Cash Machines 2 Review

Cash Machines 2.0 Review You may have a passion for online advertising, and a lot of great ad ideas, and even a big budget to support the ad campaign. While all this is important in the motivation to build a good marketing strategy, it remains the most important thing is to remain orderly. In other words, in order to make the most of your advertising efforts on the Internet, it is important to understand how to manage and track advertising campaigns. Especially digital marketing that generates many useful statistics that can not be obtained from traditional marketing channels. This article is to explain two key measures to track advertising campaigns.

Scale indicates CTR of the percentage of visitors who let us know by clicking on your ads. This is calculated by dividing the number of ad impressions on the number of clicks. For example, if you click twice on the ad in the bulletin mailing sent to 100 recipients will get this campaign as a 2% CTR.

Conversion Conversion Rate

Scale conversion with commission conspiracy review rate refers to the percentage of visitors who complete are the goal of the page. For example, if the goal of the page is the sale of products, the number of sales for the visitors represents the conversion rate. Vary the method of calculating the conversion rate depending on the target page. Often, the goal is to participate in a newsletter or contact the company.

Divide the number of sales on the number of visitors to get the conversion rate. For example, if you make one sale for every 100 visitors to your web site, you'll get a 1% conversion rate. Study showed a Marketing Shepra company that conversion rate varies depending on the industry where swinging between 2% and 10%. In addition, there are several factors that affect this measure as the goal of the page, the quality of your marketing message and other factors. I will list some of them in a paragraph to improve the conversion rate.

How do you improve the rates of CTR?

Objectives of improving commission conspiracy CTR and conversion rate are not completely independent. CTR on an important measure to increase the number of visitors, but the ads should attract the attention of visitors interested in buying your products and services. This is because the primary goal is to send the largest possible number of potential buyers instead of getting the largest number of clicks. Google recommends making an appropriate declaration to the extent possible with the keywords you are targeting. For example, if you purchase ads appear when you enter the words "Mobile Phones" The use of the words in your ad such as "mobile" or "mobile phone" is more appropriate than the words "mobile devices"

 How do you improve the conversion rate?

This topic is very complex and can not be explained in short and varies according to very site or product ... of, but there are some basics that can be relied upon, go tests A - B A / B test, which is based on the change in the basic elements of the page, such as the headline and design, and prematurely .... Etc., and remotely monitor conversion rates and changes compared to the previous period. These types of tests require a large number of visits 1000 visit to build statistical digital can get out of them a certain conclusion.

In most cases play product marketing message an important role in influencing the conversion rate. Therefore, do their improvement by highlighting the benefits of your products and the integration of pictures and customer commission conspiracy scam testimonials. Do not forget to track your conversion rate Active-mail constantly and compare the effectiveness of the changes that you have made.


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