Android shattered the record for the mobile operating systems

Succeeded platform "Android", the famous open-source development company "Google" American giant, in record breaking sales volume Toys mobile devices around the world, as revealed by the latest market statistics.

The company confirmed "IDC" U.S. specializing in market research that the system of "Google" is the first operational succeed in overcoming the production volume of 100 million copies through one quarter.

According to statistics, has been put forward about 136 million phone "Android" intelligent new, market share of 75%, during the third quarter, an increase of 91.5% from the same period last year, a growth rate approaching twice the rate of the smart phone market as a whole, and attributed "The DC "The increase in sales in part to the ability of" Google "on the construction and maintenance of a platform ecosystem.

He explained Kevin Ristyvo, analyst research in "The DC", that Google has a product portfolio prosperous and multiple, lacking many of its competitors who provide additions weaker operating system, pointing out that this factor and other factors, led to the loss of market shares to its competitors with few exceptions.

In the second place, during the quarter came platform running any "Oh S", where she managed the company "Apple" American, to ask about 26.9 million units, giving the operating system market share 14.9%, and analysts said that those numbers came driven by issuing the phone " iPhone 5 "during the last period of the quarter, according to agency responded," Middle East News ". peng joon siege commissions

The company "Research In Motion" Canadian, it has continued to fall, where production fell smartphone "BlackBerry" from 11.8 million units to 7.7 million units, up 34.7%, which resulted in a decline in its market share to 4.3%. Dissolved platform "Symbian" in fourth place with a 2.3% market share, followed by "Windows Phone" with a 2% market share.


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