Problems of e-marketing

There are many goods that we find on the web pages in order to market the chip users Web only that the culture of marketing and online shopping is still the opinion of some risky and unreliable results, we asked one of them, for example, his opinion buy a commodity online, it will reject certainly justified his refusal scared to be a scam of a certain type, although universally recognized.

For its part, knew the World Trade Organization "electronic commerce" as activities that produce goods and services, distribution, marketing, sale and delivery to the buyer through the electronic media, is that this definition to process e-commerce remains a prisoner books that I knew as long as does not have the infrastructure, especially in some Arab countries which is still crawling around in the world of the Internet and its uses exclusive in our communities to communicate and search for information. التسوق الالكتروني

Experts say: often innovative developments in various fields of life into rejection evident at the outset by the general community, and driven by the mere fact that one has to familiarize yourself over a long period of time with the transactions of life forms understood and proven by him.
Thus generated has a case of not wanting to those innovations that require nothing effort to cope with it. Thus we find usually slice specialists in the community to be in that situation is a slide that plays the role of the engine of the society concerned to clarify the pros or cons of engaging in a process of renewal and development required with the best application methods.

With regard to the process of online shopping is the process interesting and feature fun it provides the convenience of shoppers instead of fatigue caused by roaming in shops and hear different kinds of presentations and exposure to annoying salesmen persuasion attempts in many cases. , Proceeding from this, we find that the process of electronic shopping attracts public to engage the greed comfortable, may remain one reassuring them unless exposed during the special problems make it discovers that he is going in the world is safe and only then reconsider its position and meditates while warn specialists.

 Mail marketing problems:
 1 - one of the first problems that may suffer from shopper-mail problem of non-confidence in the offers made by companies selling online and this problem so vibrant, buyer in ordinary life can preview purpose and examined manually before you buy it, though, so it may discover sometimes after sending him to the house that OK required, and here poses the same question: How would it be when one buys based on the views and annotations?
 It's like going back to the old traditions, especially with respect to the traditions of marriage across the width of the image of the girl to the bridegroom or addressed.

2 - The second problem is lack of confidence in the security of information when performing the procurement process can be any Hao of the originators sites on the Internet that puts in its products free or cheapest price requirement enter the card number and password (and these sites are available much) and then they can seize accounts and PIN numbers for cards so it is best to resort to a strategy purchasing cards with values ​​is high.
3 - The third problem: the problem of damage to local products and this is not due to competition from products most quality, but can be caused by a product of lower quality than the local product; because electronic display attracts buyer non-traditional ways, and of course not every person has the knowledge and ability to resist temptation, deception, operated by a strike in professional and based on studies and surveys predict all types of behavior in communities about certain marketing methods and product offerings required broad spectrum marketing opportunities.

Require secure environment for e-marketing:
Perhaps one of the most important technological applications on the Internet, is the application of electronic commerce and buying online, offering online here valuable opportunity and a promising future for companies to showcase their products and compete with each other to bring in customers who become able to move from the gallery sale to another by simply clicking on the mouse.

But this type of trade requires providing a safe environment where customers feel confident sites e-commerce, and to make sure that their personal information sent over the Internet will not be misused, which allowed this kind of activity the emergence of new types of electronic crimes were not known previously, such as fraud, and change applications, and identity theft, and theft of personal information, such as account number or password, in order to abuse, in addition, may take place some sites unreliable malicious software, such as viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware, which are transmitted to a computer the customer when browsing, and before These risks, to be published an environment of trust, security and confidentiality.

How to achieve a safe environment electronically:
This is achieved through the use of encryption when transferring sensitive data, such as bank account information and passwords, and can make this multiple encryption algorithms, including PKI and privacy keys. Are being encrypted message sender's public key advertiser on the network, and send encrypted information to the future, which in turn unzip encrypted, depending on its own key.
To achieve these operations to achieve safe, should provide infrastructure for PKI, commonly referred to as the symbol PKI. On the other hand, requires the development of electronic commerce development legislation governing electronic transactions at the level of (- to -) and at the level of (- to - customer). Spider numbers. موقع نمشي

The reality of the Arab countries in the field of e-commerce:
Arab countries are still lagging behind in the use of the Internet and spread compared to developed countries, as evidenced by the number of simple and compound indicators that give numerical values ​​of e-readiness in the states. These indicators include, for example, the Digital Opportunity Index DOI, which measures the availability of infrastructure and cost-effective access. According to this index, in 2006, occupies some Arab countries arranged exceed per cent between the countries of the world.
On the other hand, the study suggests the ESCWA published in 2007 that the average for the spread of the Internet in the Arab Mashreq countries is 8.43% while the global average is 18.9%.

Among the most important ongoing activities electronically, supply vehicles, and equipment of Informatics and Communications, then oil and gas sector, but in the field of electronic transactions with individuals, the volume of dealing in South West Asia $ 3 billion, and activity is concentrated in the marketing of products such as roses and gifts, books, software and This sector also develop electronic trading with airlines and hotels developed rapidly, but remains Arab coordination in the field of electronic commerce in the minimum, and this is what should be the focus of future strategic plans, and joint Arab projects. موقع سكر للتسوق


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