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BTC Millionaire Review Bitcoin Millionaire

BTC Millionaire Can create a collar by holding stocks in the underlying stocks , and buy a put option and protective and writing covered call on this stock . BTC Millionaire Referred to as the option of parts of this strategy as a combination . Overall , both put and call out the money and when they are establishing this group , and have the same expiration month . Both buy and sell sides of this spread are opening transactions , and are always on the same number of contracts. In other words , one by one, and put the collar is equal to the long call and one written with owning 100 shares of the underlying stock . The main concern in the recruitment of white collar is to protect the profits gained from the underlying stocks instead of increasing revenue down.

Market Strategy clouds
Although Home Income App is a very basic strategy to implement , it requires an understanding of well-thought- of financial markets to be executed correctly. It would be an investor need to study the interrelationships between the various asset classes and learn how to read and use the economic calendar to their advantage. Entrances to the good economic calendar Free is easy and accessible to all with an internet connection , but when you learn to put or call option on the assets of the withdrawal of a certain event occurs when sawing or when the release of the data by governments and businesses , it takes time . For example , oil , and one of the most highly traded assets in binary options . Oil prices are very sensitive to global tensions , mostly in the Middle East oil producers . When the tension increases for any reason, the threat of reduced supplies highest bidder . As oil exporters such as Canada has the oil currency sensitive , which means that when the price of oil rises , the Canadian dollar (CAD) increases in value too. This theory is extremely popular among traders as is the case when mastered , with an advanced understanding of the assets , can form the nucleus of a successful BTC Millionaire strategy .

Home Income App Review

Home Income App Review Binary options are located under options awkward, but through financial markets are often referred to as digital options . And while the digital options are very simple to understand and easy to trade their van complicated for this reason it is a strange choice .
Home Income App Are usually digital options trading OTC ( parallel market ) on all assets in the financial markets and there are many products that are traded in this way , such as interest rate swaps in the forex market . The exchanges in the recent period the inclusion of many digital options selected by shares , known as fixed income options . Today, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange CBOE offers options on fixed income index Standard & Poor's 500 and the VIX , as 20 shares were listed on the Amex in 2008 .

The advantages of binary options trading

Risk management - he is known from the beginning what is the ratio of how much profits will lose

Home Income App Simplicity - you only need to predict the direction of the original ie . " Is Google 's share price will rise or fall when the expiration date ? "

Gravity - per trade profitable there just need to be the closing price in the right direction that you specified in order to get all the profits , even if it was " the right direction " by one point .

Opportunities for speculation - is considered a safer option in dealing with him If a trader has an open position in any other place in the currency , or stock etc. , can benefit from the presence of a binary option to eliminate further loss elsewhere.

Home Income App Review Punctuality - bilateral contracts occur around the clock , allowing traders to trade in the case of multiple time . There is always an expiration time is coming and that continually produces new opportunities for managed binary options . Home Income App

Rapid Binary Machine Review Does Actually Work?

Rapid Binary Machine Review Does Actually Work? Options are up / down as simple as it seems on its name . Where all you have to do is the investor expectation as to whether the price of assets or Item rolling them will end up being up or down the current price when the option expires .

The investor to choose the first one asset for trading them , these assets could be (stocks / commodities / securities / filters currency trading ) .

Then the Rapid Binary Machine investor will decide whether the application will choose the option "Call option" ( if the expected increase in the price) or mode option "Put Option") if it is expected to fall in the price) .

Once the investor decides in which direction the price will move assets rolling it, then the report and determine the size of its investment in the appropriate option .

Once you activate the trading price is determined by direct ( the actual price at that moment ) as the rate of implementation of this option (which represents the price at the starting point of entry for trading ) , then expect a great rolling by the time the option expires to see if it has made a profit or suffered a loss the circulation.

The most important advantages of using the binary options up / down is its simplicity and ease of use with Rapid Binary Machine App . Where that once the price moves , even for a single point after the decimal point in the right direction for the movement Alawsol will allow the investor to win and make a profit destined certain percentage of the amount that is invested .


In the morning , a Fapturbo 2.0 Review trader believes that the trading price at less than the price of gold traded in the previous two days . Hence , he decided that he would be over an hour trading price higher than the price of gold now trading . He decided to put investment worth $ 100 , believing that the price of gold will rise after an hour from now. If the price of gold actually rose during this time , would bring rolling a huge profit on the basis of the value of its investment .

Profits ( payment )

Stop profits ( payment ) in the case of binary up / down on the type of assets that trades by the investor and the time period specified for the expiration option in addition to the platform of binary options trading , which by the investor . However, the value of the whole range of payments or profits between 70-85 % .

Options " one-touch "

up and down options Options " one-touch " is one of the types of binary options , which are implemented in the case of the price of the assets that are traded to the level of a certain price at a certain time .

Options " one-touch " provides the investor the opportunity to trade a very profitable addition to the availability of many of the strategies already exist that can be used in trading to reap big returns . Nevertheless, this type of trading is liable for " implied volatility in the markets ." And then the investor can either huge profits or catastrophic loss .


Let's take the example of a currency pairs , for example, the pair EUR / USD closed trading at 1.35140 and so on Thursday. At that time the investor will have to decide what it will demand of the selected option "Call" ( where it is believed that the price of the pair will rise to 1.38140 at the end of next week ) . Or choose the option to report the situation "Put" ( where it is believed that the price of the EUR / USD will fall to reach 1.32140 at the end of next week ) .

If the investor the right choice for the direction that will move the price of the EUR / USD , will therefore be the winner in the circulation and thus reaping huge profits . Taking into account that in order to win Almstmr so trading has to be for the price and up to a specific point at any time before the expiration time option : the sense that it does not matter the price at which closes has the EUR / USD as long as the pair has touched the price expected by the investor.

Profits ( payment )

Just like binary options trading up / down, depends payment ( profit ) on the Income World Cup type of assets that trades by the investor as well as the time period specified for the expiration option in addition to the binary options trading platform on which it runs investor . However, the profits of options trading , " one-touch " much higher than in the Options up / down , ranging mostly between 250-400 % , it can also in some cases also to the 700 % Kaaoaúd on the value of the investment or land for up to 65 % of the value of the investment .

Expiration dates for options

The vast majority of the time frames for binary options up / down is 30 minutes or 60 minutes . However , there are many trading platforms provide time frames up to a minute ( 60 seconds ) when investing a minimum of $ 100 to buy the option . There is also a platform for trading binary options also provide time frames for a day or weekly as well. Income World Cup Review

Date of expiration of short-term (short term) : This means that the expiration date of the option is only minutes or one hour after the asset purchase (goods ) .

Nevertheless , the Get Auto Commissions options trading in the short term in light of spacing indicators in current events is not useful at all , due to the large number of possibilities exist to price fluctuations in the short term .

Expiration date of mid-range : This Get Auto Commissions means that the validity of the options up to several hours from the time of the start of the asset purchase . There are so many factors that must be taken into consideration like the factors of Foreign Affairs and that will influence the price , for example, economic and political meetings in the world.

Date of expiration long term : This means that the validity of binary options up to a day or several days from the start time of the asset purchase . Nevertheless, news and events affecting foreign influence should be taken into Get Auto Commissions account and analyzed carefully warned

Dollars On Demand Review Is Work?

Dollars On Demand Review Is Work? Was for the massive development of communication technology and programming a key role in the evolution of the Internet and spread around the world . It was therefore a big role in bringing about a radical change in a lot of things economic, cultural and even political . The Internet is now the " network of networks" linking all humans regardless of their countries and cultural backgrounds gain a human can not do without him, but increasingly rely on behind the day.

And trading on the stock market has become one of the most international economic exploitation areas for the spread of the Internet .
Where anyone can buy and sell any kind of Dollars On Demand goods from anywhere in the world and in the any wills Stock Exchange . All that one needs is a computer and an Internet connection .. ! ! Whether you want to trade stocks or commodities or currencies , The Internet has become the main place and safe to do so.

How are traded stock markets via the Internet ?

Which was the type of item you want to be traded , you can not only do this through the company will be the mediator between you and the exchange, which trades in, one can not generally go to the Stock Exchange immediately and proceed with the sale and purchase directly, but this is done by private companies and licensed and highly experienced called Brokerage Firms Brokerage firms. , which will implement the buy and sell orders which order it and do a lot of other services to you .

