Google is putting the finishing touches on iPhone Maps

According to news reports, the Internet, that the company "Google" American giant put the finishing touches to copy the application of digital maps for phones "iPhone" smart, following the company's decision "Apple" the controversial dropping support service this year.

The newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" of America, it was given the beta version of the application, "Google Maps" for some individuals within the company for testing, where the newspaper cited "a person with direct knowledge of the matter" as its source.

It is said that "Google" currently developing the final touches on the application before applying for approval to include it on the App Store, "Apple iTunes", but the newspaper said it is not known exactly when it will happen, as it did not refer also to whether the application will be compatible to work on devices "iPad" tablet or not. fx capitalist review

Locked in "Apple" and "Google" is now a war on the acquisition of the digital maps market, which is a major growth area where an increasing number of researchers for places to visit, shopping and eating on their portable devices.

The "Apple" was released in mid-September the latest versions of its operating system "Oh S 6", which replaced the previous version of the application, "Google Maps" application for "Apple maps" as a service installed by default on the system.

However, the application maps "Apple" failed to achieve desired objectives, but on the contrary has met offensive fierce by users around the world because of problems with accuracy and validity of data places offered, prompting the company's chief executive progress formal apology for that, and promised a solution these problems soon. fx capitalist


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