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Profit With Michael Review Not the transformation that the world has witnessed in various areas due to the spread of digital technology away from marketing career that has seen are other noticeable change in the nature and qualifications and chances of success , as well as problems that may hinder completion.

It has turned marketing functions to a new concept , and is now taking shape more effectively with digital technology , but it did not exclude or deny the theories of traditional marketing , but was able to use it to develop and find solutions to their problems and directed a new phenomenon called " e- marketing " .

Profit With Michael Marketing is the key to achieving the goals of the institution and includes identifying the needs and desires of the target market and get the desired satisfactions effectively and efficiently than competitors , and if you added prescription -mail marketing , we are talking permission from the environment and tools to bring them together cyberspace all made ​​possible by the technology of communication between human beings , whether an e-mail or PalTalk or other electronic gadgets ( for more on the concept of marketing general form and its components see : What is marketing? ) .

Based on this concept, launched sector of e-marketing in the world with astonishing speed , especially in the low cost and increasing its ability to expand the market , which was established thousands of companies specializing in e-marketing , and there has been millions of e-mails that roam daily in the network, including incentives and tips to potential customers . Studies show that email marketing leads to expand markets and increase market share for companies at rates ranging from 3 to 22 % due to the global spread .

It also allows this type of marketing to customers to get their needs and choose from among the products of international companies , regardless of their geographical locations , especially that this type of marketing is not recognized by commas and geographical boundaries .

Thus began the show and special functions electronic marketing or the Online , which is usually either a sectors Web sites or specialized company for this purpose , and includes e-marketing and a variety of functions have different tasks ; There dialing function and to establish ongoing relationships with customers , and function of electronic sales , and function provide content or content for certain things , and function of providing business network .

And Oofaqa sites marketing companies -mail , there are services provided to customers , including marketing Postal mail, during which offer service and product through messages e-mail to the public , and to provide solutions and consulting in the design of messages , and content , and the method of presentation , and sent to potential customers via the Internet , as presented solutions analysis and Statistics , regarding the results of the propaganda campaign by e-mail . ( See details in : Invest Your e-mail ) .

It also provides these companies solutions to the Declaration of mail on the Web sites , and ensure follow-up to the outcome of the propaganda campaign and its progress , as well as the availability of indexing in the search engines any appearance of your company's site on the search engines , if the visitors to request information or services pertaining to their activities , and the occupation of the name of the company arranged an important between the tremendous momentum of the sites is more ways to bring the efficacy of visitors to the site .

Email marketing can be defined as a kind of marketing for particular good or service on the Internet.
 The Internet has become now occupies an important place daily for being the source of the important sources for the information competition in the traditional media in the dissemination of news or information such as newspapers , magazines and radio stations video and audio , besides consideration of this network is an important source of knowledge , it has become possible with the development of technical means to help in it, possible create a new space can be invested in marketing for some of the goods and the means of assistance and the evolution of the different ways in support of the marketing process .

 E-commerce and e-marketing
Consideration could be given to e-commerce as a concept for the dissemination and promotion of goods or services and sell them on the Internet, and on the grounds of excellence enjoyed by the digital environment of the Internet , we are in dire need certainly to the means and methods of digital also to promote these goods and posted on the network beginning of the establishment of e-store goal on the Website and the end to accept the demands of customers who want undercover income review such goods or services. in a quick read of the environment of e-marketing and traditional environment , we find that convergence in the ingredients and ideas so that PAG together in parallel while the difference lies in the method or manner in which the process of marketing , publishing , and here reflected some trade models and concepts on .

Marketing via e -mail .
Marketing via e -mail many benefits and significant benefits . Accrue to companies and advertisers , the benefits are real and unexpected , so as to answer Goukl you put science and Interest :

1 - Increase the number of customers for companies to obtain new customers and offer them products .
2 - the cheapest way to implement advertising campaigns where companies can send catalogs colored all the company's products to new customers and thus get rid of the cost of printing and distribution of these catalogs .
3 - continuing to communicate with all customers to send catalogs all the details of new products.
4 - increase the number of visitors to your site and publicity through the thousands of e-mail - E-mail - which is sent monthly to new customers .
5 - speed of implementation of advertising campaigns where you can repeat the companies display their products to thousands of customers at the same time as sending thousands of e-mail takes moments .
6 - Can the owners of products and services through the use of e-mail marketing to send newsletters , product updates , invitations to attend the event , responses to inquiries and more .
7 - Want to send your business in e-mails to all your customers.
8 - Follow-up questions and inquiries and respond to customers .
9 - Increase customers through the marketing of products , leading to increased sales.
10 - an effective way to reach the goals of the companies.
11 - speed access to e-mail clients and immediate Compared conventional mail .
12 - the low cost of advertising campaigns for use.
13 - Easy access to evaluate the advertising campaign using e -mail job statistics and analysis on the number of mailings received by customers .
14 - does not cause any embarrassment caused , such as telephone call - Tally sills - as a way to know new customers .
15 - reducing the marketing budget for the low cost of the major advantages of e-mail . If compared to conventional means (fax - Phone - snail mail - personal interview ) which makes many of the companies replaced traditional methods of communication by e-mail .
16 - companies are now investing mail Allictrony in marketing their products , whether goods or services because of its ability to deliver messages to millions of people ; , which creates a vast market for the product.
17 - will not require companies to expense the day after announcements expensive marketing using e-mail.


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