The process is basically as follows :
• choose a brokerage firm that you want to deal with it.
• open an account in your name to it, and deposited the amount you wish Dollars On Demand invested .
• The follow - up exchange, which would like to be traded and you order a brokerage firm to sell or buy the item you want and the price you choose.
• The brokerage firm will through their representatives who are in one way or another in the stock market to the implementation of orders.
• profits will be added to your account or deducted losses arising from trading from your brokerage firms.
• You can of course withdraw the amount deposited with the brokerage firm or add Garret any time you want.

Previously it was handled between you and the brokerage company is by dial-up or using the fax, when you decide that you buy shares of a company , for example , you are connecting up with a brokerage firm and ask them to do to buy the required quantity of the shares of this company at the price you decide.

Now, as a result of the evolution of the Internet , bringing deal between you and the brokerage company is by special software platform you access it from the brokerage company and you download (download) on your computer probably - there are some sites that use the platform to a web browser directly Forex Strategy Master Review JavaScript ( Java).

When you open an account with a Forex company that chose the company that will ask you downloading the software on your device and password will give you your own password you will use to connect securely brokerage company .

This program will provide you with a direct and immediate connection between your device and which will be connected to the Internet and the brokerage firm where from which you can select the buy and sell orders and look at your account and previous operations that you have made .. Etc.

Featuring such programs as easily as intense and clarity which is not a need for special expertise in the computer or the Internet to deal with it is primarily designed for use ordinary person with expertise Ltd. in the computer, and you will always find complete instructions on how to use these programs from the brokerage firm you are dealing with The $100 Trick . And we'll talk about it later.

We have provided these capabilities , which were among the dreams a few years ago an Dollars On Demand opportunity for many people to deal with brokerage firms may be on the other side of the world without having to comply with companies in the country as was the case in the past , giving more room for choice and sparked competition among companies mediation to provide better services and to reduce costs by asking stores to pay for these services .
And now ..

After becoming familiar with a lot of information about the mechanism of trading stock markets with Automated Income App in general and the principles of margin trading system . We can now move to the second and main part of this book , the part of the relevant trading currencies on a margin , where they will be after reading and understanding of what it is eligible to start to go into Automated Income App Review practice in this exciting world . Real Time Riches Review

Fast Cash Formula Review

Fast Cash Formula Review Binary options also known as digital options are one of the financial instruments that are traded with a predetermined payout .

The name refers to the duo that there are 2 possible outcomes : first when the options expire profit , meaning that the investor will follow the direction of the market correctly, and another in the options , which ends at a loss , meaning that the investor will follow the direction of the market is wrongful . Another feature that distinguishes binary options is that changes in the price level does not affect the payout. Binary options are the perfect choices to enter the novice financial markets because this type of investment is simple and easy to trade. Fast Cash Formula offers a diverse set of customers for trading the following financial instruments : currency pairs , stocks, indexes and commodities. To make investment easier and more successful than provide additional tools for the investor , including market forecasts for each asset , graphs of the movements of the markets for all asset throughout his life cycles . Binary options investment is suitable for an investor who is looking for a short-term investment with high profit potential .

This type of investment has become the most popular and heavily traded among investors in commodity markets and foreign currencies.

Fast Cash Formula gives you an opportunity to make a profit of up to between 150% - 350 % of your investment during the week in one investment (Monday - Friday ). Can be purchased at the One Touch option only on Friday , Saturday or Sunday, and should be held until the end of Fast Cash Formula Review trading in the following week.

Fast Cash Formula
Fast Cash Formula

Please note that the return of 10 % of the proportion of investment in case of loss to the customer does not apply to options OneTouch .

Option can be purchased at the end of every week starting on Friday , hours after the end of trading on Sunday evening .

Fast Cash Formula of options trading gives the customer to make a profit if the arrival or exceed the price of the basic assets of a specified price at the beginning of the deal only once at any time during the period of his life . Unlike the first type of options which determine the direction of the underlying asset higher / lower and must exceed a predetermined level at the time of expiration.

This option is for Fast Cash Formula Review investors , there will be samples of prices during the period of five days, from Monday to Friday trading, once daily according to the method of calculating and determining the price . Is not published five times during the week, and the number of samples will be reduced accordingly.

Money is to the customer's account when investigating the option profit even if that option did not end the trading period is sufficient that he arrived or exceeded Fast Cash Formula of origin . Options can not be canceled at any time after purchase.

Commission Blockbuster Review Is A Scam?

Commission Blockbuster Review Is A Scam? Marketing is the social networking site Facebook is quite easy ... just hard work and determination to be able to set up the base of the public are always looking for an all-new offer . Unfortunately, all the companies and businesses do not care about marketing through social networking site Facebook , it has become important to reiterate about two things must businesses and small business interest in them.
1 - created a page on the social networking site Facebook and tried to target people with relationship and link including working It is best to get 200 people related to the foregoing about 1,000 people have nothing to do with what you're doing . I work hard so in order to get the wanted persons and it does not assess the number of entrants or fan page , but it is the extent of interest .Value comes before the quantum unfortunately is always a lot of companies and the business sector in this error on the social networking site Facebook.

2 - When you get the wanted persons , you must link to them, and this makes us think about why most of the global brands and shopping for their Facebook pages and not for the company's official site on the internet and they also spend millions of dollars to set up these the Youtube Cash Blueprints large base . Reason is because these companies know they whenever they near their customers , the more sales , there are a lot of people prefer to buy and services that you admire on the social networking site Facebook.
Talk to customers, content and gave them their favorite images and showed them the extent of their interest and predicted an increase in sales and profits. What matters most in command of the companies and the Commission Blockbuster Review business sector is to look for the right people and to involve them in the page and marketing to someone who does not care as provided by the company is nothing but a waste of time and that you are not doing your job in the right place . Find the right people for their company's products or services and try to communicate with them wherever they are and their link . Commission Blockbuster Review Marketing via social networking site Facebook is not difficult , but it needs some time and perseverance to work and focused on these two points will be crowned your efforts with success. The YouTube Cash Blueprints Program Review Facebook marketing in two steps

The YouTube Cash Blueprints Program Reviews

The YouTube Cash Blueprints Program Review Receive new study some light on the purchasing behavior of consumers and social media.

How do you get new clients as a result of turning your fans on Facebook or followers for your Twitter account to buyers ?

There is some research recently conducted by seeing cash entitled " From social media to sell." The results have been used during 6000 in response , and it has been this poll on purchases through social media sites over a period of time not to exceed 17 months. To provide insights into the buying behaviors affected by the three major social networks : Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and The YouTube Cash Blueprints Program Review

The resulting data poll looks very promising . In fact , the study found that nearly four out of every 10 users of Facebook switched from admiration or comment on the items posted on the pages of the site to complete the purchase . And 43 percent of the users of social media have bought the product after exchanged or shared friends in Facebook, twitter or Youtube .

Of course you wonder why users bought social networking sites ? ?

Twitter users have purchased technology products
Youtube users bought food or drink
As for the Facebook users may have purchased types of "other" of purchases , followed by technology products and hair and beauty and clothing .
 Facebook was on top of the existing package online purchases more than 29 percent , and followed by Youtube by 22 percent , while the Twitter rate not exceeding 18 percent.
Therefore, these people were in complete readiness and willingness to buy Patric Chan The YouTube Cash Blueprints Program?

As for the participants' responses in the survey were mixed , " For some Fans and their interaction with the page is an influential and catalyst for extremely buy and others think that the way to provide products that prompted them to shift from mere admiration to buy and spend money . Should point out that you have possibility to get heaps of opportunities for further communication with audiences and followers. you just have to connect participants to the content knowledge and stimulate confidence and permanent support for the constant questions and respond to any The YouTube Cash Blueprints Program inquiries .
Not strain observers repeat these words. Buy or sell sell . But you have to put your products within the great content and make it a topic for discussion , dialogue and exchange of views around. Certainly will have many the comments and also Friends reviews , and eventually will shift some of the participants to the buyers and will sell the same product .
New sales ratios will be impressive .

