Mobile phone sales fell in front of smart phones

Saw mobile phone sales declined significantly around the world for the first time in four years in front of rival smartphone, which may be more expensive but more efficient and more attractive to millions around the world and data indicate that in 2012 saw the sale of about 75.1 billion mobile phones decline of 7.1% of what was recorded in 2011. Ping Fresh Review

This comes at a time when continued when all of "Samsung" and "Apple" control market selling mobile phones with total sales of $ 385 million mobile phone in 2012, formed a smart phone about 5.53 \% of them in exchange for 130 million smart phone for the company "Apple ".

The company came "Huawei" Chinese in third place with regard to sales of smart phones all over the world for the first time in the fourth quarter of last year, selling about 2.27 million smart phone, an increase of 74% Souq com Egypt


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