Smart phone industry in China depends on Google

A government research institute said that producers of smart phones in China rely heavily on the Android operating system produced by Google American hindering the development of local industry. Quick Fire Social review
The news agency reported Bloomberg global economic yesterday that according to a document dating back to February and issued by the Chinese Academy of Telecommunications Research under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is controlled strictly in core technology for Android by Google, facing Chinese companies discriminate commercially against including delay in sharing code. The academic pointed out that the new participants in the market will face significant obstacles, adding in its report that China has more than 300 local factory for mobile devices running Android what constitutes 97.7 percent of smart phones produced locally. Bloomberg quoted Christopher Katsarus Google spokesman as saying that «Google displays its operating system for mobile for free in order to promote the use of its program and build a platform for mobile ads. This allows hardware manufacturers to modify its properties and providing new possibilities for users. safe simple cash
And added Katsarus «Android laptop program is open source and available free to all. Worldwide, Android dominates the smartphone market a market share approaching about 70% of exports, followed by system «any OS of Apple Inc. of America, then the BlackBerry operating system produced by« RIM is Canadian. Belly Dancing Course


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