Facebook Application displace Google Maps of America Summit

Removed the application of the social networking site Facebook Google maps on top of the applications used by smart phone users in the United States of America.
According to the figures by com SCORE Foundation, the number of users for Facebook application exceeded the number of users of Google Maps since September to December 2012.

The statistical that the number of visitors who have to enter a freelance via Facebook Application for mobile phone in December reached about 85 million and 574 thousand visitors from out of more than one billion active users of social networking site, with the number of users of the application Google Maps for less than 75 million users .

The primary reason for the decline in the number of users of Google Maps on phones to Apple's abandonment of Google Maps in version 6 of the operating system iOS. Syndication Rockstar review

The Apple has abandoned application support Google Maps in operating system iOS 6 launched in conjunction with the iPhone 5, where the company decided to America to provide a special application by the maps did not receive the admiration of a lot of users because of the number of errors, which summoned CEO of Apple, Tim Cook to formally apologize, and before you start to ask for that application updates again.

The statistical com SCORE also pointed out that the Facebook application is more applications that spend phone users in the United States and their time, so spend it minute of every three minutes, using applications installed on their phone

, It is expected to increase the number of users for Google Maps again after the company introduced a copy of the application for the sixth version of the system iOS, which is the version that was welcomed by users of iPhone, iPad frequently soon as it became available on the App Store. Reveal The Thin Within Review


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