Therefore advise the house of dialogue to spend enough time to nourish relationships and social media by offering what the fans want , and when they happen. Wait a big surprise . Will enjoy the transformation of a significant proportion of fans to the buyers . And will retain prospective communicate with each time publishes topic or product in the content of your page . Distinctive style and promising you need to take care of to win great results and great support for your The YouTube Cash Blueprints Program company's sales .

Same Day Profits Review - Does Work?

Same Day Profits Review Does Work? Never jump ever in binary options trading because it seems so exciting and fast-paced . You may end up burning hands and the loss of your cash. Before you begin, take little baby steps to understand the binary options trading systems , and how you can earn money. Remember, the goal of binary options trading is to make money , not lose it. Here is a Same Day Profits Review that can help :

Go with a broker that specializes in binary options . Binary options are different from traditional options , where traders can buy assets at a specified rate at a future date . Binary options are shorter trades where the risk to the market price being higher or lower than the price options . Understanding of bilateral deals require different skills , and should work with the new kids on the block, and not with the traditional , your broker regular .
Trade with the assets you know about . Same Day Profits Review allows traders to buy and sell commodities, stocks , currencies and indices. You must choose an asset class you are comfortable . You must stay in touch with the economic fundamentals of the asset class of choice.
Binary options trades can expire every hour - or , go on for a month. You must choose the expiration time to reconcile with your style of trading. Does not encourage beginners in trading with the options in the short term , the ones that expire every hour .
Finally, read and understand everything about binary options. Take an options trading course if you have . Download white papers , case studies, and go through them and carefully put your binary options trading strategy with The Binary Insider Review .
This was a little baby steps that each new binary options trader with option bot must be taken before and he dives into circulation. We hope we have helped brief 101 binary options to understand what is required before you begin.

Tube Cash Code Top 5 Media Sell Ads

Announcements may be sometimes annoying browsing , viewers and listeners, and for the most part to help them take advantage of the offers and services is difficult to know in the absence of ads

And in the United States of America is witnessing ads a great revolution over the past years , especially after the companies realized their importance in persuading consumers and achieve more sales and profits using Tube Cash Code Marketing Techniques .

Let us know the best 5 different sectors you  the various advertisements and in America .

1 - newspapers and journals

Despite what is said about the global trend towards the Internet more, read the news and articles on the Web , but the newspapers and journals yet to lose its luster when advertisers, and has sold about $34.4 billion from advertising on various American newspapers .

2 - TV

TV is still hugely popular , and exploited by advertisers to publicize their products and services all the time such as Tube Cash Code , and focus their concentration on the channels that target their audience and is characterized by high numbers of hits , and has sold amounted to $ 24.8 billion from advertising on the various channels of America.

3 - Internet

Advertising in the Internet, increase and grow significantly , and that prices and costs will be greater in the coming years , due to it being a favorite place for all, where spend more time on the sites , magazines and social networks, and has so far sold about $23.4 billion from advertising Commission Fast Start Review web site.

4 - TV on request

Million Dollar Insider Review Network TV on demand, witnessing is the other large turnout of people out because of the advantages offered by comparison your TV normal, and although it exploited a lot of companies operating in various sectors of this medium to display their ads on targeted users , and have spent in this regard about $ 21.4 billion .

5 - Radio

We can not deny that many of us still regularly to listen to the radio , and if for one hour a day , statistics concerning the number of listeners around the world, refers to a decline in the status of the radio , but without abandon people permanently as was expected for years, and despite it spent companies and institutions in the United States of America $ 17.2 billion on advertising on the radio.

Summary of the article :

Ads will remain pervades all entertainment and benefit that we use, because it is and simply realized GSM Autobot Review companies and various institutions, the exploitation of the ads will it benefit through sales and profits and the value of brands, not to mention it helps us actually go to offers the best, and between We are there and those working in these industries and who benefit from the see us and listen for ads and even clicking on them ! 5k in 15 Days Bonus

Screw95 Review

Screw 95 Review Representing social networks or social networks, as it is called by some a new mediator for marketing and sales do not know did not many, who stopped only when marketing via traditional means , these networks have made could anyone to achieve quick access free interactive with millions of people around the world , because they allows anyone to produce and distribute its content , through blogs or SMS via Twitter or through videos via YouTube or posts and blog entries lengthy Facebook , all of which can be up to millions in minutes without cost if the content in advance in the form attract users, Cash Extractor Pro and organizers of the marketing social networks are not forced to pay for the owner of the means of publication, as is the case in the media marketing and publishing and advertising traditional , and file this month provides a quick look at the world of marketing through social networking to draw attention to this broker Cash Extractor Pro marketing advertising new , especially in front of small and medium enterprises and individuals and all those who have a product or service and is willing to commercialization , but it does not have a sufficient budget to market via traditional means , eat View how marketing and advertising across the top three social media suitable for marketing , a Twitter and Facebook and network LinkedIn , it also offers a look comprehensive how to develop a marketing strategy and implementation of these documents .

Automatic Sixpack

The article said that posted on site that is the basis of business revenue. But despite this, the business owners They can not rely on the same group of customers at all times. Therefore, there are some tips that can be followed by business owners to encourage new customers to return the business to deal with, and begin to regularly purchase them.

The first point is to identify Automatic Sixpack Review customers well; existing Clients will often make up a specific pattern, and try to understand this pattern will help business owners to identify a similar group of potential customers. You should know the reasons why individuals remain loyal to the business, and the use of such a plan or strategy to convert the new acquisitions to frequent.

The second point is the use of efficient customer relationship management; so if a person buying for the first time, it must be based business owners to ensure that they have obtained their data and their purchasing preferences. And you should also make sure they are able to retrieve their previous purchasing operations quickly when they come back to buy again.

The third point is to talk with each client in the way that suits him; Each client has a preferred style of communication with him, or certain preferred purchasing channel used, Phone or e-mail, for example. Therefore, business owners should make the customer feel appreciated, and this is through the use of marketing method favored by.

The fourth point is to avoid marketing to existing customers only; where necessary planning an unusual approach to other clients, or other Automatic SixPack projects, and this through presentations, or special discounts to attract customers.

The fifth point is make things easier on individuals because the longer the purchase of the business again.

The sixth point is considered in an objective manner to the current sales strategy, and see if they fit the customer to convert the non-permanent to permanent clients. And if it is not appropriate, it is necessary to adopt a strategy with a greater focus, and re-evaluate the development and success within six months, and see successful and unsuccessful.

Seventh point is the pricing of products correctly;, it is essential that business owners conduct some market research simple price competitive products like CB Passive Income Bonus, and whether prices are too high and cause clearing the customer, or that the prices are very low so that customers the real value of the products. It is essential that the business owners adjust prices if it's necessary.

The eighth point is that whether customers are willing to buy in the first place, they should business owners that they provide some other necessary accessories that complement their purchasing operations.

The ninth point is to provide after-sales service distinct.

Your Mobile Money Site Review

Your Mobile Money Site Review The most important 8 methods and means of e-marketing
The aim of this article to discuss the most important means of electronic marketing to your site and thus increasing marketing your products and services through you follow simple tips following you can see your site on the top search engines Search Engines such as Google, it will enable you to increase the puck Linux Backlinks and strengthen the links leading to your site from other sites.

Of the most important e-marketing methods:
1 - Write Arabic content good about your products and services benefit the reader and answer the many questions which makes grateful to you and willing to do business with you, and will make it back to your site repeatedly to take advantage of good content, as well as post the link to your site on social networking Social Networks (such as Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus) and also publish content on the Bookmarks which lead to archive Links to your content as it will give you links Backlinks. written content is the first step and must be followed by a step most important, a publication of this content across the Internet., and this should be content Original which can not be copied from other places because this will introduce your site to punish by search engines like Google. Wall Street Exposed 2.0 Review

2 - If you are the owner of a company or site and is looking for a marketing plan for publicity and marketing your services or products can include campaign ad paid Paid Advertisement on Facebook and includes this site millions of millions of visitors in the world with the ability to classify each group or individual according to his interests and his own . In addition you will find the target visitor who is looking for your product and willing comes to you.

