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Selling skills and marketing.
Communication skills.
Skills of persuasion.
What is marketing?

Marketing is a set of activities carried out by individuals and organizations to facilitate and speed up transactions and exchanges in the market in the context of the environment and market conditions. Walk Away Winner review

Marketing focuses on the needs of customers through integrated marketing efforts result in a good sign of good customer needs and satisfying those needs, and are achieving the goals of the organization through customer satisfaction.

The process of selling part of the marketing efforts, but they focus on the product from the goods or services, through the efforts of sales and promotion, and are achieving the goals of the institution through the volume of sales.

The previous definition, we find that marketing is based on the following efforts:

Identify the category of target customers.
Study their characteristics and their behavior and lifestyle habits and purchasing power.
Identify their needs and desires and aspirations.
Established to guide the efforts towards the production of goods and services that satisfy these desires, quantity and time, and quality appropriate to target this segment of customers.
Direct the efforts of the Foundation Information about the availability of this category of goods.
Guide the efforts of salesmen toward the use of appropriate methods for each of the product and the client.
Directing efforts toward established methods of measuring customer satisfaction.
Directing efforts toward established ways of increasing the satisfaction of employees in order to retain and add new customers. Mobile Monopoly 2
Directing efforts toward the appropriate pricing.
Who is the target customer?

Are a group of individuals or institutions who meet the following conditions:

Have the desire to purchase (or need).
They have the ability to pay for it.
Have the ability to make a decision.
And the investor or its resources are not wasted his time with the client is not appropriate, and sometimes have to deal with more than one party in the same transaction where the need for different sets of those who in his final decision.

How to compete with other products?

Try to be different
Enter on what improvements provided by others
Invented new ideas
1 - Try to be different

The only alternative to enter the conflict Navsh is to offer something different from what others offer, so that the customer buy from you, so that it attracts a segment of the market aimed at the difference.

This means that the item or service must acquire a unique recipe, and you must know you and know your customers.

And should not be distinguished based on fraud, because the client intelligent, and know that sooner or later.

2 - Enter on what improvements provided by others

This is an alternative entry point for new ideas, for example, Singer Sewing Machine did not invent, but they added to it the development of mechanical movement with men instead of the hand. Also, the rice paddle Beni Mazar of the introduction of an explosive five kilograms, and having noted that it has created an easy conquest put five kilograms in two bags each bag 2.5kg then Nglifam inside one bag. Automated tv profits

3 - invented new ideas

The company mascot is an example of innovation where you buy patents and then manufactured in small quantities and are marketed through a system of special and innovative marketing.

Also created the company Persil solution to the problem of the color change after repeated washing, increasing demand for their products.

Excellence in customer service

How are characterized in the provision of service

Of the most important commandments of excellence in customer service and maintain the following:

Customer is the most important person in your organization.
Client does not support you, but you rely on the client, and you worked for him.
Client does not constitute a source of inconvenience to you, the customer is the goal of your business.
Atoqk when the customer thanks to visit you in connection with your organization or you do not provide the service kindly upon him.
The client is a part of your business, like anything else that your stock of products and your employees and your workplace, and if you sell your organization, customers go with it.
Client is not just a statistical rigid, the client who has feelings and emotions just like you, so factor in the customer would like better than to treat it.
The client is not the person who is better to argue with him.
Job is your duty requires you have to work to satisfy the needs and desires and expectations of your customers, and work as much as possible to remove the fears and the reasons for their complaints.
Client deserves the highest level of professional attention and treatment polite that you can make it.
Customer is the lifeblood of the President in your business, always remember that without customers will not be for you work, you work for the client. Job Replacer

The right price is the price of the product that achieves km from sales help to achieve the objectives of the facility.

It is noted from the definition that was not subjected to the direct cost, but that achieving the goals established - including profit and of course - makes the process of pricing the cost of being indirectly.

It is noted that the reduction of the apparent rate may push some customers to opt for our product, but this may not be the best solution in all cases, and especially for the small project. The other competitors have provoked such a policy against us in order to Wejtkatvon get us out of the market.

There are many methods used in pricing such as:

Add a profit margin on the actual costs.
Calculate the value of the goods or the maximum rate that can be borne by the buyer.
Commitment to the prevailing prices in the market (identified by the kings of the market).
And the way the small convenience of the project is derived from the definition of the appropriate price, and begin to identify the price at which the target group of customers willing to pay, and purchase amounts cover costs and make a profit appropriate, and to study the compatibility of this price with the prevailing prices.


Consumer will not know that you have opened your project unless up to him and tell him so, so you will not know the quality of goods produced and its composition and prices.

And care must be taken form and shape and distribution of advertising.

And the declaration should be successful if it achieves the following objectives:

Attract attention.
Generate interest.
A desire.
Directed towards the act (purchase).
And care must be the appropriate means of communication, such as magazines and newspapers, and television and radio, outdoor advertising, and direct mail, and personal interviews.

There is a useful means of advertising for the client, such as pocket notebooks and pens, etc., and their impact significantly in advertising and remember the name of the advertiser.

Is also worth pointing to the importance of repetition in the Declaration, and that the response rate in many cases be about 1% of the target.

