Bitcoin Income Review

Bitcoin Income Review I think that Bitcoin never heard of before , so I preferred to write about the technical definition of what is a more economically , the definition of a currency called Bitcoin and works only on the Internet , what is this coin ? How equal ? How do I get them ? Is it an alternative to national currencies ?

Bitcoin Income Growing Up

Bitcoin is an electronic currency relies on decentralized version , used peer-to -peer network ( such as a torrent ) and the signing of a letter encrypted to prove the possibility of the owner of the circulation across the Internet without the need for a trusted intermediary such as banks .

Originated currency Bitcoin in 2009 when he published a programmer who calls himself " Satoshi Nakamoto " research paper suggested the creation of virtual currency to solve the problems faced by people when dealing in their own currency on the Internet , it can also trumps money as copying files because they are not a physical entity it but entity letter .

Usefulness of this currency lies in you will not pay any expenses on transport and conversion , such as those charged by banks and credit card companies usually , it is also available in the world which no state can be prohibited simply because they are not subject to its control and therefore can not be the one booking your account and freeze it , and do not need the complex requirements for their use .

Mechanism of Action

Can anyone connected to the Internet produce coins Bitcoin Income using a free program available for all platforms , since the production of these digital currency requires a certain amount of work to produce a certain amount of money , and is adjusted so much by its network so as not to over- production and without predict .

Are stored in the currency produced by your own purse , as an electronic signature is added to the conversion process and after a few minutes of operation is verified by its own rules and are stored in encrypted form in an anonymous network Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin is an open source program fully and anyone can see the source code and see it and develop it .

Another way , if you want to download the software where you can open an account on the official website of the coin so that you can access it from anywhere .

The intended work required for the production of currency is a mathematical calculation is complex, works to solve computer related to the Internet and which carries the program Bitcoin or when you open an account on the site, and solves a mathematical equation and after the end of the solution successfully gets the account holder on a certain number of units of Bitcoin, but not necessarily always be up to the solution , so do not get Bitcoin currency unless complement the calculation correctly.

Any process requires the use of powerful computer resources and a lot of time . And controls the mass of cash before this virtual currency a series of operations and rules based on complex mathematical code.

To understand the virtual money should first know the basics and some of the terminology simple mechanisms visible and implicitly complex , where the structure of the money default operates within three main rules are:

- There are limits to only 21 million currency Bitcoin around the world until 2025 ( limit rises permanently , ie you can not produce more than the limits set according to the system in place )

- Accept the default money is divisible by 8 decimal places.

- Virtual money being organized through templates (Blocks) called cash generators default serial (Sequential bitcoin generators) which is the basic infrastructure of the process of creating this currency .

These templates are mathematical equations complex need to be solved to obtain a cash default ; she looks Kouselat series control how the generation of each of the coins default , as each template contains information about financial transactions prior , a random number ( happened once ) as well Althishar secret code within the system (SHA-256) for the previous template .

Each time a solution template , produces 50 units produces a virtual cash (currently and immediately ) . This quantity do justice whenever solution template 210 thousand ( approximately every four years ) and the total numbers of these templates determines when it launches and solve all the 21 million coin (expected to be so in 2025 ) .

Today Vihrk counter the production of money increased by six molds per hour , or one every ten minutes which there are 50 new unit of currency is added every 10 minutes , and requires a solution templates effort computerized and resources especially for him, and reward system when solving each template after evaluating this solution across a range agreed rules .

 Bitcoin value of the

Currently being traded around 7 million units, and will slow the rate of increase each year until it reaches the number to 21 million currency around the time of 2025. And the cumulative value of the coins is estimated at 800 million dollars.

Within three years from the age of Bitcoin, monetary value fluctuated significantly associated , where the price ranges in all virtual money
Around the world between one cent just like the minimum value of U.S. $ 220

Says Gavin Anderson , senior software developer who runs a currency in response to the first question posed by the people , where to get the value of the currency if it was just a number of figures that do not support the government nor the origin of a material such as gold or government bonds that give it weight ? The answer that the value of the currency to be useful , therefore, can be used to buy and get it can be reused in purchases Bitcoin Income and so on.

We note here so that they are producing the currency is taken into consideration must be "correct " any follow proper rules to solve equations and therefore any manipulation program may not lead to the desired results means loss of computer time and processing power possessed by no avail.


And because the currency digital and stored within a digital wallet which they are subject to theft also by piracy , where there have been several incidents of piracy for governor hypothetical were not well protected on the hard drive , and the biggest act of piracy was included coins worth trading describe to half a million dollars Profit Sensation .


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