3 - ads pilot program in the world of online Google AdWords you this wonderful tool to target the customer who is looking for you by your ad to appear in the search results according to the keywords that you specify or phrases related to your business or service offered by the site.
Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization, which shortened b (SEO) originally meant the creation and structuring of your eBook to commensurate with the global search engines example: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even your site is eligible for marketing and appearing in the search engine results must take into account the availability of standards in the design your site and the content of the site.

4 - Your Mobile Money Site Review Marketing advertising messages on e-mailing (Email Marketing) is a very important way in nature and widespread, but via a Email marketing is considered one of the most famous and most successful way marketing major companies depend strongly located on the Internet.

5 - marketing through mass advertising messages (SMS) is a very effective service enables you to send messages to more than propaganda future at the same time and ensuring access to your customer

6 - Marketing through forums and through the inclusion of hundreds of ads for your site and services in high-quality index, which is engaged in similar work for your domain.

7 - the inclusion of links to sites that operate in the same your activity or other activities, but represent a source of confidence for Google such as major newspapers in the contents of your essay over Google's confidence in your site and thus improve its ranking and increase the number of visitors.

CB Passive Income License Program Review

CB Passive Income License Program Review Director shall implement a social media strategy for the company, develop brand awareness for the company, attracting visitors to company sites and encourage them to adopt and embrace their products.
This role must be implemented in coordination with the department of internal marketing and public relations to achieve this task and to ensure coordination in the voices of the company and its quest to build a social network.

Responsibilities of the Social Media Manager:
 Implement a social media strategy, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the company to ensure their effectiveness and to encourage the adoption of social media technologies in the culture of the company and all its services and products.
Work with the development team to make sure that all the social networking tools (as buttons participation, FB button ..) up-to-date and in good condition.
Marketing campaign management and daily activities, including: $5K in 15 Days ,online invitations, writing articles and updates, customer outreach efforts, promotion .....
Management company's presence in the social media sites, including: Facebook, Twitter and other sites, Blogs publishing company, add renewable content to social networking sites and applications as needed.
To become the voice of the company's media events, and engage in discussions and answer questions if appropriate.
Blogging software management to build a strong brand which express company everywhere in the world.
Effective control standards to measure the impact of social media programs, and analyzing and presenting and writing reports on effective campaigns in order to increase the effectiveness of future results.
Send regular reports from the experience gained from monitoring and social media marketing and editorial team in order to help them create their strategies in a timely manner.
Monitor trends in sites and social media applications.
The requirements of the Social Media Manager:
Experience in project management or organizational skills.
In-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr ...) and learn all the ways of publishing them.
 Knowledge of blogging in the company's jurisdiction.
The ability to communicate information and ideas in a written and verbal, and the ability to build social relationships.
The ability to work with a team, and the confidence to take the initiative and leadership of the other sections if necessary.
Good understanding of the techniques and the ability of the rapid learning of new technologies.
Have a good knowledge of the principles of SEO at
Experiences of marketing, public relations and sales management features are considered.
سوق كوم السعودية  موقع سوق كوم الكويت

$5K in 15 Days Review

$5K in 15 Days Review AKA 5K in 15 Days share with you 12 way to become a recognized professional Upon arrival to the degree of danger or, more accurately lower profits and increased costs, spending on marketing becomes one of the first things that are stopped or decrease the budget, perhaps this will be an opportunity for some to expand their marketing to take a larger share of their competitors in the market.
IQ here is to do marketing to pay a little money with or without pay, by means such as marketing knowledge, organizations or send press releases to local newspapers, but the other way is to become a professional recognized, which is requested by the media to talk and write about the competence, in other words rental experience.
Do you want to be a professional recognized in a particular area, a professional has many international certificates? This is done via the traditional method so that spends the whole age engaged in the specialization There are other ways to achieve this goal, and this idea of ​​12 for this: of studying and get certificates, but a way to take a lot of time is impractical for new entrepreneurs who want to enter the market as important players.
1 - Know what are the important things in your field now, and then learn:
In any jurisdiction magazine is professional or more, get several numbers again, the last three of them at least, and then read page by page from the first to the last, and focused on topics the opening of the editors and you will know which is often what is the important thing among the leaders of this area, and you have to understand and adopt opinion editor of that magazine. Writers and editors know what is best in their field and therefore must be skillful and you have a wide view on those points of interest.
2 - Pay attention to the ads:
Announcements will guide you in many cases to the important things and modern specialization and depending on what is going to talk and attention around him by the leaders in this field.
3 - Write articles and try published in one of the magazines or famous sites in the specialization field:
learn 7 Rules To Start A Business
It's not as difficult as it seems, that one write an article and publish to become a writer like Travis Stephenson in specialization, if there are some problems and refused deployment you, Contact the editor and explain his interest in the domain and publishing will accept you often. Then people will see your name and will read your articles.
4 - Create your own Tube Cash Code blog:
To be able to communicate with the market, and discuss with others in topics specialization, and to establish an open forum with you as an expert in this area, you will be able to shed light on your interests, you can also publish your credentials and certificates your own posts such as articles, interviews and more.
5 - Select audio or visual notation about specialization:
Post videos on YouTube, and music on iTunes, you can use to help services like Audio Acrobat
6 - Qom lecture at universities and institutes:
Every person who lives near the university or college or technical school ... Show on the charge of the school that offers a free lecture to a management teachers about competence domain, as part of the students' curriculum.
7 - show on the associations and clubs and organizations that you lectured them free.
8 - Start seminars, in particular:
 This is also a smart way to increase your credentials by others.
9 - Be Speaking at the companies:
If your domain includes commercial activities, you may be able to talk in a company, after school, during lunch break or at business meetings.
Being speaking in large companies and institutions will add you a lot of confidence and reliance.
10 - Send releases and statements to the local media:
Market for lectures and writings, that evaluated Anything respect your work, all that will be necessary and important for everyone to know you.
11 - joined the National Organization for your domain, and show them to write on the subject of interesting monthly topic to be posted in a magazine or newsletter of their own:
Of course, you have to indicate your name and your business in a professional manner so that it does not appear that you write to promote yourself, pay attention to the presence of your website address.
You are now a permanent writer for a column in a popular magazine, it means that your becoming a respected expert.
12 - If you can, I do seminars and lectures within the national organization which is affiliated to it, this will increase and fame dramatically.
Occur in trade fairs, sponsored by some of the events, and you are proved by anything.

Now beginning to enhance your reputation with a solid foundation of respect. You remember that you are supported globally, author and publisher, a lecturer at universities and schools, professional destination in your country.
In the end marketing yourself as an expert will bring you more work.

Cash Machines 2 Review

Cash Machines 2.0 Review You may have a passion for online advertising, and a lot of great ad ideas, and even a big budget to support the ad campaign. While all this is important in the motivation to build a good marketing strategy, it remains the most important thing is to remain orderly. In other words, in order to make the most of your advertising efforts on the Internet, it is important to understand how to manage and track advertising campaigns. Especially digital marketing that generates many useful statistics that can not be obtained from traditional marketing channels. This article is to explain two key measures to track advertising campaigns.

Scale indicates CTR of the percentage of visitors who let us know by clicking on your ads. This is calculated by dividing the number of ad impressions on the number of clicks. For example, if you click twice on the ad in the bulletin mailing sent to 100 recipients will get this campaign as a 2% CTR.

Conversion Conversion Rate

Scale conversion with commission conspiracy review rate refers to the percentage of visitors who complete are the goal of the page. For example, if the goal of the page is the sale of products, the number of sales for the visitors represents the conversion rate. Vary the method of calculating the conversion rate depending on the target page. Often, the goal is to participate in a newsletter or contact the company.

Divide the number of sales on the number of visitors to get the conversion rate. For example, if you make one sale for every 100 visitors to your web site, you'll get a 1% conversion rate. Study showed a Marketing Shepra company that conversion rate varies depending on the industry where swinging between 2% and 10%. In addition, there are several factors that affect this measure as the goal of the page, the quality of your marketing message and other factors. I will list some of them in a paragraph to improve the conversion rate.

How do you improve the rates of CTR?

