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20 Key Marketing Failure

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Do you really want to know in advance your plans for the share of marketing success? Are you concerned the jewels collected by the ideas in your plan together to ensure that achieve the required rates of sales?

Martin Perez, founder and CEO of Merge Left Marketing Consulting marketing and brand management, provides the following twenty-warning signs, if any of them in your plans please feel free to stop even filtered for review of all these serious problems to maximum your Review Engine ROI

1 - go in estimating the time you need the money more than they spend thinking about how to secure the money already!

This happens during the confusion in focus, you have to be lucid during your thinking where will the money to provide a marketing plan, this is no less important than the required amount of money actually, a bit of management priorities here

2 - Did not allocate adequate time and care in a "display value" provided to your customers customer value proposition, or maybe you do not know exactly what is the "value proposition" this.

In short, the value proposition is that you feel your customer the value of benefits provided by a product compared to the price paid, Valsbon, for example, technique used in the Mobile Money Bandit phone screen, interested smooth touch and clarity of colors and compares what happened to it, including to pay for it, the theory of expectations can play it to your advantage

3 - Believes that anyone can be a client for you.

And this is the biggest error is located by many people, the more you know who is your customer is likely to be accurate and defined specifications, knew how to go to it, you can split the market into several segments and meet the needs of each slice a different manner, for example, company design furniture must know who is who decides to purchase their products ? During the search, we find that women and not men, so you should focus the efforts of the marketing plan is likely the customer exactly

4 - to think in Kevin Costner, "I make and they will come!" (Beautiful famous slogan after the movie "Field of Dreams"!)

Well, this may not work with Dubai when they made towers Urban middle of the desert surprised at people onset for this, but what soon came to the whole world to them ... but he does not succeed with all things, you'll know exactly how will the customer for your product, even if it comes himself did not you go to?

5 - I read the book "The Scarlet cow" for seth godin on building a distinctive brand hallmark, but you did not read nothing about what should be done in this cow.

Trademarks distinctive create to continue and live and grow, not to check the interest and then throw it and create a new sign to check it out the growth of certain then walk, mark Binary Options Strategy, for example-old more than a hundred years, the first internationally among all brands, how do you maintained it? its development and progress with time

6 - do not know what the Internet can be useful or not useful, and in any case you are assured to the adequacy of traditional channels to deliver what you want to you want.

Internet has become a channel marketing such as SEO Fight Back Review should be met even if your business is your product on the ground, the Internet connects you to millions and you can influence them and inform them of your product and follow up on their views and the cost is very simple, people become more interested and aware of the importance of online degree is from backwardness to have company, even if small and do not have a site Online

7 - did not reflect on integrating the different elements in the package and the media in support of your marketing "marketing collateral", or perhaps you do not know anything by that name.

When you use the media as a means within your marketing campaign and advertising, should not be repeated the same messages in all media, what you can move it as an ad on the radio different from television differs across different newspapers across the Internet and so on. Must take into account the specificity of each method and integration of all media to achieve the target allocation of campaign like Property Millionaire Maker.

8 - you think you can handle all aspects of your marketing plan without any help or guidance, Wim help! Marketing is easy ...

Do Henry Ford for more than a hundred years, and proved it a failure almost to air company Ford Motors, management experts and marketing have become a necessity for every marketing campaign, and it's not magic and push of a button done everything, and man marketing is not old problems be attended only when exposed to the problem, Construction was proper marketing campaign from the outset by the domain expert saves you the cost of getting problems solved.

9 - you think you are able to take advantage of any opportunity that other people succeed in seizing, and so your heart beat per chance a passing ...

The conditions of the people, businesses and opportunities varies with time, even if you had the same opportunity that made someone a millionaire, may lead you to bankruptcy because you are simply reduced to exploit the opportunity and even reduced the chance that there is no concern as long as it has been met by

10 - believes that good marketing means advertising, a lot of advertising!

Did you know that the announcement could turn a curse on you and regret every penny spent on your campaign? And put in my blog some mistakes marketing and advertising that might perhaps be an example for you .. Remember that advertising is generally one of the elements of the promotion, which in turn is one of the four elements of the marketing mix are product, price, promotion, place or distribution Pin Your Income Bonus

11 - do not know the outcome (digital standards) that should be your plan to achieve them.

