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Google and Android pulled the rug out gradually from the Apple

The system "Android" operating designed by internet giant "Google" for mobile devices nibbles of Apple's growing share of the mobile market and tablet devices thanks to rapid innovation and a large group of the least expensive devices.

The Stephen Baker, an analyst at research group "that NPD Group," that "diversity is one of the factors of force" which is characterized by "Android", adding that "manufacturing a lot of different devices prices and collaboration with multiple brands makes a big difference."
Unlike the "Apple" which limited their programs on their own products, which does not resort to a second party for the design of its products, allowing "Google" for a large number of electronic collections in the world using its operating system "Android" and his creation app commission droid review
Thus, three-quarters of the smart phones in the world 136 million phones were powered by "Android" in the third quarter of the year, according to data issued by the company, "IDC." Explains Ramon Llamas, research director in the "IDC" that "Android" exceeded every year since it was launched in 2008 "growth market (smart phones) and take stakes of his rivals."
In the tablet market, too, record manufacturers who use "Android" a remarkable increase in their quotas between the second and third quarters of the year. Has increased the share of the South Korean group "Samsung" from 9.6% to 18.4%, while the share of electronic distributor "Amazon", which makes the device "Kindle Fire" from 5% to 9%, according to "IDC." The share of device "iPad" from "Apple" tumbled in the same period from 65.5% to 50.4%.
The expert notes Charles Glfan to be "Android" benefit from the change of base of consumers, especially customers smartphones.
In the beginning, it was technology purchasers are paying more important than price, but smart phones are now accessible to everyone and their prices are playing a more crucial role.
The Glfan says "people prefer platform + Android + more than others because it offers them greater choice mostly cheaper" phone "iPhone."
What distinguishes the "Android" from other well is that it is free software designers can use free programs and improve on a whim, because the "Google" benefit and accelerate innovation.
Explains Be Dulina an analyst at "Gartner" that "the pace of innovation in + Android + faster than among + Apple + still too late" in this area.
But He Glfan points out that the problem lies in the fact that the equipment in the market, not all of which benefit from the latest innovations and many of them still works by older versions of "Android", which may be difficult to process design applications usable on all portable devices.
Furthermore, the presence of hundreds of devices operating by the "Android" imposes a tremendous competitive pressure on manufacturers, according to Stephen Baker, who adds, "with the exception of + Samsung +, I do not know if partners + Android + material others making a profit." with Commission Droid software
In the end, remains the biggest winner "Google" which has made great efforts to improve the "system" music, movies, books, games and other applications that are powered by "Android", according to the analysts say.
It was designed "Android" specifically to encourage consumers to use the dating services on the "Google" material gain, such as a store, "Google" electronic "Google Play" and his website dedicated to research "Google Searchlight" service maps "Google Maps."

Google launches an update to her shop equipped to translate applications

Launched the search giant "Google" a new update to the application store "Google Play" version number "3.10.9" for mobile devices based on the operating system "Android".

This included the update fix defects and many of the new additions, most notably show a new screen when you start to install applications or games to be downloaded from the store, and will fall under the "Users Also Installed", and thus is not the user having to return to the application itself to follow the download process, where will the key "Keep Shopping" user when pressed to return directly to the application and to keep up the load.
It also enhanced Google feature "Watchlist or wishes-wishlist", that feature that allows originally the user to add applications preferred purchased or downloaded from the video or music or other to the list for later viewing combined in one place, but it was lacking the ability to delete the reference or bookmark "Bookmarks", but through this update the user can do so through a new button has been added called "Remove".

It icons and new keys listed by Google in this new update, key translation "Translate", which will appear next to applications or games to be downloaded, as it allows this button translation describes the application or game to the language to translation to it, and thus gives the user the description information on the application before install.
Google also introduced improvements to the advantage of the recommendations and suggestions, so that now enables the user of the ability to add friends and people who know them to feature "circles-Circles" its own social network Google "Google Plus" and identify the games and their favorite applications.

This new version is currently available within a store "Google Play."

