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The Push Button Millionaire Software Forex won a large spread in the last decade , especially after the spread of the Internet , where access to the market has become easy. Where easy traders access to the trading platform , which is the most famous trading platform MetaTrader 4 has facilitated the buying and selling in the market , and with the Internet also has become easy to access information and news affecting the market , both directly and indirectly, has become the subject of learning Forex is just the time and the will . many traders trading in the forex market , especially as it contains a very large liquidity , with an estimated daily turnover in this market by about 4 trillion dollars is equivalent to 4000 billion dollars .  always present and buyers as well.

Date Forex
The history of the actual Forex started since ancient times , it is a natural progression and extension of the swap , barter Instead of wheat , dates became a trade off between the euro and the dollar and the different currencies in different countries . Forex that comes from the principle of buying the currency when the price of a few and sell them when the price rises . It must be understanding of the factors influencing the market to get to the stage where you can get the ability to predict the movements of the different prices .

As for the present, Forex arrived at the big stage of evolution as we mentioned in the first paragraph . And you as a trader in the Forex knowledge of the necessary information in Forex , but the question remains about who is the mediator best suited to deal with it ? Where there are several types of intermediaries in the market of currency trading , and months of intermediaries and brokers The Push Button Millionaire brokers Maker , For the brokers ECN , they are building a bridge of communication between traders, Interbank and thus within this list to Erphon only the price differences between the sale price and the purchase, and profit for the investor is in their interest , so that the investor continue to deal with them . As for Marquette Maker , the mediator is in the interest of the investor's loss , and loss of mediator lies in the investor's profit .

Forex News
Forex News
The follow-up news is one of the things necessary for investors in the market for currency trading , because most of the different transitions in price trends come after the news is important, for example, the issuance of indicators manufacturing PMI and the service , and the GDP data , and indicators of producer prices , and unemployment rates in different countries and classifications of countries the rating agencies such as Moody's. This is in addition to the economic news of the countries around the world , if we followed the European Economic News , for example, we see that the improvement of the situation in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy will return to the great benefit of the euro , and vice versa . Therefore it must be careful when trading during the release of news , it is true that there is considerable scope for achieving maximum gains during the release of this news , but there is a high probability of achieving substantial losses , a prospect that we should not ignore it.

The Forex market brings with it great the whole world , not the world gathers in a small village , but raised in the trading platform on personal computers . Months that the platform for trading in the forex market is the MetaTrader platform which gives many of the features of the investor investment volume during the trading and other features that are not available on other platforms .

For those who wanted to start his investment , he should start his business, opening a demo account in order to take the opportunity to understand the market properly , without losing a bit of his money . And it also said that following the economic news and follow-up technical analysis .


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