Best smart phone applications in 2012

Applications for angry birds and other fruit splitting into two halves or send short text messages for free, as well as image and video capture and use of social networking, what are the applications that accept people downloaded more than others in 2012?
There are currently more than 700 thousand application for smart phones ready for download from the "iTunes" to Apple's site "ble Store" of the company Google. But what are the applications that are difficult for owners of smartphones abandoned, and what are the most famous of these applications in 2012?
There are practical applications offer services has become one of the necessities in today's world such as weather, e-mail and mapping service or some social networking like Facebook and Twitter. Many of these applications are old, but some appeared in the past few months.
Free alternative to SMS
Apple has prepared a list of the most important of these applications and divided it into a free and non-free, and in addition to use on the iPhone, iPad, can each be running Android.
And came in first place in Germany application Watts father WhatsApp, to send free SMS text messages, which appeared in 2011. This application is still vulnerable to criticism because of problems with data protection and privacy. This application allows also the possibility of communication between Android devices, iPhone, as well as the ability to send photos and video clips and placemat.
In the field of photography came Anstagram application Instagram, which debate erupted around him in recent weeks because of the new policy and announcing his intention to invest Photos participants in the ads, but retracted this policy after a wave of protests. The improved smart phone cameras to the prosperity of imaging applications, which have become quality images of not less than picture quality small cameras. The program allows Anstagram 17 the possibility of image processing before they are published on the Internet or send them to a friend. binary wealth bot review
Free applications
 Taxi drivers use smart phone applications to communicate with their customers
Two applications can be obtained against former princely sum, but the application of free dial and most widespread is the application Skype for phone calls over the Internet. Although it is a program that Old desktop computers, but this year was ranked third among months and most downloaded applications. In addition to making phone calls with other subscribers, it allows you to communicate with them via SMS.
Led the competition between Apple and Google to the feet of the first to write off application YouTube of the new operating system iOS 6. Before that, a YouTube application within applications iPhone devices loaded on the device when you buy it. As with the new operating system the user must download YouTube himself, so it is no wonder that this application was ranked first among free iTunes application.
Another application which gained in Germany in the past year, an application that allows the user to know the whereabouts of the nearest taxi / taxi driver and contact free throughout the application. Meanwhile, the application uses the new thirty German cities. Germans also accept to download the application of GPS or GPS, provider mechanism to warn drivers when they approached the whereabouts of speed detection radars and police.
Angry Birds
As in the smart phone games application came to Angry Birds Space game in the first place, and third in terms of the most downloaded applications. Although the game Angry Birds relatively old, but it is still my favorite game on smartphones. In this game player uses Mqlaaa to infect birds and dropped.
And soon gained a game Draw Draw something popular thing when issued in February 2012. Despite the decline in demand for them but it remained the second most playing paid downloaded in 2012 on Android and Apple devices.
According to the company Fleury to analyze the data, consumers have spent in 2012, two hours a day on average in the use of smart phone applications, an increase of 35 percent compared with 2011. It is expected that number will continue to increase in 2013.


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