Objectives of improving commission conspiracy CTR and conversion rate are not completely independent. CTR on an important measure to increase the number of visitors, but the ads should attract the attention of visitors interested in buying your products and services. This is because the primary goal is to send the largest possible number of potential buyers instead of getting the largest number of clicks. Google recommends making an appropriate declaration to the extent possible with the keywords you are targeting. For example, if you purchase ads appear when you enter the words "Mobile Phones" The use of the words in your ad such as "mobile" or "mobile phone" is more appropriate than the words "mobile devices"

 How do you improve the conversion rate?

This topic is very complex and can not be explained in short and varies according to very site or product ... of, but there are some basics that can be relied upon, go tests A - B A / B test, which is based on the change in the basic elements of the page, such as the headline and design, and prematurely .... Etc., and remotely monitor conversion rates and changes compared to the previous period. These types of tests require a large number of visits 1000 visit to build statistical digital can get out of them a certain conclusion.

In most cases play product marketing message an important role in influencing the conversion rate. Therefore, do their improvement by highlighting the benefits of your products and the integration of pictures and customer commission conspiracy scam testimonials. Do not forget to track your conversion rate Active-mail constantly and compare the effectiveness of the changes that you have made.

Wall Street Exposed Review - Download

Wall Street Exposed Review Should Download it? Wall Street Exposed Review Share With More Ideas and Best Investment Strategy using The Power Of Wall Street Exposed
Sometimes it is the long-term expectation is easier than short. During the next decade, there is a possibility that the returns be very weak and prospects bad as they were a century ago.

But in the short term could happen anything. Look at the cases of the coup and upheaval in global markets during the past two weeks, which was largely led by feelings of tension about the U.S. jobs report, which when published yesterday shows that it is fully consistent with the general trend during the past 12 months. Thus some investors warn that we have a contract disappointing, but at the same time confer more money into the stock market.

The picture looks bad in the long term because the bond and stock prices are unusually high. And therefore there is no point of the big shifts between bonds and equities. This makes life difficult for long-term investors, such as pension funds.

Shows a graph of the Cliff, founder er Q R Money Management in New York, that the returns that could have been achieved, after inflation, portfolio comprises of 60 per cent of the shares and 40 per cent of bonds over ten years, at every point since the beginning of the last century. On this basis were not bleak prospects for the past ten to this point.

How could Cliff production forecasts? Intuition is simple. Over periods of a decade unite stock returns significantly increased their prices at the beginning, as measured by the ratio of stock price to cyclically adjusted profit, which compares stock prices relative to average earnings over the previous ten years. And when this ratio in their minimum conditions for U.S. companies included in the S & P 500, ie when they are between 5.2 and 9.6, the average real returns over the next decade 10.3 per cent.

When the ratio is at the top of the scale (46 recorded during the dot-com bubble), the average returns of 0.5 per cent. At present, the ratio of price to earnings of 23.6. This percentage is much higher than the historical average annual return includes a 0.9 per cent over the next ten years.

For Wall Street Exposed Review bonds are long-term relationship with inflation. And the expected real return is the return on Treasury bonds for ten years minus expected inflation over the next ten years. The winning number was close to zero for a period of time.

Consequently, I do not have long-term investors, many places they can hide it. The stock looks expensive relative to its own history, but they seem less expensive than bonds - thus there is no point in switching from stocks to bonds. But I do not have managers little reason to get out of bonds, especially when regulators funds paid on the acquisition. What can we do about it? Osnes indicates that the wish to return by 5 per cent do not need them to overcome their reluctance and resort to financial leverage and derivatives (to enlarge returns from trading safe but boring) and sell short (to make money when stock prices to fall).

The academics discovered enough imbalances in the long term in the stock markets in a manner sufficient because investors have the opportunity to get 5 per cent. For example, tend to cheap stocks that outperform, while stocks with strong momentum tend to continue to move in the same direction. Others who feel similarly pessimistic about the long-term returns are putting the simplest strategies. For example, Jeremy Grantham, founder of wealth management fund "GM or" in Boston, indicates that the assets "of high prices globally," but the price is driven bubbles ecstatic. He expects population shifts to pay dividends to its lowest in the coming decades, but for the time being considered investments "GM or" in stock "overweight modestly" because it is less expensive than bonds. This has led to make a profit.

In the meantime, raises the absence of bubbles possibility that one of them can swell. The events of the past week as to how that can happen to them. Prior to the release of the U.S. jobs report on Friday, the dollar's decline. Japanese stocks suffered affected by the weak dollar and the strong yen "bear market" and actual decline of 20 per cent over a period of almost up to two weeks. This is driven by concerns about the volatility of the date on which it will begin the Fed to withdraw its support for asset prices. And the occurrence of such event would strengthen the dollar. There had been speculation on the report Poor relation to the labor market, which could involve the support of the largest markets for a longer period, and this would weaken the dollar.

But with the Wall Street Exposed publication of the report, which showed that the recovery is still ongoing in the United States, but it is impressive, turned speculation to the early date of the beginning of the process of withdrawal; prevail speculation that September will be the date anticipated, but there is a lot of potential dates other. And lessons learned from last week stating that the market is in a state of panic on the date of the final exit of the Federal Reserve, and that the time element in the near-term market is a nightmare. May result in withdrawal date too far to create a lower risk for dangerous heavy selling of what could happen in the event of premature withdrawal. Thus, the probability occurrence of a surge in the stock accumulates towards forming a bubble fact is a growing possibility. Anyone who can identify the exact timing of it may invest sufficient funds to survive the subsequent developments. But the basic fact remains true: easy to give long-term expectations over the short term. The long-term does not look good.
Wall Street Exposed Review BlogPost

Malaysia to host global marketing conference next September

Malaysia hosts the World Marketing Conference 2013, on September 28 next year, for a period of 3 days.

A statement issued by the conference, quoted as saying by the Qatar News Agency, the conference will bring together the ideas the most innovative among companies, government agencies and private and academics, to explore how to integrate marketing solutions with affirmative action, to address social and economic issues that have been demarcated by the United Nations, in the framework of the Millennium eight Millennium development KD Suite.

The President of the Conference, said that the Millennium Development Goals are very important, to enable communities worldwide in bridging the gap between the rich and poor, healthy and sick, and the uneducated and illiterate, adding that the target date is 2015, and that the action plan drawn up by the United Nations, been agreed upon by all countries in the world and leading development institutions. Option Bot 2

Successful sale in Ten Steps

The key to successful selling is to identify any motives brought the customer to you then presentation sale convinces him that you can your product or services is that these needs are common. This process can be divided into ten steps from bottom to top (up)

1 - Setup:

The goal of this stage of the sales process that is all the preparations necessary to collect data and documents related to the product and the company like Real Quick App, then the collection of data about the customer and competitive prices for your facility and those suppliers who have dealt with him before, and what are the competitive goods to you in the market and their prices and terms of sale until Offer good for your product. If you are the owner and manager at the same time you have to make the policies, procedures and rules of selling the facility code is written to the sales team.

2 - Prediction:
  The purpose of this stage in the sales process is to find customers expected to buy from your business and there are three types:

- Lead new: It comes as a result of the announcements about the property. Or go to them salespeople to expose their goods and this method is usually performed through many sales people who may have the desire to buy something and does not have time to search, if Maogda the front usually Mistraeh the
- A regular client and expected: The effort, which includes his seller to make the old customer knows what is new to him. It is important that the seller knows that the old regular customer is the most important client is expected to buy his product.
- A lead inside the shop: This includes an assessment of the client and determine its size as he entered the shop. This means using all your powers of observation and experience to determine if this person will buy, or is it just surfed in the stores to pass the time. It needs help and prefers to leave alone watching then decide.

3 - approach:
  The objective of this stage of the sales process is a positive open and then try to find out information about the customer as much as possible and motives for buying before you start in the presentation of the product or service to sell. However it is best to know what you say before approaching the client. Naturally you would begin salute, then questions to determine what the client wants so as not Tnverh the talk about some things and accused him of not approaching the client Asked Can you help? Because the answer will be thanks, I look just you and this will close the debate on the case because customers hear this sentence often comes therefore respond automatically.

4 - Submission:
 The purpose of this stage is to tell the customer everything needed to know to make a decision to buy. Make sure that your message fit its needs, however they are a good opportunity to affect the decision, but this is done must be focused on what the benefit of the buyer, and make it shares in the discussion and through it provide him with substantiated on Matcol, and then select choices so limited in only two or three of the supply, and then try to embody the profit who Segnih if bought now, not after that.

