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Facebook messages get new design

Network seems to be the world's largest Facebook tested a new design for the messages to look like more Brsal email and thus continuing to complete a series of improvements that began for a considerable period.

The new design shows a complete list of user-specific talks on the left part of the screen and you can click on any conversation to download all the messages on the right side of the screen without leaving the list, such as what was happening with the old design. Coupon Mage

As we can now attach a complete set of images and multimedia files at the same time from existing albums or computer and improve the search process has been carried out of date by typing the full names only, but now you can also book keywords.

The Web site a list of emoticons in instant chat messages and timing of read-friendly message not to mention the keyboard shortcuts to make messaging easier to use on PC and Mac are as follows:

ALT + g: Find a conversation

ALT + q: open keyboard shortcuts

ALT + Delete: Archiving message

ALT + r: remove or add a read of the letter

ALT + c: writing a new message

ALT + i: Go to your inbox

ALT + u: Go to other file

Do you have appeared for this new update? If well Harkona and your view in the comments wp pipeline ..

Apple's revenue growth 24% and sell more than 26 million iPhone in just three months

U.S. company Apple announced financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter ending at the end of September, announcing profits of 8.67 dollars per share.

The company's revenues amounted to about fiscal quarter, including $ 36 billion net profit of 8.2 billion dollars.

The company has achieved in the fourth quarter of last year returns $ 28.3 billion and a net profit of $ 6.6 billion, and share of 7.05 dollars per share. Any company's revenue grew by 27%.

However, revenue growth at this rate did not live up to the expectations of analysts waited achieve revenues of approximately $ 36 billion share $ 8.75 per share.

The company said sales of devices where it sold 26.9 million mobile iPhone, up 58% from the same period sales for the past year, have also been selling 14 million iPad devices and a 26% increase for the same period, sales previously sold 11 million.

The Mac sales increased its only 1% and reached 4.9 million units, while sales of iPods declined by 19% and achieved a 5.3 million sales.

And, of course, there are no significant sales of the iPhone 5 which accounted for only 9 days from the date of issuance in the fourth fiscal quarter, and we mention that the company said the sale of 5 million mobile iPhone 5 in just a week, which was considered the fastest-selling phone in the world. 1 Option Profit

The company's international sales 60% of total sales, and after a continuous growth for several years the company has finally decided an annual dividend of $ 2.65 per share, which stopped investors' fears of a private company that the annual distribution is not usually Apple.

The company introduced yesterday a group of new devices and updates that will increase growth in revenue in the quarter the current fiscal, which Sntha end of the year and show us sales figures for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini and updated device series iMac and MacBook Pro new 13-inch. 1 Option Profit

AdWords advertising program monitors the load applications on iOS

Google today announced that marketers and advertisers who promote their products on the system iOS applications, can today control the conversion rate of any load applications using Google AdWords advertising program Viral List Crusher .

With this support for the operating system iOS, business owners can trace download applications on any device works this Kalaifun system and iPad and iPod touch through AdWords advertising campaign directly.

This means when a user to download the application for smart phones either store Google Play or shop applications Father Store, and after the first click on any ad within the application, if the present Declaration converting to download another application, this download the other it was possible today followed.

After all said Google that system applications iOS able to track downloads that exposure via ads in phone applications only, will not be able to track load system applications iOS which reached across an ad for network search Google or Display Network to Google on the Internet if browsing smart phone.

It should be noted that the downloads that can be tracked when the Declaration refers link directly to the father Store, where you can not follow the intermediate links or deficient across sites shorten links. easy cash code review

My E-Commerce Story

Buying and trafficking through the Internet, has different benefits, for both the seller and the buyer. Like any company, on the ground, online companies are seeking to maintain its reputation - more - to ensure that people buy them, especially since the reputation and experience of past users may be the fundamental criterion for the buyer checks it before embarking on the procurement process.
Support you today the experience of buying an electronic "unsuccessful" but useful, and had the experience of buying a product from China to Saudi Arabia. Series comes as part of the first episodes of a series of trade from China, which we talked about earlier. Easy Cash Code

What is the primary motivation that payment for purchase through the Internet?
Motivation to buy was the search for a business opportunity, as you know that merchants in the Kingdom (greedy too) on the issue of achieving a profit margin high, and this greed generates good opportunity for anyone looking for a reasonable profit, and through a simple search, for any product you want, you will find that is sold here are very high numbers, compared to the cost price, and if you want to search for any product - price cost Mnkhvs -, the best place is definitely China. This site of the best locations to begin the search for factories and companies that could be issued an Item.
What is the product that you are trying to buy it? Why not buy it from any store nearby?
Product that you are looking for, is the Chinese iPhone 4, including that the target was a commercial, only natural went to buy from the exporting country. Almost sold this product in the UK, up to 450 riyals. Through primary research find that its price in China ranges from 150 to 300 riyals, and of course different prices due to different device types and the amount to be requested.
And have chosen this product, because it is badly needed in the local market, especially for those who feel that the original device price is high, do not care device applications, but only looking for a form.

