Push Button Millionaire Review

Push Button Millionaire Review in this Push Button Millionaire article about the nature and origin of gold prices and their relationship to market currency trading . And also how we're going into trading gold depending on the trading price in the global markets , and the impact of the increase or decrease in the price of gold on the other currencies . In gold is the only currency collapse , gold has proven its strength during the ancient and modern times also , and still is the strongest currency in the world. It is expected to come a day where you can buy a large quantity of gold at a bargain price , and buy wheat or rice .

Gold is a type of currency
If we go back in history , we will see that back in the old gold was a form of currency where currency is traded in many ancient societies . And remained so to this day it is considered a type of currency one way or another . In the Forex trading market , gold is considered a form of currency that can be traded , and is seen in the same way to be considered by the other currencies , but there is a difference and the only one , where gold can be traded only against the U.S. dollar (USD) without the rest of the major currencies. Then you can , for example, to trade the pound sterling against the dollar or the yen or the euro , but gold does not allow it negotiable , but against the single currency only . The symbol of the globally recognized Gold is XAU. It has built this symbol of the letter X , taken from the word Forex Forex and the chemical symbol for gold (AU).
Gold and the dollar
Gold Prices
Push Button Millionaire Software Gold prices are measured by weight . The price of gold shows the global cost of an ounce of gold in the currency of the U.S. dollar. There are several methods and standards for measuring the weight of metals in general , but the most common is the standard ounce ( ounce ) and is equal to approximately 28.35 per ounce g.
For example , if the price of gold is 1425 , this means an ounce of gold traded equal to 1425 dollars.

Trading through Push Button Millionaire gold prices
Gold is an investment in the same manner in which they are investing in the Forex market. Where they are traded directly between buyer and seller (via the trading platform through the Internet) Forex As well as gold are not taken to any exchange of material between the seller and the buyer.
For example, if you made ​​a deal to buy gold at a price of 1425 , you will not receive ounces of gold directly but Push Button Millionaire will be placed in your trading account you you purchase a specific number of ounces of gold at $ 1425 per ounce in the case of the high price of an ounce to 1428 , for example, would then have achieved a gain equal to $ 3 per ounce .

Increase the price of gold affect the exchange
Could increase in the price of gold affect other Push Button Millionaire currencies. The high price of gold could leave its impact , especially in the currencies of the major gold producer . Australia is the third largest exporter of gold in the world, and Canada is the third largest gold producer in the world. So , if you think that the price of gold will continue to rise , you can start to make a deal the Australian dollar or the Canadian dollar , because it is expected that these coins become stronger with the increase in gold prices . The gold market is like Forex Trading , in terms of neutrality , there is no there are countries that can control at market exchange rates . Exchange rates go up when the economic or political situation excellent , and vice versa .

Gold Prices
Gold prices is part of the forex market
To create deals to buy gold (XAU), you can start by opening a demo account with a broker in the forex trading market . And then begin to train on the correct way to gold trading during the follow-up of developments in the economy and politics , as well as technical analysis in forex trading market . http://youtu.be/9zXAL_RTBls


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