Google and Android pulled the rug out gradually from the Apple

The system "Android" operating designed by internet giant "Google" for mobile devices nibbles of Apple's growing share of the mobile market and tablet devices thanks to rapid innovation and a large group of the least expensive devices.

The Stephen Baker, an analyst at research group "that NPD Group," that "diversity is one of the factors of force" which is characterized by "Android", adding that "manufacturing a lot of different devices prices and collaboration with multiple brands makes a big difference."
Unlike the "Apple" which limited their programs on their own products, which does not resort to a second party for the design of its products, allowing "Google" for a large number of electronic collections in the world using its operating system "Android" and his creation app commission droid review
Thus, three-quarters of the smart phones in the world 136 million phones were powered by "Android" in the third quarter of the year, according to data issued by the company, "IDC." Explains Ramon Llamas, research director in the "IDC" that "Android" exceeded every year since it was launched in 2008 "growth market (smart phones) and take stakes of his rivals."
In the tablet market, too, record manufacturers who use "Android" a remarkable increase in their quotas between the second and third quarters of the year. Has increased the share of the South Korean group "Samsung" from 9.6% to 18.4%, while the share of electronic distributor "Amazon", which makes the device "Kindle Fire" from 5% to 9%, according to "IDC." The share of device "iPad" from "Apple" tumbled in the same period from 65.5% to 50.4%.
The expert notes Charles Glfan to be "Android" benefit from the change of base of consumers, especially customers smartphones.
In the beginning, it was technology purchasers are paying more important than price, but smart phones are now accessible to everyone and their prices are playing a more crucial role.
The Glfan says "people prefer platform + Android + more than others because it offers them greater choice mostly cheaper" phone "iPhone."
What distinguishes the "Android" from other well is that it is free software designers can use free programs and improve on a whim, because the "Google" benefit and accelerate innovation.
Explains Be Dulina an analyst at "Gartner" that "the pace of innovation in + Android + faster than among + Apple + still too late" in this area.
But He Glfan points out that the problem lies in the fact that the equipment in the market, not all of which benefit from the latest innovations and many of them still works by older versions of "Android", which may be difficult to process design applications usable on all portable devices.
Furthermore, the presence of hundreds of devices operating by the "Android" imposes a tremendous competitive pressure on manufacturers, according to Stephen Baker, who adds, "with the exception of + Samsung +, I do not know if partners + Android + material others making a profit." with Commission Droid software
In the end, remains the biggest winner "Google" which has made great efforts to improve the "system" music, movies, books, games and other applications that are powered by "Android", according to the analysts say.
It was designed "Android" specifically to encourage consumers to use the dating services on the "Google" material gain, such as a store, "Google" electronic "Google Play" and his website dedicated to research "Google Searchlight" service maps "Google Maps."


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