Image of the Chinese iPhone 4
What are the steps and methods used to verify the credibility of the eStore where you purchased the goods?
Frankly grave here was my fault: (, I received e-mail from someone and I talked to him through the Messenger, and gave me a link site and product, and told me that he found Emily through a search!
And by virtue of that we Arabs and our confidence in the people always be high and trusted him and did not expect it to be this person just a quorum, and I believed him, especially that Aamih was similar to email the company almost.
After that asked 20 device from iPhone Chinese, and turned the amount, I thought that Otqsy more about this person and question him through the management of the site, and unfortunately this idea was too late, and not beneficial to me actually virtue I turned amount and reached the amount Walid seller, and actually came response that does not work they have now, but he was a former employee had left work! And is currently exploited Imiolh former company!
After the seller faced with this information, he said, "I really do not work for this company and was afraid they would tell you, do not deal with me! But I did not Okhaddek, and turned you into a similar product for your product you have requested! "
Already about me another product (Sony Ericsson) is very old. This means that the process of the monument and, thankfully, not in the theft of money, but was in the type of product, and this is what tempered shock victim.

A picture of a shipment that arrived to Muhammad from China
How do you make a payment to the vendor? How has the delivery process?
Turned his 3355 riyals through Western Union and Delivery by DHL.
What lessons that came out of this experience?
Do not trust anyone who does not know the personal knowledge.
Do not send your money by direct transfer does not deal with any site that does not receive funds through PayPal paypal. (Mark Paypal, is the mediator between you).
Order a small video to see your product (Ashan comfortable psychologically only). Option Bot review
If you have been a scam, this does not mean to stop working.
China has 1.3 billion people, and the fingers of the hand are not either.

Prospects and the future of e-commerce

Increasing day by day the number of merchants who express optimism the desired benefits of e-commerce, as it allows these new trade for small businesses to compete with large companies.
The protocol financial transactions safe (Secure Electronic Transactions-SET), and leads the emergence of such technologies and solutions to remove many of the concerns that were for some people, and promise these indicators bright future for e-commerce, and bottom line is that e-commerce has become a reality, and prospects and its potential standing at the end.
Despite all these indicators, which promises a bright future for e-commerce, but it is difficult to predict what will imply to us this trade, but the only thing that is certain that e-commerce is here to Auto Traffic Conspiracy stay

Basics of e-commerce

* The concept of electronic commerce Electronic Commerce:

Electronic Commerce: is a new concept to explain the process of buying or selling or exchange of products, services and information through computerized networks, including the Internet. There are several points of view in order to define this word:
- The world of communication known as e-commerce as a means for the delivery of information, services or products via telephone lines or over computer networks or through any technical means.
 - From the perspective of the business is the process of applying the technology to make business transactions take place spontaneously and fast.
- While the service e-commerce is defined as a tool in order to meet the wishes of companies, consumers and managers reduce the cost of service and increase Kvotha and work to accelerate the delivery of service.
- Finally, the online world knows that open trade area in order to buy and sell products and services and information via the Internet hedge fund trader x for example.
The field of electronic commerce:

Structure of electronic commerce:

A lot of people think that e-commerce is just getting on a website, but much larger. There are a lot of e-commerce applications such as banks and shopping malls on the Internet and buy stocks and look for work and do auctions and cooperation with the rest of the individuals in the work of the search. In order to implement these applications, requires access to supporting information systems and infrastructure.

To perform the work of these applications require relying on four important areas:
1 - People
2 - public policy
3 - technical standards and protocols
4 - other companies

* Sections of e-commerce applications:

 E-commerce applications are divided into three parts:
1 - buy and sell products and services, which is called the electronic market.
2 - to facilitate and conduct the flow of information and communication and cooperation between companies and between the different parts of a single company
3 - Provide customer service

* Electronic Markets Electronic Commerce:

Market is a place of dealings and transactions and relationships for the exchange of products and services, information and funds. When the auction market, the Trade Center is not a building or something like it is a place of networking has business dealings. Valmcharkin in electronic markets of sellers and buyers and brokers are not only in different places, but rarely know each other. Methods of communication between individuals in the electronic market vary from one individual to another and from one case to another.

* Information systems between institutions and markets electronic:

Information systems between institutions Interogranization Information Systems based on the exchange and flow of information between two or more organizations. Primary purpose is to rid the transaction effectively sending remittances, invoices and bills of exchange through external networks. In these systems, all the relations between the parties concerned had been agreed upon in advance, there are no further negotiations but merely implementing what was agreed upon in advance. While buyers and sellers in electronic markets are negotiating and bidding and Anaqson in price and agree on a specific bill and carry out the agreement and they are online or not online. Systems between institutions only used in enterprise applications for companies while the electronic markets are used in enterprise applications for companies in the enterprise applications to consumers.

* Information systems between institutions:

Information systems between institutions is a system linking several commercial entities and often include a company and supplier and Msthlkha. Through information systems between institutions sellers and buyers can organize and arrange routine business transactions. The exchange of information through networks of contacts have been properly configured so as not to use phones and paper documents and business contacts. Previously, the information systems between institutions was done through private communications networks but the trend now is to use the Internet for such purposes. Option Bot

Types of information systems between institutions:

- Additional network Extranet: companies that provide connection to companies safely online
- Electronic funds transfer Electronic Funds Transfer
- Electronic forms
- Integrated communication: is the process of sending emails and fax documents through a unified system to send mail.
- Shared databases: that the information stored in the databases are subject to inspection by all parties involved in the trade. The purpose of this sharing is to reduce the time needed to send and receive data if the data is not open to all. And Almkasemh runs through additional networks.
- Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management: a collaboration between companies and suppliers and consumers in the field of demand forecasting and inventory management and end commercial applications, a cooperation which leads to reduction of stock and to speed up the shipment of goods and to allow real-time manufacturing
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