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Design e-commerce site or sites profit from the Internet is different from the design of traditional sites not only in terms of purpose but also in terms of design, technical and psychological used is designed more around sites of traditional not understand something in the design of e-commerce sites - although he claimed that - and designer e-commerce sites differ in professionalism for the designer normal despite the professional formality of the designer normal form and graphics and the music charming but there are other professional marketing of the site requires a design structurally special raises the possibility of disclosure of the site is fabulous and I am in this article show several points of a simple public can benefit from the designer traditional or designer Profit from the Internet sites and we will review now five basic rules for web design in general and to design e-commerce sites or sites profit from the Internet in particular like Easy FB Commissions

First - Do not use home pages flash or home pages lean ads When entering the visitor to your site you have three or four seconds before deciding to visitor pressure on the back button or decide to keep the site and follow-up, Vcefhat beginning which includes beautiful photos with words polite like " hello "or" Click here to enter, "are in fact represent only Vases beautiful do not have the purpose of a real visitor does not enter the site only for a specific purpose does not want you to cause him a headache by the words" register here "or" do as well as to get as well as "Every These things considered harassment visitor may pay for the rapid escape from the site! You should make your visitors know the value of your site from the beginning and you should provide them with what they are looking to hold follow-up site has been recorded previously a number of videos on the minds of "SEO" or "Creating websites for search engines" which are offered by several sites a great design but it lacks the elements of configuration that are not good traditional designers.

Secondly - do not use banner advertisements excessively even browsing with less experience in dealing with Web sites are training themselves to ignore banner advertisements, you might want to provide content values ​​and develop links with relevant content of your site and then leave the visitors feel the desire to purchase from you to feel they are forced to buy and this is the base important in e-commerce sites to Work From No Home.

Third - Use a simple and clear for browsing and navigating between the pages of the site introduced a list of simple and easy to use to navigate between the pages so that even a young child learn how to use it, and away from the menu complex Flash and drop-down menus multiple levels, because the visitors if they can not move between pages on your site or found difficulty that will leave the site and look for others, which may cause heavy losses to the owners of e-commerce sites or sites profit from the Internet using review engine roi.

Fourthly - helped the user to know his whereabouts on the site clearly When the visitors deeply engrossed in browsing your site, you will need to make sure they know they are on any page to be able to move to any section of the site easily. Do not confuse your traffic because confusion means "abandon ship" and leave the site.

Fifth - Avoid the use of sound recording music does not make sense even if you like the music and noted that life tastes and tastes vary from person to person, what you may find you great may find others boring if your visitor will stay long in your site to read the content of the site, you must make sure that he will not disturbed by the sound recordings of works Ttakerraly your site. If you insist on adding audio recording to your site you should make sure that visitors have some control over the sound recording and control the volume or mute works well. Loki Link Builder Review
These are just observations superficial minor must be taken into account when designing e-commerce sites or sites profit from the Internet has provided Corurse fully entitled "Web Design Sales" I discussed where some of these ideas as presented in the course SEO fight back review full explanation of the sites you love Google Bot and loves to give the order advanced at Find specific words.


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