Stages of the procurement process

Discovery requirement. (I'm hungry).
Search for alternatives (beans and Falafel Restaurant - Seller cheese sandwiches).
Trade-offs between alternatives (cost - the bait - saturation).
Determine the appropriate alternative (decision-making a purchase from a particular place).
Evaluation after purchase (you had a health food - Does the service is good).
Errors delegate marketing

The product of ignorance
Don't wasting the time of the client.
Poor planning for the interview.
Lack of confidence.
False promises or exaggerated.
Communication skills

What is the connection?

Communication is the process of exchanging information and ideas between members of any society, some of them, whether the ideas of a scientific nature, process, or social or cultural, and stems from the need of the individual to talk and listen and interact with others.

And the employee spends on average 75% of working time in the communication processes, increase greatly in individuals who work in mass communication. Viral Traffic Optimizer

Call functions

Result in the communication process the following functions:

Transfer the message from one party to another.
Receive data and keep them.
Analysis of the data and derive information from them.
Influence the physiological processes of the body and modified.
Influence other people and direct them.
Obstacles to communication

Contact constraints can be divided into 4 main divisions:

Personal obstacles
Channels of communication
Language and words
Non-verbal communication
1 - personal obstacles

There may have future impediments to receiving the correct message, including the classification and division of members of the community or stereotyping Stereo typing, they lead to poor reception and interpretation of the message, as well as the presence of backgrounds and ideas of multiple I have a group recipients lead to perceptions of multiple, contradictory I have multiple recipients.

For example, we find that the behavior is characterized by generosity of the citizens of a town characterized by diligence, it raises the fear that target the person, instead of welcoming his behavior Hamid.

2 - channels of communication

May cause a poor choice of channel of communication hinder the access of the message. For example, the transfer message regarding trends and opinions and feelings should preferably be oral and face to face, such as the declaration of appreciation or dissatisfaction, and others.

In contrast, the instructions and guidance routine should preferably be written, oral or written and together if there was a need for clarification or to receive immediate feedback

3 - Language and words

Cause misinterpretation of words several problems when transferring the message, as a result of the different scientific and cultural backgrounds and experiences I have accumulated the recipients, so that the sender is confirmed by the feedback that the message has reached the desired sense.

It was found that some common words have more than 28 explanation, example of this when he announced a managers need to work in the most efficient production, it was interpreted by some people need to increase production at all costs, and interpreted by others need to pressure the expenses of production, while interpreted by others need to increase the number of employees to increase production.

4 - non-verbal communication

Cause incompatibility with non-verbal signals letter verbal obstacle for the arrival of the message, and lead to confusion and confusion and uncertainty at the receiver.

Example of this that requires a diligent staff, managers and inform him of the decision to move, while the Director's mind was busy in another problem, the employee routinely receives the news that the penalty is.

For this I have to not only the sender's attention to the verbal message but also to the accompanying non-verbal message.

Sections Contact

Oral or written.
Verbal or non-verbal.
Horizontal or vertical.
Formal or informal.
Why care about non-verbal communication

Because the message does not match the verbal with the non-verbal communication is one of the obstacles.
Expressions can be non-verbal means to clarify or confirm the verbal message.
Expressions of non-verbal memory is more stable because they see eye or other senses.
Non-verbal expressions are better able to connect the trends and sentiments.
Because we will study in detail the verbal communication in the following sessions.
Sections of non-verbal communication

Can be divided into verbal contact Guy to 4 main sections:

Physical contact. Includes facial expressions, the volume, expressions and body movements.
Signals. Such as flags, firing 21-gun salute, trumpet or Alsarenh.
Symbols. Such as the use of symbols to indicate social status or religious or scientific.
The use of aesthetics. Such as the use of music or paintings.
Static non-verbal communication

Physical contact
Expresses the heat of feelings, such as peace in the hand and eye contact and patting and others.
Reflect the extent of official or friendly, such as moderation relaxation, folding hands or feet.
Near or distance from the other person is a friendly message in the eastern culture, but it may mean the opposite meanings in other cultures.
Is communication between individuals, face to face, or side to side, or even the back. Collaborators Mottaganpin prefer to sit, preferably while competitors encounter.
Way of talking

Technique is complementary to the content of the talk talk, the tone, tone, and the rate of words. A modern style to be expressing the message or explaining or confirming them.

And for this I have to be concerned with the speaker sound, not a carrier of the message, but as an integral part complementary to it.


Silence of the methods of communication that can be exploited more than one way, but it can be used to express the contradictory meanings, depending on the nature of each position. American Grown Michelle Obama

And, for example,
The period of silence could use as a separator between parts of the message, or to create an atmosphere of tension. Also can be used to express admiration, or lack of admiration, or appreciation or contempt, and also by the accompanying expressions.

