Do you spend messaging services on oral talks

According to a recent study published last October, the number of Internet users in the Arab world to 23% of the population, is expected to rise to 38% in 2030 this percentage increasing in the world caused by ease of use of the Internet on the one hand, and the diversity of devices that are used to access a Internet on the other hand, add to the diversity of services offered by the Internet.

In Kingdom since it began days Internet first was the conversation is the first service exploit Saudis, followed groups exchanged e-mail as it allows these groups field to share images and video files and Internet links, and today changed the equation and turned things that keen internet users to make use of the computers to mobile phones, making chat programs and the exchange of information and images is the key player on these devices as well as social networks such as Twitter and Path and Facebook.

This shift in the use of the Internet computers to mobile phones, allowing new revenue for telecom companies by offering Internet services over the cellular network, to become companies offer packages of Internet prices relatively moderate, in contrast, use the Saudis these packages to run chat programs such as the "siege commissions" and the "Line" and the "Viper" and "Cocoa", and other programs offered possibilities phone calls or video calls, such as the "Viper" and the "Tanico" and Skype, and other services, and this program not only works over cellular networks but through wireless networks (Wi-Fi).

The make-way use Saudis for these programs seek amount shift from communicating via phone calls and that was prevailing before high frequency use of the Internet, through communicate via SMS, which was the beginning of the use of mobile networks, and the end of using Internet programs through broadband services to share pictures and sections audio and video clips, and perhaps this might sets off alarm bells for services telephone calls, which are limited to business calls, and even the latter (business calls) turned to the use of programs conversations across chat programs visual such as Google Talk and Skype networks VOIP.

Perhaps the coming period will witness a major shift in the use of communication tools online view of the evolution of mobile phones and their ease of use and access (such as iPhone, Galaxy 3, X Beira) and other phones with big screens, in addition to computers tablet, will hear in the coming period for the end era of phone calls paid?, boom and other means of communication over the Internet.


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