Google put an exhibition of Sciences to look for ideas to change the face of the world

The Google offering showroom your Google Science is a contest online is open to students of all ages 13-18 years from all over the world, which bears the name of GOOGLE Science Fair 2013 in conjunction with the Scientific American, CERN, LEGO, National Geographic.

Aim of the exhibition is to look for ideas that will change the face of the world, and begin the actual participation of the exhibition by owning an account on Google.

The figures show started from January 30 and will continue until April 29, 2013, that the science fair is divided into several lectures, including questions and answers and offer a different scientific projects.

And will include prizes provided by Google several levels, including a trip national geographic exploration in the Galapagos, a adventure over 10 days in the laboratory, District of Darwin she Islands Jalabadzs which will play the winner of confrontations with wildlife rare, in addition to a scholarship from Google worth $ 50000 U.S. and that if he won team will be divided equally among them.

The awards include also award age which is about experience of the center CERN in Switzerland, and Fermilab in the United States, the two biggest research centers to physicists and enjoy the award-winning finalist for the competition final this year experiences in the CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research, or LEGO or scholarship worth $ 2500 and other gifts , and this grant be used to cover the costs of education for each qualified for the competition. shoe in money

There is also a prize custom company LEGO which is about personal color is allocated to each member of the team to built himself and this award presented by LEGO, also provided SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN award allows for schools that followed her eligible to compete possibility access digital free for one year to those archives provided. Souq uae


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