Golden Goose Method App

Golden Goose Method App Influenced the forex market mainly indicators of economic news , and prices move based on the impact of these indicators , whether positive direction or negative , is not affected by market news regular , and if I got there strong moves , this guide to the issuance of news concerning these currencies and therefore changes occur in price, Golden Goose Method the market are the implications of this news that pursued by traders , and this includes economic news , such as unemployment rates , interest rates and inflation , and economic conferences and important decisions of central banks , as well as the implications of the news and political task that may affect the Golden Goose Method price movements .

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You may wonder whether there are fluctuations or noticed some oscillations on the movement of prices, but not issued before any news might affect these moves due to other reasons, the market is never lies , must be the presence of the reasons that may have an impact upon , it does not move alone or in the issuance of regular news , it is moving the market to climb due either to the issuance of the index of economic indicators of the task or the direction of traders to purchase reaction certain result in the movement of prices rising , has the opposite happens in the movement of price downside in case the direction of sellers to the sales process in the market , has spoken reverse process to enter the buyers or sellers were heading speculators out of the market to buy or sell operations that may affect the same mechanism that has been described previously .

The movement of the market resulting will of course be a reaction and a reflection of what may be issued in advance , and does not control some of the companies , as is happening in some stock markets , sensuality Forex never lies , but reflects the real situation taking place in the state of the global economy or the economy of a country may in turn affects the value of its currency for the other currencies in the market , the market is incredible in his movements do not occur these moves only in the presence causes her market is sincere in his movements and do not lie to them must be the existence of causal factors can be summarized through fundamental analysis first and analyzes technical or artistic Second and technical analysis for traders III . Golden Goose Method


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