Google doubled the number of devices required Nexus 7

Google asked in the second quarter of this year 2012, 2.5 million Tablet PC type of Nexus 7, but since the device launched Google amended the number of devices required due to the surge in demand for hardware and speed sales.

Says a source that is expected to double the number of devices requested by Google for up to 5 million units in the 2012, and usually ask technology companies organs to agree last two months in the year, "October and November," is expected to remain high on the devices Nexus 7 until last this Last year and up to 700 thousand to a million units.

After Google launched Nexus 7.16 GB at $ 199 and 32 GB at $ 249, Google launched the revised version of the Tablet PC Nexus 7 a capacity of 32 GB and SQL technology Contact the 3G and the rate of $ 299, and within a short period of release of these devices in the market carried out All of department stores such as "AT & T" and Google Play.

The company says that the Tablet PC New able to prove its worth between Tablet PC other than the same category, as they were not expecting to reach the demand for the new computer will be high to this point, where class Tablet PC New Nexus 7 by a large number of technical experts and devices that the Tablet PC Tablet PC category small so far.

Competing Google now with the latest Tablet PC on the market "iPad Mini" launched by Apple recently, and is expected both companies festive season next to achieve the greatest possible sales, according to a knowledgeable business Google that it will put a lot of offers on processed new through next season.
fx capitalist

Google is putting the finishing touches on iPhone Maps

According to news reports, the Internet, that the company "Google" American giant put the finishing touches to copy the application of digital maps for phones "iPhone" smart, following the company's decision "Apple" the controversial dropping support service this year.

The newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" of America, it was given the beta version of the application, "Google Maps" for some individuals within the company for testing, where the newspaper cited "a person with direct knowledge of the matter" as its source.

It is said that "Google" currently developing the final touches on the application before applying for approval to include it on the App Store, "Apple iTunes", but the newspaper said it is not known exactly when it will happen, as it did not refer also to whether the application will be compatible to work on devices "iPad" tablet or not. fx capitalist review

Locked in "Apple" and "Google" is now a war on the acquisition of the digital maps market, which is a major growth area where an increasing number of researchers for places to visit, shopping and eating on their portable devices.

The "Apple" was released in mid-September the latest versions of its operating system "Oh S 6", which replaced the previous version of the application, "Google Maps" application for "Apple maps" as a service installed by default on the system.

However, the application maps "Apple" failed to achieve desired objectives, but on the contrary has met offensive fierce by users around the world because of problems with accuracy and validity of data places offered, prompting the company's chief executive progress formal apology for that, and promised a solution these problems soon. fx capitalist

Google and Acer launch a new computer with a series of Chrome Facebook

Google announced today a new laptop computer from a family of "Chrome Book" (Chromebook), and loads the new computer screen measuring 11.6 inches and the production of Acer, is cheaper so far in this series.
Holds new computer name "Acer C7 Chromebook" and joins the family of Chrome Facebook, which includes the current range of laptops "Samsung Chromebook" and "Samsung Chromebook 550" and that are running Google Chrome cloud.
Google says that the new computer works with a processor from Intel, and has a full QWERTY keyboard, and mouse touch control. And contains a storage area by 320 GB, and comes with additional 100 Jijaaat space for free for a period of two years in the service of Google Drive. And take a run C7 a time of 18 seconds, and have a battery operated for a period of 3.5 hours. WP Pipeline
Compared pc Samsung Acer C7 whose specification is a little low, for hours of battery life is almost twice higher in Samsung devices, which increase in value for Acer Computer by U.S. $ 50 and above. The C7 thicker and slower in terms of the take-off, and also lacks the capabilities of a computer Samsung 550 in the support and operation of the third generation 3G.
The price new computer to U.S. $ 199, it may be desirable in abundance in this holiday season, it is easier to use compared traditional portable Balhawwasb, once users log on to their own accounts Google workers, they will get their own files wherever they are.
Noteworthy that Acer C7 will be available for sale tomorrow in the United States on Google Play store, shop, and in some stores Best Buy. In the United Kingdom registered users may find it in Google PlayStation store, shop Amazon, and store PC World, as well as Currys. Google says that will be available in more countries soon. G plus ownage

Apple in the process of production of the iPhone 5 S next month

Seems to be a disappointment users of the iPhone 5 » forced Apple to reissue device with a new copy.
A new report, published by Chinese newspaper Commercial Times yesterday, Apple's intention to produce experimental samples of the seventh generation of its smart phone "iPhone", or what may be called "iPhone 5 S" in the month of December (December) next.

