Google doubled the number of devices required Nexus 7

Google asked in the second quarter of this year 2012, 2.5 million Tablet PC type of Nexus 7, but since the device launched Google amended the number of devices required due to the surge in demand for hardware and speed sales.

Says a source that is expected to double the number of devices requested by Google for up to 5 million units in the 2012, and usually ask technology companies organs to agree last two months in the year, "October and November," is expected to remain high on the devices Nexus 7 until last this Last year and up to 700 thousand to a million units.

After Google launched Nexus 7.16 GB at $ 199 and 32 GB at $ 249, Google launched the revised version of the Tablet PC Nexus 7 a capacity of 32 GB and SQL technology Contact the 3G and the rate of $ 299, and within a short period of release of these devices in the market carried out All of department stores such as "AT & T" and Google Play.

The company says that the Tablet PC New able to prove its worth between Tablet PC other than the same category, as they were not expecting to reach the demand for the new computer will be high to this point, where class Tablet PC New Nexus 7 by a large number of technical experts and devices that the Tablet PC Tablet PC category small so far.

Competing Google now with the latest Tablet PC on the market "iPad Mini" launched by Apple recently, and is expected both companies festive season next to achieve the greatest possible sales, according to a knowledgeable business Google that it will put a lot of offers on processed new through next season.
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