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Click Click Profit Review Click Click Profit The various analyzes look at the chart and trying to find a relationship between variables , relations are all about , and there must be some kind of science behind this whole process , as well as consistency , and also hard in math . Technical analysis focus on the logic and accuracy, but there is no trade in the accuracy or logic . The areas of support and resistance may not be the focal point and there are times where you do what it seems quite logical , for example, buying when others sell .

However, it did not say the words of encouragement and engineer his own admission approached from the point of transition to a profit, but unfortunately he seems to have come too late . It has spent enough time and energy and money and returned to the daily work . And actively encouraged the types of tests to try to discover patterns and market movements .

He also states that the types of analysis and probably is responsible for the development of trading platforms that we use Esbjt was a foregone conclusion . And the need for complex formulas are great for building software that relies on analytical work . Mention guide pointed out that his experience showed him that the following professions will lead to the success of the works in the trade : the military , and Taiarn , and music.

If the former music given to move the Golden Goose Method charts Kalthrkat music in peace , it is impossible to compose a tune through a random drawing and move , especially if it was in the days of FED announcement about quantitative easing . Similarly , the belief that there is a consistent approach to learn the trade Kalnahj in science learning other wrong .

Perhaps it is better to discuss what kind of personal that make a person a merchant ? I recall a conversation on the " tongue of horses ," if I may express , a retired banker in charge of a team of traders :

"I ignore the Golden Goose Method background when contracting with merchants. I care more about whether they were stubborn and whether their personality traits that allow them to be responsible , disciplined , Rhiqin , two . In fact, the only activity that will teach anyone how to manage the trade is to know how to manage himself . Although some backgrounds will be more useful than others , such as poker , but it is in the end we conclude that it 's natural ability and personality are what make a good merchant , not the background or qualifications. "

Education also has been ignored by saying ,

" Current Work and hierarchical social system is not conducive to the mentality of the trader , has been set for production workers . Van who did not graduate after educational institutions are more likely to profit from the merchant coming from the background of random and non- typical . I imagine that those on average more intelligent , but the relationship between levels of educational attainment and IQ is not as our culture is trying to force you to believe. Our educational system can reduce our ability indirectly . "

There is a story about the great Muhammad Ali is still stuck in my mind for years , and being a father of three children Fmaazelt tell it to my children often . My daughter Leonie in the UK and my eldest son has a high capacity for achievement , as they work in the kitchen and functions which their first experience in the labor market .

Difficult to determine the exact quote , but the summary talk is not important what he would have done if I was not a boxer , what is important is to be the greatest . He pointed to the garbage trucks on the streets of America and said as much as if it is to be a man cleaner to work hard to be the best man cleaner. I tell the story of these for my children to assure them that every action , no matter how kind you can find yourself in it and you can uCash Binary and make others proud of you, and you make the right way and using all your abilities .

These quotations craft the next , referring to clarify what is required of personality traits to make a successful merchant , which is much more important than education qualifications , background or previous profession :

" Only a man who knew the meaning of defeat, to arrive quickly to the bottom of his soul and come out of the extra energy to win the game. "

"The heroes have not made in gyms . Rather, they are effecting all, are made of things in their hearts , a desire , a dream, a vision. They have the skill and the will . But the will is stronger than the skill. "

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