Try to avoid the following movements:

The following movements lead to tension and show listeners tension existing offer:

Play string or keyboard or currency.
Frowning or suture.
Licking the lips.
Coordination of hair or clothing.
Placing the hand in the pocket.
Persuasion Skills

First, the concept of persuasion

Is the conversion or adaptation of others' opinions about the opinion of a target.
The task of the sender or speaker of persuasion either the target or the future is a process-based conviction.
And the conviction is not a process you need to skill-based talk and charge only persuasion, but also to the presence of some of the readiness of the target, or to help him prepare for the creation of this friendly.
Second, the factors affecting the process of conviction

Selective exposure of persuasion.
The impact of the group that person belongs.
The impact of opinion leaders.
1 - Optional exposure of persuasion.

The process of persuasion that the individual may have been optional for the message to the exercise of pressure on him.

The pressure to persuasion factors lead to the rejection of internal excitation of the content of the message, making it difficult mission-based persuasion.

It must therefore be based on the persuasion that focuses on self-help on the configuration of the conviction.

2 - Effect of the group that person belongs

The main group to which he belongs, or even Target or which wish to join them in a strong role in influencing the process of persuasion they have.

Based persuasion can use this role to influence the receiver by multiplying examples of convenience, and the exploitation of a conviction of members of the group in direct view of the target group the message.

3 - the impact of opinion leaders

Opinion leaders are individuals with influence who help others and give them advice. Affected individuals and their sometimes more than a means of communication or affected by the media.

Works opinion leaders play an important role in changing the attitudes of individuals, based persuasion can also use this role in influencing the recipient.

Third, different strategies to convince the

To rely on emotion or logic in the grooming
Dependence on the degree of intimidation to achieve a grooming
Start needs and trends in the recipient
Display and analyze the divergent views of the subject
Link the content source or reference
Degree of clarity and ambiguity in the message
Logical order of the ideas of the message
Cumulative effect and repetition
1 - to rely on emotion or logic in the grooming

Fact shows that there is no fixed rule, we can stress that can be relied upon in this area.

However, the degree of influence of emotional grooming than the message targeted at the convincing rationale which relies in this case on appeal to the motives of the individual to some extent.

And we have no way to determine the extent of use of Alastmalat emotional or logical, but a study of individual differences for the targeted and when there are previous experience between the sender and the target, it will help the possibility to identify each individual unit or each small group and fashion style to use with it.

2 - to rely on a degree of intimidation to achieve a grooming

Experience has shown that a large proportion of groups that are under a moderate degree of intimidation affected by listening to advice and less than this ratio the greater the degree of intimidation.

The message, which works to create fear less the greater the degree of impact or as much fear in it. And reason in humiliation as a targeted message that high degree of their stress as a result of severe intimidation and lead to downplay its importance and a threat or may lead to a move away from the message instead of learning from them or think about its content.

3 - start needs and trends in the recipient

The spokesman, who addresses the needs of target and it helps to determine which methods to be achieved more in a friendly opportunity to convince them that instead of working to create new needs for them. And talk or be the message more effectively to persuade the target when it appears to them as a way to achieve the goal he has already.

Persuading any individual to do a particular job must be based on a sense of the individual that this work means to achieve the goal he had appeared before, or by thinking about it at least.

4 - View and analyze the divergent views of the subject

Result in side view and saw the pro-targeted to strengthen their minds and interact with the normal speaker. Because the message that was one aspect of the subject be able to convince the people and push them to adopt the view displayed when highlighted by the target.

Experience has shown effectiveness in general provide opinion and pro-opposition together for an individual expert. When a speaker to view and points of view neutrality can be a powerful influence and persuasion and become the future to view a higher degree of immunity from anti-views after that.

5 - to link the content source or reference

The sender or the speaker in some cases ratios of information or opinions that say for certain sources or references.

And notes that the target after a period of time will remember the content without the source and remember that with the exception of sources such as the various religious scriptures or religious conversations.

Sources and targets which are considered fixed and sincere facilitate the process of persuasion, while other sources that will lead to a negative may constitute an obstacle for them to persuade.

6 - the degree of clarity and ambiguity in the message

Represents the degree of clarity in the message of great importance to convince the more targeted the message was clear and do not need to be interpreted in an effort to draw conclusions and become more persuasive.

However, the purpose of clarity in the displayed message may be given the opportunity to become active recipients trends in resistance to that letter, while the implicit target of the target leaves the opportunity to work his mind and concludes that the non-target direction was toward the goal. The $100 Startup

7 - the logical order of the ideas of the message

If the speaker presented his arguments in the contradictory arguments more powerful effect on listeners, therefore, prefer to start strong arguments and then help then at least influence.

And stirring needs first and then provide the message that satisfy those needs to be more influential than content delivery convincing first, and then the speaker to present arguments in favor of first, as this will strengthen parked and getting ready for the opposition rejected the arguments that will come after the arguments in favor of persuasion.

8 - the cumulative effect and repetition

Repetition of the factors that help to persuasion and can result in repetition of the message or opinion to modify the general trends about any issue or topic.

But the repetition in some cases, may cause distress and boredom and requires to be a repetition with diversification.

It was clear that the targeted individuals who have been offered more than one reason or justification for one Aktherastaadad convince those who were offered one reason or one reason.

Also, the persuasion of the resulting cumulative exposure of the subject is greater than a one-time exposure. سوق دوت كوم


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