Auto Profits Review

In this Auto Profits Review article we will look to address the other side of the argument that we presented in our theme previous entitled to " choose the right forex broker ." This article is focused on the wrong practices carried out by the forex brokers as also wonder whether we have the right to blame these companies or that our expectations of them are simply unrealistic ?

Auto ProfitsIs it common to blame the forex broker ?

There are a few scattered Auto Profits sites on the Internet ( and including our ) which allows you the opportunity to review and brokers trading though noting a trend is growing towards the negative talk about the content of such services. What we mean here is that there are a number of negative assessments far exceeds those that speak positively . There may be multiple reasons for this : there is a tendency to jump on the bandwagon negative assessments , especially if you've lost your money in this market . And then you originally have negative feelings related to this matter . May be wise to also consider the fact that human nature seem more inclined to negative ; For example , when you browse the news Could it be that can be compared with the negative news stories that positive ? Is this because of the bad things that occur frequently or because we find such stories more " entertainment " than others? We believe that the bulk of the " attack " the mediators see besides the fact that there are already a large number of bad brokers are actually more of a " positive " However, we believe that some of these reviews are not entirely fair because the expectations seem unrealistic in the first place. Let's take a look and we evaluate some of the common complaints .

Auto Profits Review Price slide

Price slide is the difference between the price set for the implementation of your trade is ( in the case of a stop order ) or the price at which it tried to implement the trading ( in the case of market orders outstanding) and the price was actually implementing it . It should be noted that the stop-loss orders or suspend access become market orders once the activated. Once contact is also set price so they do not protect you from slipping price . This is one of the most common complaints against intermediaries who are being accused by traders angry that they turned them from potential winners to losers or caused the loss of small diversion to another enormous.

Loss is generally an unpleasant experience even when you are in your best . That is if you have a feeling that your broker is why this loss or increase in size if you must and will be directed anger towards him in this case . ( Note : the role of the Department of Trade and psychological emotions comes here ) . This may be a reason to refer to the need to revise your expectations then put any complaints in context.

Sliding generally remain linked to periods characterized by either a tremendous amount of market fluctuations or even the times in which the fluctuations in the lower grades . Also , the size of your trade orders are considered a plug in this topic , it is common that more times characterized by a high degree of volatility in the forex markets is during the issuance of events and important economic news . It is no coincidence that this is the same time when traders from the largest amount of cases the price slide . This is due to the economic releases that result in huge demand on the trading of all , where is accelerating in the open market on the trading centers at the same time .

Those traders who are active in such times might understand that a few points here and a few points out there will make all the difference in the close of trading today, a winner or a loser . Valtabih wrong may be enough to make a difference , and when one of them suffers from it is natural to blame the broker for being too slow or for being considered non- Amin after the confiscation of money to their account according to your perception . Yet the truth that can not be ignored is that the sliding price in times of significant news is extremely common and in some cases it can be said that it is not practical to avoid it , but better than blaming your broker you are dealing with , there are a number of steps can be taken to reduce or even eliminate the execution prices misconceptions such as :

Be attentive to the times in which trading : If were not circulating the news would be better to avoid the issuance of Times News waits market with great interest . Using this you will avoid trade in times of high volatility as much and thus significantly reduce the chances of facing sliding price . If you trade based on the news if there are some precautionary steps that you can take (see below) .

Login with pending orders : the pending order will be executed at a specified price and then it will eliminate completely the price slide . Yet the traditional pending orders can be placed just above or below the current market price , which requires access with one -price corrections . This quality is considered one of the relatively advanced trading techniques and therefore require an appropriate degree of expertise . On the other hand , the pending order will only solve the problem of slipping while entering the market , but it will not remove the possibility of slipping in the case off or closing of the transaction manually whether to limit losses or take profits without relying on fixed targets .

After entering the initial rise : the movement that follows the initial issuance of the important data is often flare position and create a so-called " jump " in prices. If you are waiting for the end of this stage, and then give the opportunity to the market in order to digest the news or exported data , in this case, if you avoid the main body to the vagaries of the market. This gives you enough time to plan your trading based on the final outcome of the exported data and may be able to get ahold of one -price corrections, which they can implement entry commentator .

Choose your broker private according to the following: If you are dealing with one of the mediators , who has a trading room , in this case , you (theoretically) exhibition more likely to face situations sliding price more than what can be encountered in the case of dealing with a broker of quality of ECN. In most cases, it is likely that one of the persons in the first assumption will reconcile the trading orders via the operating room which could take time and leave you vulnerable to delay implementation , especially in busy times . The ECN broker does not have these drawbacks and therefore less likelihood of him slipping price , especially that huge differences may occur with a delay , even for a fraction of a second . Taken from this that if you are actively traded in the busy times across ECN broker may have had this choice is best suited to your needs . On the other hand if you are not traded on an ongoing basis , or you have a small account and can not afford commissions and ECN brokers if the choice of broker has operations room may be enough.

Broker trades against me

This is one of the very common complaints which stands behind the conspiracy theory that sees that most forex brokers are in fact in favor of the loss of their customers because they are standing on the opposite side of their trades . If we move away a little bit about this theory , we could consider to be true there is always someone on the other side of your trades . Because you are selling so there must be someone on the other party shall not purchase , and vice versa. Therefore , it is always someone out there somewhere wants you to lose! Now , some brokers claim that they are matching the orders of their clients in the trading room , while others use the trading room to compensate their clients trade through the center of the total market in this medium , which is known as hedging . If the mediator process fully hedge , it means they will get Spread which customers pay (which is of course the biggest of Spread paid by the mediator in the inter-bank market ) and this difference is what represents profit mediator . Conspiracy theory came from the idea that most traders lose so it would be more beneficial to brokers Forex trading in opposite directions at the best of their clients adopting the same direction and to hedge themselves . Experiences and deferred orders and stop the price slide fishing opportunities added to the feeling that explains the loss on the basis that the mediators are stealing their customers more money than going off the likelihood of logical problems that may affect the trading system during the busy times .

Auto Profits Conclusion

In this article we have tried to point out the possible alternatives to the theories of lack of Auto Bitcoin Cash brokers as well as exposure to some of the ways that can reduce the negative effects associated with . If you still believe strongly that the broker is trading against you and thinks of his interests that lose money. If in this case , you are sort of self-destruction of the mind , because this belief will deprive you of the ability to identify problems such as the nearby trading in myself and shortcomings in the strategy used by the trade . But the basic fact to keep in it if you are not satisfied with the broker you are dealing with or facing cases of sliding price frequent or re-pricing in a row as well as the poor level of customer service they have and freeze trading platform and trade orders for periods long , it is in this case , you must change the mediator . End of the day , the reason of the weakness of the importance of customer service occupies a subsequent impact on your trading. It may be the only honest broker that the technology used by the inappropriate and may also have fallen victim to a brokers Bear peace and who is trying to put your complaint in the context of the usual market dynamics . If you did not work any of the coping strategies mentioned in a positive finding any difference if it is time to look for a new broker .


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