5 - experimental Conclusion:
 The purpose of this phase is to display a sentence or an important question lets you know if the customer is on the verge of making a purchase decision. Avoid saying, "Are you on the verge of taking one day?" This is about the buyer in case he think you are working for your own good and you're trying to sell only.

6 - detect objections:
 The purpose here is to discover why the buyer is ready to buy now.

7 - objections treatment:
 Here, you should refer to the presentation and discussion of the client in any aspect may be misunderstood or raised doubts. For example, if the client said that Price high go to the following four points:

- Yes .... But: namely, that "compatibility" and then says, but then begin to view the features that made the product dearly
- Confrontation with a question: "Why considered dearly product?" With this know where the objection then you can discuss it, to convince him of the reasons or reduction if possible.
- Re-telling Intercept: "You think that item expensive" re what the client said can reduce the size of the object in the eye of the customer.
- Direct response: "It is what you pay when more is usually better." "Quality is always expensive," This method may not bother some people, but work with a lot because it inspires confidence in the product and its quality.

8 - final conclusion:
 Here is the question or directing the sentence that motivate the customer to make a purchase decision and this is done you can do the following:
- Service provided: "We can deliver the product to you at home this evening"
- Give the choice "Do you want to kit consisting of five or eight pieces"
- Give an incentive: "If I buy now you'll get a 10% discount"
- Select a time for the end: "If you want to buy now decided there is not one for us"

9 - Proposed Sale:
  The purpose of this stage of the sales process is to encourage the customer to purchase more to submit a specific proposal for another product or service such as Turnkey Commissions may be needed by the client. For example: "With this pants you can buy this shirt." Most people prefer the completion of the purchase in one round on the same day. The customer agrees to the offer and complete the purchase. But do not use "Is there anything else you need" This question usually ends with a "no thank you" but as I said earlier, "Show something specific."

10 - Follow-up:
The purpose here to make sure that all the steps involved in the sale is complete, the delivery order, purchase price and ensure customer satisfaction have been fully taken. Here you must add "We are delighted you honored our Real Quick App Review shop or our company," and connect the client to the door if possible. And you must know that this is the one who ensures the return of customer satisfaction with the product and treatment within the facility

Ads portable devices revive Facebook

Social networking site months announce new design confronted him on mobile phones to meet the aspirations of the participants. Announced the social networking site Facebook Wednesday months increased sales during the first quarter of the current year, thanks to the growth of advertising services for mobile devices, where this sector revenues increased by 30% compared to the same period of last year.

The Easy FB Commissions 2 company's revenue jumped from advertising by 43% compared to the first quarter of last year.

Facebook says that the number of users of the site currently stands at 1.1 billion users, an increase of 23% compared to the same period last year, while the number of users of the site via mobile devices reached 751 million users, an increase of 54% over the year.

Two studies showed Kadimtan marketing companies across the social networks that the average cost of getting a new fan on Facebook in the United States up to $ 175, while less than the cost of obtaining admire Arabic for one dollar.

The study showed that companies such as "me. Mother. W." for cars in some paid advertising campaigns 1613 in exchange for $ admire and one for the front, while paying a shop such as "Wal-Mart" of $ 834. This amount is reduced to $ 75 in the case of other companies such as "Coca Cola" soft drinks, and "Nike" and "Adidas" sports instruments.

With millions of visitors, "Facebook page," and half of them through mobile phones, announced "Facebook" for new design confronted him on mobile phones to meet the aspirations of the participants.

Through the new design will notice the existing and potential customers how easy the new design to interact with their pages in a practical way and more effective.

The amendments provide a new design in the user many Easy FB Commissions 2 advantages, including simple form and Manual, in addition to the best interface for viewing pages.

The new interface allows users a simple way to interact with the page, to express admiration, contacts, messages, and participate and other options that appear at the top of the page in the "Facebook" now.

Facebook emphasizes that the first section of the social network is re-designed to be appropriate for smart phones in the first place.

Options Hybrid Review

Options Hybrid Review the new generation of Binary options Robot! Options Hybrid is hot trend in the market right now! Get Options Hybrid & Test it for a limited time only...

Options Hybrid Although binary option requires the trader to choose one of the options, set the expiration time. Any prediction, either up or down must be achieved at the expiration of the time, there are three types of binary options, namely: One-touch, Double touch, No connection Options Hybrid Review It must be all three times the time and have expiration. There is a way out of this thing, and that is through the expansion of binary options expiration times, one can have a better chance to make money. Feature list provided to the dealer with the option to extend the time of expiration. This provides the dealer with an option to recover from the loss that may be incurred if you did not extend the time of expiration. This is done when the trader feels that he will incur a loss if they went with expectations, but there are opportunities to reverse the loss if an extension of time.

Existing forwarding feature is useful when the merchant and be confident of his predictions and decisions, but needs a little more time to reach the expected target. There are some expenses that need to be incurred to take this option. But most of the time it is worth incurring such expenses, compared with gains which may be incurred due to the lack of a long time. This option should be exercised in these cases where the merchant at the time, who bought it, so will lead to the merchant's profit. Otherwise, this option make it incur more losses. Also the excessive use or misuse of this feature leads to death by your Options Hybrid broker. There are also opportunities that this option may seem very tempting for someone who is about to lose in circulation, it will take up this option without proper analysis. This has to be avoided by the merchants. Options Hybrid Education

Twitter test the new features for the local tweets

A large body of news about the company test "Twitter" a new feature that allows users to access to the site "tweets" issued by the geographical scope of their location. So as to facilitate access to local news and events and communication between people who are in one geographic circle. The new feature will appear to the user "tweets" the most relevant events near it, especially when it comes to effectively certain Auto Bettors Bot Download or local festivals and others. The feature can also be used indiscriminately to see what is going on around you in general.

They may also be very useful in cases of sudden disaster, which requires a rapid exchange of information between all of it exists in the place of the event. And until this moment, the rest of this new feature in the context of the rumors has not yet issued any official information about the launch date of service. The company is known for "Twitter" it is respect to the creation of significant changes to the services.

Emperor Social Marketing

No longer limited inter I am a listener you psychiatrists these days has been in contact with this policy the focus of the marketing policy hubs in corporate life by listening to its current or potential customers, which really began to listen to her fans better than reading the complaints Fund only what happened?

Social Media Marketing with
There is no doubt that social media and are intended to sites whose content is generated entirely by the visitors and not by the management of the site such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Opened a new era in the world of Web dubbed the social web. Because this type of media is the behavior of people had to be for marketing professionals to pay attention to this shift in the behavior of their customers, and adjust their strategies and plans marketing in line with this change in the behavior of customers, in addition to the new possibilities offered by social networking in the field of communication with your customers and find out their opinions and listening to their conversations in an easy, simple and free.
We will provide in our series of these eight episodes on how to use social media in marketing, especially for the work of small-scale, and will rely mainly on the chain raised by the company Dell, which speaks of best practices that they have acquired through their experience in marketing via social media.

Part I
Learn the art of listening
Any company of any size you want to participate in the world of successful media and social networking, it has to take enough time to listen to the ongoing dialogues and discussions on these social networks. Take, for example, an ongoing dialogue at a dinner party, you certainly will not come in the middle of the dialogue and start talking very loudly about topics you want to ask. Natural disposition to come and introduce yourself first start for people who want to debate with them, and then listen to what they talk to him and engage in their discussion so that they can put their thoughts and discussion posts. The same methodology to be followed by businesses that wish to enter into the world of social networking.
Listening to customers, potential customers and influential people on public opinion to your clients and rely on their advice and opinions to reformulate products or services provided by them is the cornerstone of any successful program in the field of integration into social networks. In this part, will share tools such as Emperor Social Software, techniques and best practices that we have obtained to help in the process of starting on this journey useful and interesting in the world of social media marketing.
Small Business Opportunity
Follow through dialogues taking place on blogs, forums, social networks and other channels of a social nature, small businesses can get the views of its customers with services and products offered by directly without having to conduct costly research by the institutions polled customers. In most cases, you will not see people talking about your services and products specifically online, but you can learn a lot by listening, for example, to the following:

- The size of the talks taking place about your company, your competitors, the field in which it operates, and the things that concern your field, in addition to the nature and tone of the talks.

