Facebook messages get new design

Network seems to be the world's largest Facebook tested a new design for the messages to look like more Brsal email and thus continuing to complete a series of improvements that began for a considerable period.

The new design shows a complete list of user-specific talks on the left part of the screen and you can click on any conversation to download all the messages on the right side of the screen without leaving the list, such as what was happening with the old design. Coupon Mage

As we can now attach a complete set of images and multimedia files at the same time from existing albums or computer and improve the search process has been carried out of date by typing the full names only, but now you can also book keywords.

The Web site a list of emoticons in instant chat messages and timing of read-friendly message not to mention the keyboard shortcuts to make messaging easier to use on PC and Mac are as follows:

ALT + g: Find a conversation

ALT + q: open keyboard shortcuts

ALT + Delete: Archiving message

ALT + r: remove or add a read of the letter

ALT + c: writing a new message

ALT + i: Go to your inbox

ALT + u: Go to other file

Do you have appeared for this new update? If well Harkona and your view in the comments wp pipeline ..


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