Google launches an update to her shop equipped to translate applications

Launched the search giant "Google" a new update to the application store "Google Play" version number "3.10.9" for mobile devices based on the operating system "Android".

This included the update fix defects and many of the new additions, most notably show a new screen when you start to install applications or games to be downloaded from the store, and will fall under the "Users Also Installed", and thus is not the user having to return to the application itself to follow the download process, where will the key "Keep Shopping" user when pressed to return directly to the application and to keep up the load.
It also enhanced Google feature "Watchlist or wishes-wishlist", that feature that allows originally the user to add applications preferred purchased or downloaded from the video or music or other to the list for later viewing combined in one place, but it was lacking the ability to delete the reference or bookmark "Bookmarks", but through this update the user can do so through a new button has been added called "Remove".

It icons and new keys listed by Google in this new update, key translation "Translate", which will appear next to applications or games to be downloaded, as it allows this button translation describes the application or game to the language to translation to it, and thus gives the user the description information on the application before install.
Google also introduced improvements to the advantage of the recommendations and suggestions, so that now enables the user of the ability to add friends and people who know them to feature "circles-Circles" its own social network Google "Google Plus" and identify the games and their favorite applications.

This new version is currently available within a store "Google Play."


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