- Who are the influential people who are leading these talks through their pages on Facebook, or their channels on YouTube, or blogs. As there are hundreds of millions of these channels and pages trying to find out the top 20 or 30 people, influence and lead dialogues and discussions that interest via the Internet such as Forex Indicator Predictor Review.

- What he loves and hates your clients in addition to what they need and expect to offer them.

- Activities of competitors

The perceptions that get them through listening can lead the strategy followed by the company in the field of access to the world of social media. For example, you can provide better answers to the most important questions, such as: in any social networks must be involved, must be targeted, what is the type of content that should be posed on these networks, for example, you must publish a text blog entries, or clips video, or images, etc.. Add to this that can provide you with creative ideas in the field of business and marketing.
There are many ways to start the process of listening in your network. Here are some tips:

- Find out where people talk about your brand and the area in which they operate on the Internet. Try to use some free tools such as Search Blogs feature only offered by each of Google, the company Technoratio to determine blogs and other types of social media that talk about you and the important topics for the company.

- Create a blog reader RSS, which refers RSS to Real Simple Syndication any "Mode simple real" and which is a form of transmission periodic content updates on the Web, such as updates, blogs or podcasts or news to an RSS reader such as Bloglines, Netvibes, Google Reader. This technique allows you to see updates from Web sites that interest you all in one place instead of her every day. You can begins two steps easy steps:
1 - Create an account on one of the previously mentioned services. Operation is easy and free.
2 - Sign up for RSS service for a number of blogs, news and other important sites. Just look to the world-famous symbol of this Orange service.
3 - Make them usually, to read new topics in RSS reader every morning.

- Perceptions participated and taken action: Develop a process to collect, analyze and share these perceptions. And most important to find a way to act in accordance with these perceptions you get. For example, if a customer has flattered on your products sent him thank you on the same network used by social whether it's on Facebook or comment on the blog. If there is a user complains about your products or services, tried to communicate with him and then fix the problem.

- Explore the platforms more sophisticated listener. The free listening tools previously mentioned good but each has limited possibilities can not give more than that. According to your company's needs, you can choose to workout more advanced tools such as listening platforms rely on paid subscriptions such as Radian6. Tell them that Dell is a company that proposed by you to get a distinctive view.

Best Practices
According to our experience in the Dell in addition to our conversations with business owners, small and medium-sized enterprises. We have identified several points fall under the title of the best experiences in the art of listening, such as:
- Assign a team or person to lead the program to listen to your company, but encouraged all Marketing Specialist addition to the company's owner and CEO to engage in effective listening in one way or another.

- Make sure that the means of communication and IT policy in your company allow employees access to social networking sites during work. Where Dell has open social networking sites for all staff to participate in the conversations taking place about their products on these networks and to listen to them.

- Do not just focus on blogging about fat loss program. Clients can talk about you on the forums or on Facebook and YouTube.

- Do not listen to the conversations taking place all around you. Listen to the conversations that revolve around your competitors, about your business and any other matters of interest to your customers.

- Then take action according to learn, and be sure to inform your clients that you listen to them and apply their ideas. One way to accomplish this step is to write blog entries about the ideas that you have studied in the company or which are under application for customers to take advantage of the ideas and comments. We will discuss how you can take advantage of blogging independently later.

A typical case
The company Emperor Social, a company that makes kitchen mats wear-resistant, daily monitoring of conversations that revolve around its brand, where I noticed some negative comments on Amazon. They required the customer and directly addressing and solving the problem he is talking about. This customer did not expect that the company will bother or trying to repair the negative when he wrote his commentary on the Amazon site. The result: the company transferred the customer upset of the product to the customer satisfied with it, so he then delete negative Commenting and wrote a comment positively encourages Garih to the purchase of the company.

Practical examples:
Despite the popular Emperor Social Review, but there are big on Facebook of waging a systematic campaign against their products to show any defects and advised customers with products offered by competing companies. Can not be for Apple to ignore him and must listen to them and try to take advantage of their criticism.

Marketing and Strategic Planning

Represents Marketing according to the contemporary concept in IM John Chow approach administratively and executive integrated aims to identify and predict the needs of the consumer, including reflected brings about physical best of the institution that used marketing tool for the integration products in the social fabric of where you are institution, whether locally in a State or an intercontinental as the case in international companies. And taking some important considerations science in marketing:
Marketing is not intended sale
Some look to the marketing and they are selling the same thing, but is selling only part of the marketing process, which involves marketing more than selling things, but we can be like that selling most of the main objectives of marketing.
Marketing is not intended to send direct mail or distribute propaganda bulletins.
Many other institutions that they can send any amount of direct mail to get the trade you like, and perhaps Order Houses rightly so, but must be available to institutions other ways to support the process of sending direct mail and enhance their success. It is also not intended to distribute leaflets advertising of high quality, it is just an important component of the marketing plan of the institution when mixed with ten other important elements or more.

Strategic Planning Strategic Planning is planning long-term takes into account all the variables of internal and external institutions and identifies target markets and methods to be followed towards the competition, also identifies where you want to be up the institution in the future according to the strategies Foundation annual or quarterly carried out in several stages through predicted the future status of the institution and not to predict the future and prepare for it. And strategic planning helps institutions to identify priorities and crisis management, and support management in general.

Strategic Marketing Planning
And has resulted in increased attention to actively marketing within organizations and companies to adopt the concept of strategic planning on the activities of marketing and management figures. Which institutions would adopt strategic planning as a method and approach to work is working on to reach the desired goals for both sides of the equation, producers on the one hand and consumers on the other hand, through laws and legislation that would prevent monopoly and preserving the rights of the consumer.
Therefore received MBA program specialty marketing and strategic planning with British educational institutions interest where the inclusion within the disciplines of Business Administration accepted by many graduate students in accordance with the system of distance education and open learning, e-learning and study of belonging.
And has been the launch of this course specifically for managers and administrators marketing, strategic planning and all employees in marketing circles and strategic planning within the business and industrial and service in order to have a comprehensive vision and clear in the field of business administration in general, in parallel with the provision of ground and is confident strong in the field of marketing and strategic planning, according the latest regulations and accepted standards in the UK in the fields of business management, marketing and strategic planning.

The program focuses on enabling students from being able to exercise strategic planning effective and preparation of the marketing process through refinement knowledge competitors and have access to information of those competitors and develop an action plan integrative linking strategic marketing and strategic management, and has been the curriculum for this program based on the norms marketing and strategic plans in place in the UK and so by the greatest experts and professors of marketing strategies in the United Kingdom.
The Fat Burn Doctor

Smart phone industry in China depends on Google

A government research institute said that producers of smart phones in China rely heavily on the Android operating system produced by Google American hindering the development of local industry. Quick Fire Social review
The news agency reported Bloomberg global economic yesterday that according to a document dating back to February and issued by the Chinese Academy of Telecommunications Research under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is controlled strictly in core technology for Android by Google, facing Chinese companies discriminate commercially against including delay in sharing code. The academic pointed out that the new participants in the market will face significant obstacles, adding in its report that China has more than 300 local factory for mobile devices running Android what constitutes 97.7 percent of smart phones produced locally. Bloomberg quoted Christopher Katsarus Google spokesman as saying that «Google displays its operating system for mobile for free in order to promote the use of its program and build a platform for mobile ads. This allows hardware manufacturers to modify its properties and providing new possibilities for users. safe simple cash
And added Katsarus «Android laptop program is open source and available free to all. Worldwide, Android dominates the smartphone market a market share approaching about 70% of exports, followed by system «any OS of Apple Inc. of America, then the BlackBerry operating system produced by« RIM is Canadian. Belly Dancing Course

80% use Twitter in Britain via mobile

Twitter users via mobile phones in the UK (s) that accounts more than once a day
Detecting micro-blogging site "Twitter" that 80% of site users in the UK use it via their mobile phones, and that these are characterized as browsing their Twitter accounts more than once a day by more than 40% for users of the site across different computers. Fantasy Lover Formula

The reason for this high score to that smart phones allows the use of the application of "Twitter" more quickly and effectively, it can be used, for example, while watching TV or in bed before going to sleep or while shopping or even while walking in the streets.

