My E-Commerce Story

Buying and trafficking through the Internet, has different benefits, for both the seller and the buyer. Like any company, on the ground, online companies are seeking to maintain its reputation - more - to ensure that people buy them, especially since the reputation and experience of past users may be the fundamental criterion for the buyer checks it before embarking on the procurement process.
Support you today the experience of buying an electronic "unsuccessful" but useful, and had the experience of buying a product from China to Saudi Arabia. Series comes as part of the first episodes of a series of trade from China, which we talked about earlier. Easy Cash Code

What is the primary motivation that payment for purchase through the Internet?
Motivation to buy was the search for a business opportunity, as you know that merchants in the Kingdom (greedy too) on the issue of achieving a profit margin high, and this greed generates good opportunity for anyone looking for a reasonable profit, and through a simple search, for any product you want, you will find that is sold here are very high numbers, compared to the cost price, and if you want to search for any product - price cost Mnkhvs -, the best place is definitely China. This site of the best locations to begin the search for factories and companies that could be issued an Item.
What is the product that you are trying to buy it? Why not buy it from any store nearby?
Product that you are looking for, is the Chinese iPhone 4, including that the target was a commercial, only natural went to buy from the exporting country. Almost sold this product in the UK, up to 450 riyals. Through primary research find that its price in China ranges from 150 to 300 riyals, and of course different prices due to different device types and the amount to be requested.
And have chosen this product, because it is badly needed in the local market, especially for those who feel that the original device price is high, do not care device applications, but only looking for a form.

Image of the Chinese iPhone 4
What are the steps and methods used to verify the credibility of the eStore where you purchased the goods?
Frankly grave here was my fault: (, I received e-mail from someone and I talked to him through the Messenger, and gave me a link site and product, and told me that he found Emily through a search!
And by virtue of that we Arabs and our confidence in the people always be high and trusted him and did not expect it to be this person just a quorum, and I believed him, especially that Aamih was similar to email the company almost.
After that asked 20 device from iPhone Chinese, and turned the amount, I thought that Otqsy more about this person and question him through the management of the site, and unfortunately this idea was too late, and not beneficial to me actually virtue I turned amount and reached the amount Walid seller, and actually came response that does not work they have now, but he was a former employee had left work! And is currently exploited Imiolh former company!
After the seller faced with this information, he said, "I really do not work for this company and was afraid they would tell you, do not deal with me! But I did not Okhaddek, and turned you into a similar product for your product you have requested! "
Already about me another product (Sony Ericsson) is very old. This means that the process of the monument and, thankfully, not in the theft of money, but was in the type of product, and this is what tempered shock victim.

A picture of a shipment that arrived to Muhammad from China
How do you make a payment to the vendor? How has the delivery process?
Turned his 3355 riyals through Western Union and Delivery by DHL.
What lessons that came out of this experience?
Do not trust anyone who does not know the personal knowledge.
Do not send your money by direct transfer does not deal with any site that does not receive funds through PayPal paypal. (Mark Paypal, is the mediator between you).
Order a small video to see your product (Ashan comfortable psychologically only). Option Bot review
If you have been a scam, this does not mean to stop working.
China has 1.3 billion people, and the fingers of the hand are not either.


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