Malaysia to host global marketing conference next September

Malaysia hosts the World Marketing Conference 2013, on September 28 next year, for a period of 3 days.

A statement issued by the conference, quoted as saying by the Qatar News Agency, the conference will bring together the ideas the most innovative among companies, government agencies and private and academics, to explore how to integrate marketing solutions with affirmative action, to address social and economic issues that have been demarcated by the United Nations, in the framework of the Millennium eight Millennium development KD Suite.

The President of the Conference, said that the Millennium Development Goals are very important, to enable communities worldwide in bridging the gap between the rich and poor, healthy and sick, and the uneducated and illiterate, adding that the target date is 2015, and that the action plan drawn up by the United Nations, been agreed upon by all countries in the world and leading development institutions. Option Bot 2


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