Digital home Internet everywhere and remote control

Technical changed everything around us, so we treat change, but we have adopted in all aspects of life, so we are telling jokingly Our concept popular hospitality add to basic provide the password to open the wireless network and charger iPhone, but change technical included our use of mobile phones and tablets only, while remaining homes standing far from changing technology where, with the Internet Allacelikh are covering all aspects, and supports change technology in homes to rely on certain aspects of the most important conservation and energy efficiency, control adjustment and temperature inside the house, and provide oversight and protection from theft, and control remote home, and in this report we will present the most important things that could have turned the house into a digital or intelligent.

Internet in every home

Necessary at the moment for those who builds his house to take into account the need to be available online everywhere in the house not through roads wireless only, but by wire and everywhere in the house, it must be extended cables for transporting data with extensions telephone and careful be far away from any electrical current so as not to affect the transfer of data in case you want to use surveillance cameras, and this applies to cables for transporting broadcast of collectors (shower) to the TV, while existing home, if there is the impossibility to implement extensions It is possible to use devices that primary strengthens broadcast of the modem to all parts of the house. siege commissions

In the case of the desire to transfer the broadcast from the wireless to wired, there are some tools that allow it, be strong in these devices slots private Pkiabl network, and after defined on the wireless network you either re-broadcast the Internet and strengthen signal or re-broadcast by cable, or both.

Remote Control

Internet provides in all parts of the house and around the clock, it means that you are able to reach any part of the house at any time, Take for example lighting the house, there is a kind of electronic chips are placed on the electrical wires inside the key to run, turn off the lights, it provides wafer lighting control either through the Internet or through text messages via mobile phone, and the work to separate electricity or delivery of the device is required, whether lighting or air conditioning or other, it is also possible and put them on board main power in the house to stop the flow of electricity to the house.

Electronic surveillance

There are solutions everyone knows allows control house and store Tltqth cameras, but these solutions're not going to talk about it now, and what we would like to talk about is the simple solutions that allow beneficiaries simple implementation in the home, where they are sold through shopping sites on the Internet Cameras allow filming home and broadcast on a special site on the Internet, in addition to the possibility of talking to those in the house directly, there are solutions that allows monitoring of movement by any person over and weighed about 25 kilograms at the entrances to the home of the doors and windows and then a warning, either through messages by telephone or mobile directly from home, There are solutions can be installed on the door locks.

Multimedia Center

Providing a kind of (Mac mini) for example, or other devices that lead the same purpose, and be the size of a very small could have this device center for multimedia in the home, Recently became Internet shops offer buy movies and music directly from the Internet, and providing center multimedia in the home allows for everyone to benefit from these purchases and purchase amounts are not incurred item more than once.

Also there receivers for satellite broadcast allows to store broadcast and then re-watch it at any other time, and also there are types of TVs and so-called smart allows the possibility of linking TV Internet and then browse sites from which, or browse social networking sites, also provide key information Weather and others.

The rest of the home tools

Available technology solutions allow control curtains either by remote control inside the house or remotely, and there are solutions allow unify control all home tools through Remote Control one, and also started some companies market so-called refrigerator smart, which allows link the Internet and identify the contents and dates validity of every kind, as well as to submit proposals for some cooking recipes can be implemented through the contents of the refrigerator.

Home security information

Make home in this form online should require special attention from the head of the family so as not to penetrate the privacy of the home, you must make sure free computers in the home of viruses and suspicious programs so as not to allow control tools home other remote, and must use any site on the Internet The link to make sure you use the connection now and be a link site carries character (s) in the address prefix (http) become like this (https).

Also be taken to the complexity of passwords Internet sites to difficult to guess, and when we say are difficult to guess do not mean that the human element, but we mean some computer programs used by hackers and are trying to access the sites through guess thousands of passwords quickly, and to develop a strong password should contain the symbols and letters and numbers and diversity using a key (Shift).

It is important that you do not leave your wireless network without a password, because there is no password easier to penetrate, or even allow for the road or the neighbors goers used, and this may lead to security problems may be the head of the family indispensable.


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