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Easy Money Machines Review Once you decide to enter the world of forex trading you will find that forex trading has a lot of features that beats out the other capital markets . In addition to the other ; forex market characterized by low margins , free trading platforms , high leverage and trading around the clock .

The main goal in this article is to know the hours that should be ready by the start of trade , in order to be present at the time , which can be achieved with the highest profits from trades , and also to know that the advantage of having trading around the clock does not mean that the trade randomly through any time of the day.

In short , Easy Money Machines Review is important to be familiar with the best trading hours because if you want to find a large number of lucrative deals will have to enter the forex market at the best of his time , for example, when the activity and volumes of transactions at the highest levels .

At any given time ; someone or somewhere in this world will exist for buying and selling currencies . Because when the market closes one of the last open market . Hours of work intersect and therefore, the exchanges remain continuously day and night to give you at the end of 5.5 days for a full trading week.

Forex trading begins in New Zealand on Sunday five pm EST for the United States , followed by the opening of markets, the Australian and Asian and the Middle East , Europe and finally the U.S. market , and keeps the market on this case every day and throughout the week until the close of the fourth pm EST with the U.S. markets closed .

Of other facts that must be mastered Forex trader : is that markets the United States and British counts more than half of the forex market transactions ; major Forex markets are: London , New York and Tokyo . Copy a Millionaire Almost two-thirds of activity in the New York session appears in the morning trading hours , while the European markets are also open. Perhaps one of the most important characteristics of the other ; activity is that the forex market up to its peak at the intersection of major markets .

To this , the answer to our question ; " What are the hours that should be traded where ? " Dictated by the last property , meaning that you should reach the market in times of intersection . The question now , and when these markets intersect ? .

If we take into account the different time zones in the world and times of opening and closing the markets of Australia, New Zealand , Japan and the United States and Europe . We can get to the conclusion that there are two major time periods while Fjutin intersects two of the major markets in the trading hours .

This is what happens between two o'clock in the morning and four in the morning Eastern Time ( Asia - Europe ) and also between 8:00 and 12 pm ( European - North American ) .

If this Copy a Millionaire art that hold the best trade opportunities during the day and you are located in the American continent then you should be waking up early or goes to bed a bit late . Of course, things change in this world . And thus may be asking what is the optimal trading period if you can not wake up early? ... Ukraine may be .


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