are simply reduced to exploit the opportunity and even reduced the chance that there is no concern as long as it has been met by

10 - believes that good marketing means advertising, a lot of advertising!

Did you know that the announcement could turn a curse on you and regret every penny spent on your campaign? And put in my blog some mistakes marketing and advertising that might perhaps be an example for you .. Remember that advertising is generally one of the elements of the promotion, which in turn is one of the four elements of the marketing mix are product, price, promotion, place or distribution Pin Your Income Bonus

11 - do not know the outcome (digital standards) that should be your plan to achieve them.

When your watch to the results of the marketing campaign, you must put real digital scales fit your industry and your product and the circumstances in which it operates, sales rise by 10% may be a number of wonderful clothing sales, but he is fantastic and fabulous in the sales of aircraft or ships. You must know the true measurements of success for control based upon

12 - You know all the details of your industry, but you do not know how people talked about, and do not know how to check the flow of customers who aspire to it.

People are buying your product will be, so you need to know their impressions and perceptions, their problems, expectations, opinions and analysis must know how to be your product, see through their eyes and minds of the eye that does not know everything

13 - in too deep you are more interested customers that listens to what you see in your product that you listen to them. Your hopes are hanging on the customers to see what you see the magnificence of your product or service. Viral Traffic Optimizer 2.0 Review

This point, the integration of the previous point, you have to think as he thinks your client, you may be interested hauled that excludes them entirely and spend all your money on things do not cast her not to, for example, may not care about your customer how your spending on one of the certificates obtained by the product Kalgodh ISO, for example, but is concerned that gets on the product and is not crushed or cover properly ..

14 - You do not have a website, or you have a website, but you do not know what you do with it.

The idea here Nkamil earlier about the importance of the Internet, may well be that I have a site, but you only show your email for your products? Do you provide the possibility for the visitor because you continue? Do you respond to his letters and inquiries? This visitor may be a potential customer and got it for free, but you ignored his message, therefore dismissed a sum of money was on its way to you. You can request the provision of your products through the Internet and thus your income in the so-called e-commerce and there are billions of dollars move around the world in this way annually

15 - you can not attend on the means of social communication, do not belong to one of the networking groups, you do not hear something called facebook, twitter, youtube ""

There are 750 million people on Facebook and a few million others on Twitter, and millions more on YouTube, all those millions could know your product if you presence among them, create a page on the Facebook connect you to millions as well as membership in Twitter and some videos about your product and your company on YouTube

16 - you read the warning signs and you say to yourself, "Ah, it seems that marketing plans will not work as I imagine ..."

Enough of this you see, the marketing plan is based on scientific facts and planning (as long as its name plan) the potential for failure is very small, the division of market segments and to know your customer potential and its properties and means of appropriate promotional and integration of all this success of your plan sponsor.

17 - did not think about what would be provided to your clients constantly (constantly!)

Yes, permanence and continuity feature companies seeking to grow, in this age of rapid, stay where you are mean back to back, notice how, for example mobile phone companies were given onset phones lightweight tone sound normal, and later added the colors of the screen and then became able to use the song tone and has now reached the production Tablet computers Kalaapad and other competitors, this is to continue providing products over time accumulating success factors of your plans and notify you of your past experiences

18 - believe that successful marketing is to create a huge banner, or several huge logos.

Logo  and the slogan is one of the means by which your Launchpad ID from the others and always remember your people, everyone knows that the theme of the horse standing on his feet is the motto of the Ferrari, but this is not enough for the marketing of modern cars, they spend millions on car shows a year to reach the potential customer

19 - you want to control the media and social networking, not only because you see the control in a new fashion marketing industry.

It is intended here that the monitoring presence in the media and feel the reactions, this is not most importantly, even more important to act towards those reactions. Example: if the page for your company to receive complaints on Facebook and found dozens of complaints received today about a service, shall be dealt with in the company and find out why these complaints on the service and work on them. Many large companies today, customers receive reactions via Facebook and Twitter.

20 - You do not have to help you to explore precisely how it should be your strategy to succeed in entering the market or to expand your base.

This he does it more than just a marketing expert, strategic or appointed CEO and visionary good which analyzes in detail the market knows the most successful method of your access a new market or expanding your share of market capitalization. For example, when you want to expand your market like Jobs in Morocco of a country neighboring must use expert marketing of the country knows you  customers and ways of thinking, customs and traditions so as not to become like the company that used black and white during the decision to enter Japan did not understand that these colors are associated with concepts of good and evil and gives a negative image bad for the company.

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