Google attracts millions of users and earns billions of dollars

Additionally percent billion request that address every month in the world engine "Google" search, the American giant has 425 million active users in the service of the exchange of e-mails "Gmail", and 800 million users last platform "YouTube."

And this search engine is available at more than 146 languages, which improves "more than 500 times per year" and handles more than 100 billion every month in search world, according to data provided by the U.S. group.

Has introduced other services over time, such as service exchange electronic messages "Gmail" which was launched in 2004 and which today comprises 425 million users active in the world, as well as networking site "Google +" which was launched in 2011, which includes the more than 500 million accounts.

It also launched "Google" your browser, "Chrome" who resorted to more than 300 million users, throwing out "of Microsoft," compete "Apple" with mobile phone operating system (Android) used in more than 500 million devices.
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