Profit Sensation Review

Profit Sensation Review What are oriented processes ? Process -oriented contract is approved by the buyer and seller on the purchase and sale of an asset or a currency to the price direct to a specific date in the future (up to 60 days in the habit ) . Oriented contracts are treated as a means to hedge against future movements of the exchange rate . The margin of difference between the sale price and the purchase of the trading day higher , but there is no renewal fee . Progress of operations directed at ( Easy-Forex ) in some regions of the Profit Sensation world only .

What is the difference between the targeted operations and future operations ?

The only difference between the operations and future -oriented way is settled :

Settlement operations are directed at closing . While the recommendation is the future operations at the end of every day , and this process is called " a sign the market." Is settled daily changes in every day until the end of the process. If there is movement in the market led to the loss , asked stores to cover that loss.

The provisions and terms of futures strict controls on the market .

Trading operations directed with ( Easy-Forex ) :

Trading operations directed with ( Easy-Forex ) easy. Here are the steps and you should be followed:

Select the Profit Sensation currency bought and sold currency - the exchange rate that appears automatically called Direct Price
Select Date guidance. Points will appear routing and rate routing automatically
Choose the amount of the operation and the amount you want to risk it. Shows the price of stop loss
Read " reply message " - which tells you if there is enough balance in your account for the procedure
You can install the price for a few seconds to decide that I be accepted by
Click the button " acceptance " - will open your operation
We have confirmed the exchange rate for the date you have chosen , nothing can change that.

What will happen then?

What happens next depends on the Profit Sensation operation carried out . Here's an example of a possible operation :

You purchase process -oriented , purchased U.S. $ 10,000 and sell the euro , a 60- days from the day the price of U.S. $ 1.0700 per euro . Risked 200 euros. Price and stop loss at 1.0900 .

To see what happens at the end of the process, the use of different exchange rates :

Up the exchange rate of EUR / USD to 1.1000 sometime before the settlement date . In this case , it was already closing your transaction at a price of 1.0900 and stop loss has lost 200 euros , the amount risked .
The exchange rate of the euro / U.S. $ 1.0800 at the settlement date , in this case, you lose only 100 euros
The exchange rate of the euro / dollar to 1.0200 in the history of the settlement , made ​​a Profit Sensation profit of 500 euros.
Note : trading operations directed with ( Easy-Forex ) is not available in


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