Google and Acer launch a new computer with a series of Chrome Facebook

Google announced today a new laptop computer from a family of "Chrome Book" (Chromebook), and loads the new computer screen measuring 11.6 inches and the production of Acer, is cheaper so far in this series.
Holds new computer name "Acer C7 Chromebook" and joins the family of Chrome Facebook, which includes the current range of laptops "Samsung Chromebook" and "Samsung Chromebook 550" and that are running Google Chrome cloud.
Google says that the new computer works with a processor from Intel, and has a full QWERTY keyboard, and mouse touch control. And contains a storage area by 320 GB, and comes with additional 100 Jijaaat space for free for a period of two years in the service of Google Drive. And take a run C7 a time of 18 seconds, and have a battery operated for a period of 3.5 hours. WP Pipeline
Compared pc Samsung Acer C7 whose specification is a little low, for hours of battery life is almost twice higher in Samsung devices, which increase in value for Acer Computer by U.S. $ 50 and above. The C7 thicker and slower in terms of the take-off, and also lacks the capabilities of a computer Samsung 550 in the support and operation of the third generation 3G.
The price new computer to U.S. $ 199, it may be desirable in abundance in this holiday season, it is easier to use compared traditional portable Balhawwasb, once users log on to their own accounts Google workers, they will get their own files wherever they are.
Noteworthy that Acer C7 will be available for sale tomorrow in the United States on Google Play store, shop, and in some stores Best Buy. In the United Kingdom registered users may find it in Google PlayStation store, shop Amazon, and store PC World, as well as Currys. Google says that will be available in more countries soon. G plus ownage


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