Twitter test the new features for the local tweets

A large body of news about the company test "Twitter" a new feature that allows users to access to the site "tweets" issued by the geographical scope of their location. So as to facilitate access to local news and events and communication between people who are in one geographic circle. The new feature will appear to the user "tweets" the most relevant events near it, especially when it comes to effectively certain Auto Bettors Bot Download or local festivals and others. The feature can also be used indiscriminately to see what is going on around you in general.

They may also be very useful in cases of sudden disaster, which requires a rapid exchange of information between all of it exists in the place of the event. And until this moment, the rest of this new feature in the context of the rumors has not yet issued any official information about the launch date of service. The company is known for "Twitter" it is respect to the creation of significant changes to the services.


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