Ultimate Landing Page System Do you use electronic welfare payments?

Ultimate Landing Page System

We were born and grew up to see that money and wealth are coin bags and packages securities class blue SR 500. This primarily reflected on our perception of wealth and the way we deal with it. In most affairs of your life, you will be in trouble if I forgot my wallet because money is the only way subsidized in many transactions. Ultimate Landing Page System
What if there was an alternative? What if we do not want to use banknotes and coins (Cache) and replace it by other means?
Is this a useful and feasible idea? Well, what does this have to do e-commerce?
In this post we will review some important information and some applications to turn to the community without banknotes - Cashless Society
Sttfajo if I told you that about 93% of financial transactions in the United States are in isolation from the Cache, the ratio less than in a country like Sweden - at least internationally - where the proportion of transactions involving Cache does not exceed 4% of the total trading. But may raises Astgrapk that find in a country like Italy, formal organization prevents the circulation of banknotes for high amounts of cash. This is not a luxury or luxury nations want to enjoy it, but is a very important organization has its causes considered in more than one respect: economic, security and even healthy!
For example, on the economic level, the cost of manufacturing and print currency and transfer is very expensive if the shift to electronic payments. On the security front, many of the money-laundering operations and thefts will be reduced depending on the country's shift from cash transactions and paper can be robbery without leaving a trace of the prosecution, to electronic transactions can be tuned electronically prosecute manipulators. As for health, the germs lingering in the banknotes remain for a period of more than 3 days!

Highlighted innovations in the field of electronic payments is to create magnetic cards - half a century ago - now and went evacuated great applications such as: credit cards and ATM cards. And made a point of real quality are evident today. Ultimate Landing Page System
The next stage, will be the shift from magnetic cards to pay using smart phones and we talked about here. It actually occur in many U.S. states and European countries. The most striking features of the transition, is providing electronic payment for small shops and even individuals! Where such service enables Square to receive money from the credit card in person by installing a piece in your iPhone!

When the subject of technical and routes electronic trading, one of the most important topics that are emphasized and presented and discussed is the subject of security and reliability. This aspect considerably, but there are too many solutions and solutions in place you raise the level of security and encryption in all aspects to ensure the safety of the electronic process and not infiltrated by the aggressors. Could reach safety in electronic trading on the degree outweigh the degree of securing third party transactions and paper!
Transformation of society does not depend on Cache will help the prosperity of e-commerce without a doubt, where will facilitate the collection and the expansion of the owners e-commerce sites in the service areas around the world do not have access to them service payment on delivery, especially if the ratio of the ability to complete those processes high.
No party or one party responsible for this shift, but shared by more than one point in particular:
Banks: facilitate the extraction process credit cards
Monetary institutions: creating laws stimulate and obliges the use of electronic payments
Individuals: that getting a credit card or reliance on electronic means of payment safer and more economically effective in the long run for the traceability of transactions and disbursed know where.
Government: the enactment of laws and regulations that protect and prosecute the owner of the establishment and the bomber Learn more on my special Ultimate Landing Page System Review


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