Undercover Income Review

Undercover Income Review The trading Forex viewpoint mediator differs from the standpoint of the investor , investor viewed the trading outlook hovering around either profit or loss , and there is no third option , while the  broker is seen Forex , in a way different from the viewpoint of rolling in this market , Phusit ECN does not lose or gain from your loss or profit in your trading account , as it has no interest from this market only through the price differences that make up the total income of the mediator , and the price differences can be found among all brokers in the market but they differ from one broker to another , and in general the price differences among brokers ECN be variable depending on the demand and supply on the couples traded in the market , and so the ECN broker earns from traders through price differences Mini only to change , and therefore, the profit and loss for the trader does not affect at all on the profit and Undercover Income broker

In fact, the profit rolling in the forex market in the interest of ECN broker and this result did not come out of the blue , when winning the rolling continues then invest in the forex market through the same broker and thus maintains the mediator to its customers , so find many brokers ECN trying as much as possible to provide tips for traders in different ways , either through SMS or through e-mails that are sent to the traders on a regular basis in order Undercover Income Review to help them to read the current market situation , and remind them of the most important times of the trading that are appropriate opportunities to achieve profits , and many other services that compete brokers ECN on submission for their customers .

ECN broker
Services and ECN broker
Must all traders to be able to differentiate between brokers and market makers or Market Maker , there is a big difference between the two types of intermediaries The former is what we have mentioned in the previous Golden Goose Method paragraphs either type II or market makers, they rely on their income on the loss of circulation in the market Losing rolling pour more or less in a market maker , it can not be considered like other brokers , because they basically do not do connects directly with the major banks to Apple have dealings with them directly , and governance between the rolling and the market maker is the price movement in the case of purchase of a currency pair and the high price of the pair will get as a result of on the lucrative bumper and will market maker to pay that amount, and vice versa , and thus uses a market maker many ways mechanisms to try to achieve as much of the profits , and then try it yourself can imagine what these mechanisms , the mismatch delay in the execution of trades or prevent you from trading during the release News and other ways in which invent a market maker .


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