The report also revealed that the company will manufacture 50 thousand to 100 thousand sets during the pilot phase, and they sought to accelerate access to licenses components "iPhone 5 S", despite the shortage suffered by the company in the production of the required amount of "iPhone 5" .

The report added that he expected that the "Apple" manufactures "iPhone 5 S" during the first quarter of next year 2013 at that launches the new version of computer Tablet "iPad" after "iPhone 5 S" three months, because the screen resolution of the latest version of "iPad Mini" not when the user expectations. Commission Robotics

Digital home Internet everywhere and remote control

Technical changed everything around us, so we treat change, but we have adopted in all aspects of life, so we are telling jokingly Our concept popular hospitality add to basic provide the password to open the wireless network and charger iPhone, but change technical included our use of mobile phones and tablets only, while remaining homes standing far from changing technology where, with the Internet Allacelikh are covering all aspects, and supports change technology in homes to rely on certain aspects of the most important conservation and energy efficiency, control adjustment and temperature inside the house, and provide oversight and protection from theft, and control remote home, and in this report we will present the most important things that could have turned the house into a digital or intelligent.

Internet in every home

Necessary at the moment for those who builds his house to take into account the need to be available online everywhere in the house not through roads wireless only, but by wire and everywhere in the house, it must be extended cables for transporting data with extensions telephone and careful be far away from any electrical current so as not to affect the transfer of data in case you want to use surveillance cameras, and this applies to cables for transporting broadcast of collectors (shower) to the TV, while existing home, if there is the impossibility to implement extensions It is possible to use devices that primary strengthens broadcast of the modem to all parts of the house. siege commissions

In the case of the desire to transfer the broadcast from the wireless to wired, there are some tools that allow it, be strong in these devices slots private Pkiabl network, and after defined on the wireless network you either re-broadcast the Internet and strengthen signal or re-broadcast by cable, or both.

Remote Control

Internet provides in all parts of the house and around the clock, it means that you are able to reach any part of the house at any time, Take for example lighting the house, there is a kind of electronic chips are placed on the electrical wires inside the key to run, turn off the lights, it provides wafer lighting control either through the Internet or through text messages via mobile phone, and the work to separate electricity or delivery of the device is required, whether lighting or air conditioning or other, it is also possible and put them on board main power in the house to stop the flow of electricity to the house.

Electronic surveillance

There are solutions everyone knows allows control house and store Tltqth cameras, but these solutions're not going to talk about it now, and what we would like to talk about is the simple solutions that allow beneficiaries simple implementation in the home, where they are sold through shopping sites on the Internet Cameras allow filming home and broadcast on a special site on the Internet, in addition to the possibility of talking to those in the house directly, there are solutions that allows monitoring of movement by any person over and weighed about 25 kilograms at the entrances to the home of the doors and windows and then a warning, either through messages by telephone or mobile directly from home, There are solutions can be installed on the door locks.

Multimedia Center

Providing a kind of (Mac mini) for example, or other devices that lead the same purpose, and be the size of a very small could have this device center for multimedia in the home, Recently became Internet shops offer buy movies and music directly from the Internet, and providing center multimedia in the home allows for everyone to benefit from these purchases and purchase amounts are not incurred item more than once.

Also there receivers for satellite broadcast allows to store broadcast and then re-watch it at any other time, and also there are types of TVs and so-called smart allows the possibility of linking TV Internet and then browse sites from which, or browse social networking sites, also provide key information Weather and others.

