Auto Commission System X Review

Auto Commission System X Marketing is the process of the product , service, or brand of the facility or the company via the Internet , which includes all activities, and the work is done over the internet all over the world in order to attract new customers from all over the world while retaining existing customers .

The definition of e-marketing for people : -

Is a process to promote a website or to the idea of ​​a website over the internet to attract new visitors to the site from all over the world , leading to increased income from advertising , as advertisements for other sites and advertisements from Auto Commission System X

First, Auto Commission System X Review e-marketing companies :

And the percentage of Internet users and the search engines , who are too are looking for goods and services for purchase to 84.8 %

Some of them looking for companies for Tourism

Some of them looking for Real Estate

Some of them looking for books to buy

Some of them looking for different items to buy them over the internet

Some of them looking for information

Auto Commission System X Quick stats :

That 72% of senior Auto Commission System X marketing executives all over the world are planning to increase spending on e-marketing .
In 2005, estimated spending on e-marketing in the amount of $ 5 billion , and this figure is expected he doubled by the year 2010, it is expected to reach 10 billion dollars , and this figure is expected to double in 2011

The success of e-marketing depends on three basic themes : First, the good or service to be marketed .

Second, set up a website specialist for this item or service , or the use of companies and sites marketing mail .

Third, the development of a marketing plan Court .

First, the good or service to be marketed :

Many companies targeted from the beginning as companies and tourism marketing companies and Real Estate brokerage and transportation companies and other businesses that already exist but lack the marketing method eBook and a successful marketing plan .

These companies have a pre- aim , which is seeking to achieve is to increase the proportion of customers and maintain existing customers .

Second, set up a website specialist for this item or service :

It must be all in the site urges and motivates the visitor to purchase taking into account an accurate description of the product without exaggeration to speak about In and described, and must take into account that the site is not overpriced in its design or stripes , and must be designed describes Item which we marketed , Creating a site for company Tourism differs from the establishment of site properties different from the profile of the site differs from the site of the Games and so on , Falakla their design and colors and a view of its own.

The site must be easy to navigate for any visitor and not easy to navigate from your point of view only , so you should view the site after its establishment close to you , and whom you will learn if your site will be easy for visitors or missing something

Know that he will not get lost someone inside his house , so do not take things from the perspective of only one not from your point of view only .

EBook successful marketing advantages : - access to the customer anywhere , and the possibility of selling the product outside the scope of the company's headquarters and open new markets .

- Target groups and different nationalities from all over the world.

- Speed ​​access your product or service to the consumer direct .

- Reduce spending on the ads , which do not cover the paper , but a simple class of customers .

- Publicizing the name of the product and the brand in general , comprehensive and on a wider segment of customers .

- Easy to convince the customer to the product .

- Reducing the use of delegates and rely on modern technologies .

- The customer can see and follow your offers first first paper other than advertising and other traditional methods of advertising .

- Continuous communication with the client through the mailing lists .

Third, the development of a marketing plan Court :

Of the main roads leading to the completion of the process of marketing the following:

- Free Ads Site.

- The use of search engines and Thih site for search engines.

- Add your site to guide the various sites .

- Paid ads on other sites .

- Mailing lists . - SMS via mobile phones .

- Write articles about your product or service in other sites that allow it.

Marketing mailing lists : You can Auto Commission System X combine e-mail for each client you have , and make a list of them , so as to send the latest offers and also in order to remain the name of your site stuck in his mind , and also it is possible that because of the client to his eBook in case it needs to serve you , but :

Stay away from the hassle for your customers , do not use the software mailing lists used by others to send the site from which the different categories , because the fate of those messages will be met with neglect , and create a bad feeling to have your message recipients .

If , for must assemble-yourself customers who want those e-mails from you

You can also customize your place in the visitor is able to put his eBook to join your mailing list according to his desire .

It is also important to put at the end of each message sent to your mailing list with a link to cancel the participation of the client and the abolition of continuing to receive mailings through you , so ensure that it is in your mailing list is upset of messages sent to them, and also make the client or visitor feels secure your site and serve you.

There are programs through which you can send any message to prepare for the infinite of customers at the same time and without any effort from you , which you send only once , and will be up to the client message as if it were destined for the just and the unsent message for each customer at one BTC Millionaire time .


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