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80% use Twitter in Britain via mobile

Twitter users via mobile phones in the UK (s) that accounts more than once a day
Detecting micro-blogging site "Twitter" that 80% of site users in the UK use it via their mobile phones, and that these are characterized as browsing their Twitter accounts more than once a day by more than 40% for users of the site across different computers. Fantasy Lover Formula

The reason for this high score to that smart phones allows the use of the application of "Twitter" more quickly and effectively, it can be used, for example, while watching TV or in bed before going to sleep or while shopping or even while walking in the streets.

That leaves users of the site in the United Kingdom accounts on "Twitter" without even during trips with friends, where the site notes that most users involved in the UK flights.

And describes the statistical disclosed Twitter recently that one out of three users of the site through mobile phones, write the note, or more than they are with friends or family.

It also showed that 43% of users "Twitter" via mobile in the UK re-tweets, and 29% add to favorite, while writing 32%  about what they see on television, and is keen 31% take a picture and share them on the social networking site.

And remember that users of statistical "Twitter" via mobile in Britain strongly interact well with their favorite brands in reality through the networking site.

She pointed out that 67% of users of "Twitter" via mobile phone in the UK follow their favorite brand account, while following the 25% of those more than ten brands, and 50% of them are keen to follow up the account to communicate with customer service. In addition, 45% of keen users on the recommendation of their friends through the site quality brands they prefer.

Referred to as the "Twitter" collect most of the numbers that statistic during the period between July and August / August of last year, though he did not disclosed until today.

Depriving Apple from the sale of smart phones as the iPhone

Lost U.S. electronics giant Apple yesterday last rounds judicial battle in order to obtain the right to sell smartphone devices as iPhone in the Brazilian market.
The new National Institute for Intellectual Property in Brazil right Brazilian electronics company Jradint use the trade name iPhone recorded its name in 2000 long before the American record company of the same name. Said Marcelo Chiminto, Institute spokesman, said that this does not mean that Apple can not sell phones as iPhone in Brazil immediately. He added that can Jradint use Institute's decision to ask the judiciary to prevent Apple from using the brand in the Brazilian market, which analysts expect. The Apple recorded iPhone brand name for the first time in 2007 when he produced a smartphone that carries the name and raised in the markets.

It seems that writing Jradint for the iPhone name in a different way than writing Apple has had no impact on the decision of the Institute. And recorded Jradint brand name and then took several years until the product launched in the market.easy insta income review

The Apple filed a complaint in 2008 requesting unregister Jradint name because of the delay in the commercial product launch with the name and the court ruled in this complaint so far.

Mobile phone sales fell in front of smart phones

Saw mobile phone sales declined significantly around the world for the first time in four years in front of rival smartphone, which may be more expensive but more efficient and more attractive to millions around the world and data indicate that in 2012 saw the sale of about 75.1 billion mobile phones decline of 7.1% of what was recorded in 2011. Ping Fresh Review

This comes at a time when continued when all of "Samsung" and "Apple" control market selling mobile phones with total sales of $ 385 million mobile phone in 2012, formed a smart phone about 5.53 \% of them in exchange for 130 million smart phone for the company "Apple ".

The company came "Huawei" Chinese in third place with regard to sales of smart phones all over the world for the first time in the fourth quarter of last year, selling about 2.27 million smart phone, an increase of 74% Souq com Egypt

Google put an exhibition of Sciences to look for ideas to change the face of the world

The Google offering showroom your Google Science is a contest online is open to students of all ages 13-18 years from all over the world, which bears the name of GOOGLE Science Fair 2013 in conjunction with the Scientific American, CERN, LEGO, National Geographic.

Aim of the exhibition is to look for ideas that will change the face of the world, and begin the actual participation of the exhibition by owning an account on Google.

The figures show started from January 30 and will continue until April 29, 2013, that the science fair is divided into several lectures, including questions and answers and offer a different scientific projects.

And will include prizes provided by Google several levels, including a trip national geographic exploration in the Galapagos, a adventure over 10 days in the laboratory, District of Darwin she Islands Jalabadzs which will play the winner of confrontations with wildlife rare, in addition to a scholarship from Google worth $ 50000 U.S. and that if he won team will be divided equally among them.

The awards include also award age which is about experience of the center CERN in Switzerland, and Fermilab in the United States, the two biggest research centers to physicists and enjoy the award-winning finalist for the competition final this year experiences in the CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research, or LEGO or scholarship worth $ 2500 and other gifts , and this grant be used to cover the costs of education for each qualified for the competition. shoe in money

There is also a prize custom company LEGO which is about personal color is allocated to each member of the team to built himself and this award presented by LEGO, also provided SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN award allows for schools that followed her eligible to compete possibility access digital free for one year to those archives provided. Souq uae

Google plans to launch the first Android glasses through 2014

Web search giant announced "Google" intention to put the first pair of running "Android" for testing by the end of this year to be put on the market next year.
And can donned glasses follow what surrounds it while on the move from one place to another, it also allows the user to perform tasks delivered by by smartphone, make calls and scheduling work and meetings and take pictures and watch the video, and learn about the weather and trends through Google Maps.
The most important characteristic of glasses smart they replace external speakers technology known as "Mosul bone", which allows the transfer of audio signals from the device to the inner ear through the skull, taking into account the fact that the technology will not isolate external audio, meaning that the wearer can distinguish sounds
The American company has announced the U.S. leader in the field of research and technology and Internet services that apostates glasses will be able to send and receive text messages and e-mail messages through voice commands via voice recognition technology supplied by those glasses, which may exceed the price barrier of $ 600. Souq KSA

Google attracts millions of users and earns billions of dollars

Additionally percent billion request that address every month in the world engine "Google" search, the American giant has 425 million active users in the service of the exchange of e-mails "Gmail", and 800 million users last platform "YouTube."

And this search engine is available at more than 146 languages, which improves "more than 500 times per year" and handles more than 100 billion every month in search world, according to data provided by the U.S. group.

Has introduced other services over time, such as service exchange electronic messages "Gmail" which was launched in 2004 and which today comprises 425 million users active in the world, as well as networking site "Google +" which was launched in 2011, which includes the more than 500 million accounts.

It also launched "Google" your browser, "Chrome" who resorted to more than 300 million users, throwing out "of Microsoft," compete "Apple" with mobile phone operating system (Android) used in more than 500 million devices.
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Google launches service to surf the web Offline

Launched "Google" a service that enables users of the operating system "Chrome" browse Web pages and interact with them without the need to connect to the Internet. Forex Sniper Pro review

And presented a new possibility that allows users to browse easily in the absence of contact with the Internet offline to follow different applications related to the Internet is stored on a personal hard disk them without an Internet connection. The announcement this news Michael Frederick software engineer in the Department of slides slides for this change in style of presentation where he said: It is now making, modify and even make comments and interact with slides different without to connect to the Internet permanently, and it is also available in the application Google Docs . Of course, such a possibility requires an operating system Chrome - Chrome OS to load and raise the slide, in addition to the need to install an add-install the Offline Docs Once the application of those settings will not need mostly to any other amendments. Internet Business Factory

Finally, this change is part of the conversion process carried out by the "Google" for the possibility of working documents and views applications using the "Google" is connected to the Internet. Following Frederick said the company is now working on the possibility of similar papers called Google or Google Sheets. success with anthony 2