The rest of the home tools

Available technology solutions allow control curtains either by remote control inside the house or remotely, and there are solutions allow unify control all home tools through Remote Control one, and also started some companies market so-called refrigerator smart, which allows link the Internet and identify the contents and dates validity of every kind, as well as to submit proposals for some cooking recipes can be implemented through the contents of the refrigerator.

Home security information

Make home in this form online should require special attention from the head of the family so as not to penetrate the privacy of the home, you must make sure free computers in the home of viruses and suspicious programs so as not to allow control tools home other remote, and must use any site on the Internet The link to make sure you use the connection now and be a link site carries character (s) in the address prefix (http) become like this (https).

Also be taken to the complexity of passwords Internet sites to difficult to guess, and when we say are difficult to guess do not mean that the human element, but we mean some computer programs used by hackers and are trying to access the sites through guess thousands of passwords quickly, and to develop a strong password should contain the symbols and letters and numbers and diversity using a key (Shift).

It is important that you do not leave your wireless network without a password, because there is no password easier to penetrate, or even allow for the road or the neighbors goers used, and this may lead to security problems may be the head of the family indispensable.

Android shattered the record for the mobile operating systems

Succeeded platform "Android", the famous open-source development company "Google" American giant, in record breaking sales volume Toys mobile devices around the world, as revealed by the latest market statistics.

The company confirmed "IDC" U.S. specializing in market research that the system of "Google" is the first operational succeed in overcoming the production volume of 100 million copies through one quarter.

According to statistics, has been put forward about 136 million phone "Android" intelligent new, market share of 75%, during the third quarter, an increase of 91.5% from the same period last year, a growth rate approaching twice the rate of the smart phone market as a whole, and attributed "The DC "The increase in sales in part to the ability of" Google "on the construction and maintenance of a platform ecosystem.

He explained Kevin Ristyvo, analyst research in "The DC", that Google has a product portfolio prosperous and multiple, lacking many of its competitors who provide additions weaker operating system, pointing out that this factor and other factors, led to the loss of market shares to its competitors with few exceptions.

In the second place, during the quarter came platform running any "Oh S", where she managed the company "Apple" American, to ask about 26.9 million units, giving the operating system market share 14.9%, and analysts said that those numbers came driven by issuing the phone " iPhone 5 "during the last period of the quarter, according to agency responded," Middle East News ". peng joon siege commissions

The company "Research In Motion" Canadian, it has continued to fall, where production fell smartphone "BlackBerry" from 11.8 million units to 7.7 million units, up 34.7%, which resulted in a decline in its market share to 4.3%. Dissolved platform "Symbian" in fourth place with a 2.3% market share, followed by "Windows Phone" with a 2% market share.

Google announces new design for search engine

Google announced a new design for the search results page in the famous engine, and is the new design change the location of the toolbar from the side of the screen to the top.

The company reported in her blog that the new design gives the site a little more comfortable and able to focus on the results you are looking for the user, as well as the results of graphs, without the weary side menu.
It seems clear goal behind this update, which is to create a simpler interface and less complicated, and create a comfortable user experience and constant across different devices and screen sizes. Google had amended its search engine interface on mobile phones to be more smooth, and now poses updated to version web office computers.

Do you spend messaging services on oral talks

According to a recent study published last October, the number of Internet users in the Arab world to 23% of the population, is expected to rise to 38% in 2030 this percentage increasing in the world caused by ease of use of the Internet on the one hand, and the diversity of devices that are used to access a Internet on the other hand, add to the diversity of services offered by the Internet.

In Kingdom since it began days Internet first was the conversation is the first service exploit Saudis, followed groups exchanged e-mail as it allows these groups field to share images and video files and Internet links, and today changed the equation and turned things that keen internet users to make use of the computers to mobile phones, making chat programs and the exchange of information and images is the key player on these devices as well as social networks such as Twitter and Path and Facebook.

This shift in the use of the Internet computers to mobile phones, allowing new revenue for telecom companies by offering Internet services over the cellular network, to become companies offer packages of Internet prices relatively moderate, in contrast, use the Saudis these packages to run chat programs such as the "siege commissions" and the "Line" and the "Viper" and "Cocoa", and other programs offered possibilities phone calls or video calls, such as the "Viper" and the "Tanico" and Skype, and other services, and this program not only works over cellular networks but through wireless networks (Wi-Fi).