That leaves users of the site in the United Kingdom accounts on "Twitter" without even during trips with friends, where the site notes that most users involved in the UK flights.

And describes the statistical disclosed Twitter recently that one out of three users of the site through mobile phones, write the note, or more than they are with friends or family.

It also showed that 43% of users "Twitter" via mobile in the UK re-tweets, and 29% add to favorite, while writing 32%  about what they see on television, and is keen 31% take a picture and share them on the social networking site.

And remember that users of statistical "Twitter" via mobile in Britain strongly interact well with their favorite brands in reality through the networking site.

She pointed out that 67% of users of "Twitter" via mobile phone in the UK follow their favorite brand account, while following the 25% of those more than ten brands, and 50% of them are keen to follow up the account to communicate with customer service. In addition, 45% of keen users on the recommendation of their friends through the site quality brands they prefer.

Referred to as the "Twitter" collect most of the numbers that statistic during the period between July and August / August of last year, though he did not disclosed until today.

Depriving Apple from the sale of smart phones as the iPhone

Lost U.S. electronics giant Apple yesterday last rounds judicial battle in order to obtain the right to sell smartphone devices as iPhone in the Brazilian market.
The new National Institute for Intellectual Property in Brazil right Brazilian electronics company Jradint use the trade name iPhone recorded its name in 2000 long before the American record company of the same name. Said Marcelo Chiminto, Institute spokesman, said that this does not mean that Apple can not sell phones as iPhone in Brazil immediately. He added that can Jradint use Institute's decision to ask the judiciary to prevent Apple from using the brand in the Brazilian market, which analysts expect. The Apple recorded iPhone brand name for the first time in 2007 when he produced a smartphone that carries the name and raised in the markets.

It seems that writing Jradint for the iPhone name in a different way than writing Apple has had no impact on the decision of the Institute. And recorded Jradint brand name and then took several years until the product launched in the market.easy insta income review

The Apple filed a complaint in 2008 requesting unregister Jradint name because of the delay in the commercial product launch with the name and the court ruled in this complaint so far.

Mobile phone sales fell in front of smart phones

Saw mobile phone sales declined significantly around the world for the first time in four years in front of rival smartphone, which may be more expensive but more efficient and more attractive to millions around the world and data indicate that in 2012 saw the sale of about 75.1 billion mobile phones decline of 7.1% of what was recorded in 2011. Ping Fresh Review

This comes at a time when continued when all of "Samsung" and "Apple" control market selling mobile phones with total sales of $ 385 million mobile phone in 2012, formed a smart phone about 5.53 \% of them in exchange for 130 million smart phone for the company "Apple ".

The company came "Huawei" Chinese in third place with regard to sales of smart phones all over the world for the first time in the fourth quarter of last year, selling about 2.27 million smart phone, an increase of 74% Souq com Egypt

Google put an exhibition of Sciences to look for ideas to change the face of the world

The Google offering showroom your Google Science is a contest online is open to students of all ages 13-18 years from all over the world, which bears the name of GOOGLE Science Fair 2013 in conjunction with the Scientific American, CERN, LEGO, National Geographic.

Aim of the exhibition is to look for ideas that will change the face of the world, and begin the actual participation of the exhibition by owning an account on Google.

The figures show started from January 30 and will continue until April 29, 2013, that the science fair is divided into several lectures, including questions and answers and offer a different scientific projects.

And will include prizes provided by Google several levels, including a trip national geographic exploration in the Galapagos, a adventure over 10 days in the laboratory, District of Darwin she Islands Jalabadzs which will play the winner of confrontations with wildlife rare, in addition to a scholarship from Google worth $ 50000 U.S. and that if he won team will be divided equally among them.

The awards include also award age which is about experience of the center CERN in Switzerland, and Fermilab in the United States, the two biggest research centers to physicists and enjoy the award-winning finalist for the competition final this year experiences in the CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research, or LEGO or scholarship worth $ 2500 and other gifts , and this grant be used to cover the costs of education for each qualified for the competition. shoe in money

There is also a prize custom company LEGO which is about personal color is allocated to each member of the team to built himself and this award presented by LEGO, also provided SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN award allows for schools that followed her eligible to compete possibility access digital free for one year to those archives provided. Souq uae

Google plans to launch the first Android glasses through 2014

Web search giant announced "Google" intention to put the first pair of running "Android" for testing by the end of this year to be put on the market next year.
And can donned glasses follow what surrounds it while on the move from one place to another, it also allows the user to perform tasks delivered by by smartphone, make calls and scheduling work and meetings and take pictures and watch the video, and learn about the weather and trends through Google Maps.
The most important characteristic of glasses smart they replace external speakers technology known as "Mosul bone", which allows the transfer of audio signals from the device to the inner ear through the skull, taking into account the fact that the technology will not isolate external audio, meaning that the wearer can distinguish sounds
The American company has announced the U.S. leader in the field of research and technology and Internet services that apostates glasses will be able to send and receive text messages and e-mail messages through voice commands via voice recognition technology supplied by those glasses, which may exceed the price barrier of $ 600. Souq KSA

Google attracts millions of users and earns billions of dollars

Additionally percent billion request that address every month in the world engine "Google" search, the American giant has 425 million active users in the service of the exchange of e-mails "Gmail", and 800 million users last platform "YouTube."

And this search engine is available at more than 146 languages, which improves "more than 500 times per year" and handles more than 100 billion every month in search world, according to data provided by the U.S. group.

Has introduced other services over time, such as service exchange electronic messages "Gmail" which was launched in 2004 and which today comprises 425 million users active in the world, as well as networking site "Google +" which was launched in 2011, which includes the more than 500 million accounts.

It also launched "Google" your browser, "Chrome" who resorted to more than 300 million users, throwing out "of Microsoft," compete "Apple" with mobile phone operating system (Android) used in more than 500 million devices.
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Google launches service to surf the web Offline

Launched "Google" a service that enables users of the operating system "Chrome" browse Web pages and interact with them without the need to connect to the Internet. Forex Sniper Pro review

And presented a new possibility that allows users to browse easily in the absence of contact with the Internet offline to follow different applications related to the Internet is stored on a personal hard disk them without an Internet connection. The announcement this news Michael Frederick software engineer in the Department of slides slides for this change in style of presentation where he said: It is now making, modify and even make comments and interact with slides different without to connect to the Internet permanently, and it is also available in the application Google Docs . Of course, such a possibility requires an operating system Chrome - Chrome OS to load and raise the slide, in addition to the need to install an add-install the Offline Docs Once the application of those settings will not need mostly to any other amendments. Internet Business Factory

Finally, this change is part of the conversion process carried out by the "Google" for the possibility of working documents and views applications using the "Google" is connected to the Internet. Following Frederick said the company is now working on the possibility of similar papers called Google or Google Sheets. success with anthony 2

Facebook Application displace Google Maps of America Summit

Removed the application of the social networking site Facebook Google maps on top of the applications used by smart phone users in the United States of America.
According to the figures by com SCORE Foundation, the number of users for Facebook application exceeded the number of users of Google Maps since September to December 2012.

The statistical that the number of visitors who have to enter a freelance via Facebook Application for mobile phone in December reached about 85 million and 574 thousand visitors from out of more than one billion active users of social networking site, with the number of users of the application Google Maps for less than 75 million users .

The primary reason for the decline in the number of users of Google Maps on phones to Apple's abandonment of Google Maps in version 6 of the operating system iOS. Syndication Rockstar review

The Apple has abandoned application support Google Maps in operating system iOS 6 launched in conjunction with the iPhone 5, where the company decided to America to provide a special application by the maps did not receive the admiration of a lot of users because of the number of errors, which summoned CEO of Apple, Tim Cook to formally apologize, and before you start to ask for that application updates again.

The statistical com SCORE also pointed out that the Facebook application is more applications that spend phone users in the United States and their time, so spend it minute of every three minutes, using applications installed on their phone

, It is expected to increase the number of users for Google Maps again after the company introduced a copy of the application for the sixth version of the system iOS, which is the version that was welcomed by users of iPhone, iPad frequently soon as it became available on the App Store. Reveal The Thin Within Review