When your watch to the results of the marketing campaign, you must put real digital scales fit your industry and your product and the circumstances in which it operates, sales rise by 10% may be a number of wonderful clothing sales, but he is fantastic and fabulous in the sales of aircraft or ships. You must know the true measurements of success for control based upon

12 - You know all the details of your industry, but you do not know how people talked about, and do not know how to check the flow of customers who aspire to it.

People are buying your product will be, so you need to know their impressions and perceptions, their problems, expectations, opinions and analysis must know how to be your product, see through their eyes and minds of the eye that does not know everything

13 - in too deep you are more interested customers that listens to what you see in your product that you listen to them. Your hopes are hanging on the customers to see what you see the magnificence of your product or service. Viral Traffic Optimizer 2.0 Review

This point, the integration of the previous point, you have to think as he thinks your client, you may be interested hauled that excludes them entirely and spend all your money on things do not cast her not to, for example, may not care about your customer how your spending on one of the certificates obtained by the product Kalgodh ISO, for example, but is concerned that gets on the product and is not crushed or cover properly ..

14 - You do not have a website, or you have a website, but you do not know what you do with it.

The idea here Nkamil earlier about the importance of the Internet, may well be that I have a site, but you only show your email for your products? Do you provide the possibility for the visitor because you continue? Do you respond to his letters and inquiries? This visitor may be a potential customer and got it for free, but you ignored his message, therefore dismissed a sum of money was on its way to you. You can request the provision of your products through the Internet and thus your income in the so-called e-commerce and there are billions of dollars move around the world in this way annually

15 - you can not attend on the means of social communication, do not belong to one of the networking groups, you do not hear something called facebook, twitter, youtube ""

There are 750 million people on Facebook and a few million others on Twitter, and millions more on YouTube, all those millions could know your product if you presence among them, create a page on the Facebook connect you to millions as well as membership in Twitter and some videos about your product and your company on YouTube

16 - you read the warning signs and you say to yourself, "Ah, it seems that marketing plans will not work as I imagine ..."

Enough of this you see, the marketing plan is based on scientific facts and planning (as long as its name plan) the potential for failure is very small, the division of market segments and to know your customer potential and its properties and means of appropriate promotional and integration of all this success of your plan sponsor.

17 - did not think about what would be provided to your clients constantly (constantly!)

Yes, permanence and continuity feature companies seeking to grow, in this age of rapid, stay where you are mean back to back, notice how, for example mobile phone companies were given onset phones lightweight tone sound normal, and later added the colors of the screen and then became able to use the song tone and has now reached the production Tablet computers Kalaapad and other competitors, this is to continue providing products over time accumulating success factors of your plans and notify you of your past experiences

18 - believe that successful marketing is to create a huge banner, or several huge logos.

Logo  and the slogan is one of the means by which your Launchpad ID from the others and always remember your people, everyone knows that the theme of the horse standing on his feet is the motto of the Ferrari, but this is not enough for the marketing of modern cars, they spend millions on car shows a year to reach the potential customer

19 - you want to control the media and social networking, not only because you see the control in a new fashion marketing industry.

It is intended here that the monitoring presence in the media and feel the reactions, this is not most importantly, even more important to act towards those reactions. Example: if the page for your company to receive complaints on Facebook and found dozens of complaints received today about a service, shall be dealt with in the company and find out why these complaints on the service and work on them. Many large companies today, customers receive reactions via Facebook and Twitter.

20 - You do not have to help you to explore precisely how it should be your strategy to succeed in entering the market or to expand your base.

This he does it more than just a marketing expert, strategic or appointed CEO and visionary good which analyzes in detail the market knows the most successful method of your access a new market or expanding your share of market capitalization. For example, when you want to expand your market like Jobs in Morocco of a country neighboring must use expert marketing of the country knows you  customers and ways of thinking, customs and traditions so as not to become like the company that used black and white during the decision to enter Japan did not understand that these colors are associated with concepts of good and evil and gives a negative image bad for the company.

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