Google plans to launch the first Android glasses through 2014

Web search giant announced "Google" intention to put the first pair of running "Android" for testing by the end of this year to be put on the market next year.
And can donned glasses follow what surrounds it while on the move from one place to another, it also allows the user to perform tasks delivered by by smartphone, make calls and scheduling work and meetings and take pictures and watch the video, and learn about the weather and trends through Google Maps.
The most important characteristic of glasses smart they replace external speakers technology known as "Mosul bone", which allows the transfer of audio signals from the device to the inner ear through the skull, taking into account the fact that the technology will not isolate external audio, meaning that the wearer can distinguish sounds
The American company has announced the U.S. leader in the field of research and technology and Internet services that apostates glasses will be able to send and receive text messages and e-mail messages through voice commands via voice recognition technology supplied by those glasses, which may exceed the price barrier of $ 600. Souq KSA


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