The make-way use Saudis for these programs seek amount shift from communicating via phone calls and that was prevailing before high frequency use of the Internet, through communicate via SMS, which was the beginning of the use of mobile networks, and the end of using Internet programs through broadband services to share pictures and sections audio and video clips, and perhaps this might sets off alarm bells for services telephone calls, which are limited to business calls, and even the latter (business calls) turned to the use of programs conversations across chat programs visual such as Google Talk and Skype networks VOIP.

Perhaps the coming period will witness a major shift in the use of communication tools online view of the evolution of mobile phones and their ease of use and access (such as iPhone, Galaxy 3, X Beira) and other phones with big screens, in addition to computers tablet, will hear in the coming period for the end era of phone calls paid?, boom and other means of communication over the Internet.

Ultimate Landing Page System Do you use electronic welfare payments?

Ultimate Landing Page System

We were born and grew up to see that money and wealth are coin bags and packages securities class blue SR 500. This primarily reflected on our perception of wealth and the way we deal with it. In most affairs of your life, you will be in trouble if I forgot my wallet because money is the only way subsidized in many transactions. Ultimate Landing Page System
What if there was an alternative? What if we do not want to use banknotes and coins (Cache) and replace it by other means?
Is this a useful and feasible idea? Well, what does this have to do e-commerce?
In this post we will review some important information and some applications to turn to the community without banknotes - Cashless Society
Sttfajo if I told you that about 93% of financial transactions in the United States are in isolation from the Cache, the ratio less than in a country like Sweden - at least internationally - where the proportion of transactions involving Cache does not exceed 4% of the total trading. But may raises Astgrapk that find in a country like Italy, formal organization prevents the circulation of banknotes for high amounts of cash. This is not a luxury or luxury nations want to enjoy it, but is a very important organization has its causes considered in more than one respect: economic, security and even healthy!
For example, on the economic level, the cost of manufacturing and print currency and transfer is very expensive if the shift to electronic payments. On the security front, many of the money-laundering operations and thefts will be reduced depending on the country's shift from cash transactions and paper can be robbery without leaving a trace of the prosecution, to electronic transactions can be tuned electronically prosecute manipulators. As for health, the germs lingering in the banknotes remain for a period of more than 3 days!

Highlighted innovations in the field of electronic payments is to create magnetic cards - half a century ago - now and went evacuated great applications such as: credit cards and ATM cards. And made a point of real quality are evident today. Ultimate Landing Page System
The next stage, will be the shift from magnetic cards to pay using smart phones and we talked about here. It actually occur in many U.S. states and European countries. The most striking features of the transition, is providing electronic payment for small shops and even individuals! Where such service enables Square to receive money from the credit card in person by installing a piece in your iPhone!

When the subject of technical and routes electronic trading, one of the most important topics that are emphasized and presented and discussed is the subject of security and reliability. This aspect considerably, but there are too many solutions and solutions in place you raise the level of security and encryption in all aspects to ensure the safety of the electronic process and not infiltrated by the aggressors. Could reach safety in electronic trading on the degree outweigh the degree of securing third party transactions and paper!
Transformation of society does not depend on Cache will help the prosperity of e-commerce without a doubt, where will facilitate the collection and the expansion of the owners e-commerce sites in the service areas around the world do not have access to them service payment on delivery, especially if the ratio of the ability to complete those processes high.
No party or one party responsible for this shift, but shared by more than one point in particular:
Banks: facilitate the extraction process credit cards
Monetary institutions: creating laws stimulate and obliges the use of electronic payments
Individuals: that getting a credit card or reliance on electronic means of payment safer and more economically effective in the long run for the traceability of transactions and disbursed know where.
Government: the enactment of laws and regulations that protect and prosecute the owner of the establishment and the bomber Learn more on my special Ultimate Landing Page System Review