Depriving Apple from the sale of smart phones as the iPhone

Lost U.S. electronics giant Apple yesterday last rounds judicial battle in order to obtain the right to sell smartphone devices as iPhone in the Brazilian market.
The new National Institute for Intellectual Property in Brazil right Brazilian electronics company Jradint use the trade name iPhone recorded its name in 2000 long before the American record company of the same name. Said Marcelo Chiminto, Institute spokesman, said that this does not mean that Apple can not sell phones as iPhone in Brazil immediately. He added that can Jradint use Institute's decision to ask the judiciary to prevent Apple from using the brand in the Brazilian market, which analysts expect. The Apple recorded iPhone brand name for the first time in 2007 when he produced a smartphone that carries the name and raised in the markets.

It seems that writing Jradint for the iPhone name in a different way than writing Apple has had no impact on the decision of the Institute. And recorded Jradint brand name and then took several years until the product launched in the market.easy insta income review

The Apple filed a complaint in 2008 requesting unregister Jradint name because of the delay in the commercial product launch with the name and the court ruled in this complaint so far.


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