Apple's revenue growth 24% and sell more than 26 million iPhone in just three months

U.S. company Apple announced financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter ending at the end of September, announcing profits of 8.67 dollars per share.

The company's revenues amounted to about fiscal quarter, including $ 36 billion net profit of 8.2 billion dollars.

The company has achieved in the fourth quarter of last year returns $ 28.3 billion and a net profit of $ 6.6 billion, and share of 7.05 dollars per share. Any company's revenue grew by 27%.

However, revenue growth at this rate did not live up to the expectations of analysts waited achieve revenues of approximately $ 36 billion share $ 8.75 per share.

The company said sales of devices where it sold 26.9 million mobile iPhone, up 58% from the same period sales for the past year, have also been selling 14 million iPad devices and a 26% increase for the same period, sales previously sold 11 million.

The Mac sales increased its only 1% and reached 4.9 million units, while sales of iPods declined by 19% and achieved a 5.3 million sales.

And, of course, there are no significant sales of the iPhone 5 which accounted for only 9 days from the date of issuance in the fourth fiscal quarter, and we mention that the company said the sale of 5 million mobile iPhone 5 in just a week, which was considered the fastest-selling phone in the world. 1 Option Profit

The company's international sales 60% of total sales, and after a continuous growth for several years the company has finally decided an annual dividend of $ 2.65 per share, which stopped investors' fears of a private company that the annual distribution is not usually Apple.

The company introduced yesterday a group of new devices and updates that will increase growth in revenue in the quarter the current fiscal, which Sntha end of the year and show us sales figures for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini and updated device series iMac and MacBook Pro new 13-inch. 1 Option Profit


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