Marketing and Strategic Planning

Represents Marketing according to the contemporary concept in IM John Chow approach administratively and executive integrated aims to identify and predict the needs of the consumer, including reflected brings about physical best of the institution that used marketing tool for the integration products in the social fabric of where you are institution, whether locally in a State or an intercontinental as the case in international companies. And taking some important considerations science in marketing:
Marketing is not intended sale
Some look to the marketing and they are selling the same thing, but is selling only part of the marketing process, which involves marketing more than selling things, but we can be like that selling most of the main objectives of marketing.
Marketing is not intended to send direct mail or distribute propaganda bulletins.
Many other institutions that they can send any amount of direct mail to get the trade you like, and perhaps Order Houses rightly so, but must be available to institutions other ways to support the process of sending direct mail and enhance their success. It is also not intended to distribute leaflets advertising of high quality, it is just an important component of the marketing plan of the institution when mixed with ten other important elements or more.

Strategic Planning Strategic Planning is planning long-term takes into account all the variables of internal and external institutions and identifies target markets and methods to be followed towards the competition, also identifies where you want to be up the institution in the future according to the strategies Foundation annual or quarterly carried out in several stages through predicted the future status of the institution and not to predict the future and prepare for it. And strategic planning helps institutions to identify priorities and crisis management, and support management in general.

Strategic Marketing Planning
And has resulted in increased attention to actively marketing within organizations and companies to adopt the concept of strategic planning on the activities of marketing and management figures. Which institutions would adopt strategic planning as a method and approach to work is working on to reach the desired goals for both sides of the equation, producers on the one hand and consumers on the other hand, through laws and legislation that would prevent monopoly and preserving the rights of the consumer.
Therefore received MBA program specialty marketing and strategic planning with British educational institutions interest where the inclusion within the disciplines of Business Administration accepted by many graduate students in accordance with the system of distance education and open learning, e-learning and study of belonging.
And has been the launch of this course specifically for managers and administrators marketing, strategic planning and all employees in marketing circles and strategic planning within the business and industrial and service in order to have a comprehensive vision and clear in the field of business administration in general, in parallel with the provision of ground and is confident strong in the field of marketing and strategic planning, according the latest regulations and accepted standards in the UK in the fields of business management, marketing and strategic planning.

The program focuses on enabling students from being able to exercise strategic planning effective and preparation of the marketing process through refinement knowledge competitors and have access to information of those competitors and develop an action plan integrative linking strategic marketing and strategic management, and has been the curriculum for this program based on the norms marketing and strategic plans in place in the UK and so by the greatest experts and professors of marketing strategies in the United Kingdom.
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