Google launches service to surf the web Offline

Launched "Google" a service that enables users of the operating system "Chrome" browse Web pages and interact with them without the need to connect to the Internet. Forex Sniper Pro review

And presented a new possibility that allows users to browse easily in the absence of contact with the Internet offline to follow different applications related to the Internet is stored on a personal hard disk them without an Internet connection. The announcement this news Michael Frederick software engineer in the Department of slides slides for this change in style of presentation where he said: It is now making, modify and even make comments and interact with slides different without to connect to the Internet permanently, and it is also available in the application Google Docs . Of course, such a possibility requires an operating system Chrome - Chrome OS to load and raise the slide, in addition to the need to install an add-install the Offline Docs Once the application of those settings will not need mostly to any other amendments. Internet Business Factory

Finally, this change is part of the conversion process carried out by the "Google" for the possibility of working documents and views applications using the "Google" is connected to the Internet. Following Frederick said the company is now working on the possibility of similar papers called Google or Google Sheets. success with anthony 2


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