CB Passive Income License Program Review

CB Passive Income License Program Review Director shall implement a social media strategy for the company, develop brand awareness for the company, attracting visitors to company sites and encourage them to adopt and embrace their products.
This role must be implemented in coordination with the department of internal marketing and public relations to achieve this task and to ensure coordination in the voices of the company and its quest to build a social network.

Responsibilities of the Social Media Manager:
 Implement a social media strategy, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the company to ensure their effectiveness and to encourage the adoption of social media technologies in the culture of the company and all its services and products.
Work with the development team to make sure that all the social networking tools (as buttons participation, FB button ..) up-to-date and in good condition.
Marketing campaign management and daily activities, including: $5K in 15 Days ,online invitations, writing articles and updates, customer outreach efforts, promotion .....
Management company's presence in the social media sites, including: Facebook, Twitter and other sites, Blogs publishing company, add renewable content to social networking sites and applications as needed.
To become the voice of the company's media events, and engage in discussions and answer questions if appropriate.
Blogging software management to build a strong brand which express company everywhere in the world.
Effective control standards to measure the impact of social media programs, and analyzing and presenting and writing reports on effective campaigns in order to increase the effectiveness of future results.
Send regular reports from the experience gained from monitoring and social media marketing and editorial team in order to help them create their strategies in a timely manner.
Monitor trends in sites and social media applications.
The requirements of the Social Media Manager:
Experience in project management or organizational skills.
In-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr ...) and learn all the ways of publishing them.
 Knowledge of blogging in the company's jurisdiction.
The ability to communicate information and ideas in a written and verbal, and the ability to build social relationships.
The ability to work with a team, and the confidence to take the initiative and leadership of the other sections if necessary.
Good understanding of the techniques and the ability of the rapid learning of new technologies.
Have a good knowledge of the principles of SEO at http://cbpassiveincome.biz/.
Experiences of marketing, public relations and sales management features are considered.
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