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Twitter test the new features for the local tweets

A large body of news about the company test "Twitter" a new feature that allows users to access to the site "tweets" issued by the geographical scope of their location. So as to facilitate access to local news and events and communication between people who are in one geographic circle. The new feature will appear to the user "tweets" the most relevant events near it, especially when it comes to effectively certain Auto Bettors Bot Download or local festivals and others. The feature can also be used indiscriminately to see what is going on around you in general.

They may also be very useful in cases of sudden disaster, which requires a rapid exchange of information between all of it exists in the place of the event. And until this moment, the rest of this new feature in the context of the rumors has not yet issued any official information about the launch date of service. The company is known for "Twitter" it is respect to the creation of significant changes to the services.

Emperor Social Marketing

No longer limited inter I am a listener you psychiatrists these days has been in contact with this policy the focus of the marketing policy hubs in corporate life by listening to its current or potential customers, which really began to listen to her fans better than reading the complaints Fund only what happened?

Social Media Marketing with
There is no doubt that social media and are intended to sites whose content is generated entirely by the visitors and not by the management of the site such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Opened a new era in the world of Web dubbed the social web. Because this type of media is the behavior of people had to be for marketing professionals to pay attention to this shift in the behavior of their customers, and adjust their strategies and plans marketing in line with this change in the behavior of customers, in addition to the new possibilities offered by social networking in the field of communication with your customers and find out their opinions and listening to their conversations in an easy, simple and free.
We will provide in our series of these eight episodes on how to use social media in marketing, especially for the work of small-scale, and will rely mainly on the chain raised by the company Dell, which speaks of best practices that they have acquired through their experience in marketing via social media.

Part I
Learn the art of listening
Any company of any size you want to participate in the world of successful media and social networking, it has to take enough time to listen to the ongoing dialogues and discussions on these social networks. Take, for example, an ongoing dialogue at a dinner party, you certainly will not come in the middle of the dialogue and start talking very loudly about topics you want to ask. Natural disposition to come and introduce yourself first start for people who want to debate with them, and then listen to what they talk to him and engage in their discussion so that they can put their thoughts and discussion posts. The same methodology to be followed by businesses that wish to enter into the world of social networking.
Listening to customers, potential customers and influential people on public opinion to your clients and rely on their advice and opinions to reformulate products or services provided by them is the cornerstone of any successful program in the field of integration into social networks. In this part, will share tools such as Emperor Social Software, techniques and best practices that we have obtained to help in the process of starting on this journey useful and interesting in the world of social media marketing.
Small Business Opportunity
Follow through dialogues taking place on blogs, forums, social networks and other channels of a social nature, small businesses can get the views of its customers with services and products offered by directly without having to conduct costly research by the institutions polled customers. In most cases, you will not see people talking about your services and products specifically online, but you can learn a lot by listening, for example, to the following:

- The size of the talks taking place about your company, your competitors, the field in which it operates, and the things that concern your field, in addition to the nature and tone of the talks.

- Who are the influential people who are leading these talks through their pages on Facebook, or their channels on YouTube, or blogs. As there are hundreds of millions of these channels and pages trying to find out the top 20 or 30 people, influence and lead dialogues and discussions that interest via the Internet such as Forex Indicator Predictor Review.

- What he loves and hates your clients in addition to what they need and expect to offer them.

- Activities of competitors

The perceptions that get them through listening can lead the strategy followed by the company in the field of access to the world of social media. For example, you can provide better answers to the most important questions, such as: in any social networks must be involved, must be targeted, what is the type of content that should be posed on these networks, for example, you must publish a text blog entries, or clips video, or images, etc.. Add to this that can provide you with creative ideas in the field of business and marketing.
There are many ways to start the process of listening in your network. Here are some tips:

- Find out where people talk about your brand and the area in which they operate on the Internet. Try to use some free tools such as Search Blogs feature only offered by each of Google, the company Technoratio to determine blogs and other types of social media that talk about you and the important topics for the company.

- Create a blog reader RSS, which refers RSS to Real Simple Syndication any "Mode simple real" and which is a form of transmission periodic content updates on the Web, such as updates, blogs or podcasts or news to an RSS reader such as Bloglines, Netvibes, Google Reader. This technique allows you to see updates from Web sites that interest you all in one place instead of her every day. You can begins two steps easy steps:
1 - Create an account on one of the previously mentioned services. Operation is easy and free.
2 - Sign up for RSS service for a number of blogs, news and other important sites. Just look to the world-famous symbol of this Orange service.
3 - Make them usually, to read new topics in RSS reader every morning.

- Perceptions participated and taken action: Develop a process to collect, analyze and share these perceptions. And most important to find a way to act in accordance with these perceptions you get. For example, if a customer has flattered on your products sent him thank you on the same network used by social whether it's on Facebook or comment on the blog. If there is a user complains about your products or services, tried to communicate with him and then fix the problem.

- Explore the platforms more sophisticated listener. The free listening tools previously mentioned good but each has limited possibilities can not give more than that. According to your company's needs, you can choose to workout more advanced tools such as listening platforms rely on paid subscriptions such as Radian6. Tell them that Dell is a company that proposed by you to get a distinctive view.

Best Practices
According to our experience in the Dell in addition to our conversations with business owners, small and medium-sized enterprises. We have identified several points fall under the title of the best experiences in the art of listening, such as:
- Assign a team or person to lead the program to listen to your company, but encouraged all Marketing Specialist addition to the company's owner and CEO to engage in effective listening in one way or another.

- Make sure that the means of communication and IT policy in your company allow employees access to social networking sites during work. Where Dell has open social networking sites for all staff to participate in the conversations taking place about their products on these networks and to listen to them.

- Do not just focus on blogging about fat loss program. Clients can talk about you on the forums or on Facebook and YouTube.

- Do not listen to the conversations taking place all around you. Listen to the conversations that revolve around your competitors, about your business and any other matters of interest to your customers.

- Then take action according to learn, and be sure to inform your clients that you listen to them and apply their ideas. One way to accomplish this step is to write blog entries about the ideas that you have studied in the company or which are under application for customers to take advantage of the ideas and comments. We will discuss how you can take advantage of blogging independently later.

A typical case
The company Emperor Social, a company that makes kitchen mats wear-resistant, daily monitoring of conversations that revolve around its brand, where I noticed some negative comments on Amazon. They required the customer and directly addressing and solving the problem he is talking about. This customer did not expect that the company will bother or trying to repair the negative when he wrote his commentary on the Amazon site. The result: the company transferred the customer upset of the product to the customer satisfied with it, so he then delete negative Commenting and wrote a comment positively encourages Garih to the purchase of the company.

Practical examples:
Despite the popular Emperor Social Review, but there are big on Facebook of waging a systematic campaign against their products to show any defects and advised customers with products offered by competing companies. Can not be for Apple to ignore him and must listen to them and try to take advantage of their criticism.