Instant Profit Method System

Instant Profit Method System Are going to discuss ways to implement your software investment there are a number of questions that need to be answered :

 What kind of investor are you?
What is the amount of risk that can be borne ? What are those risks ?
What is meant by diversifying investments ? What is the purpose of it ?
Dear Investor : can not say that the best time to start your software investment is influenced by age . If you are a young man , the start of the program at this stage will give you enough time to make your investment grow and reach their potential .

 And that you are in middle age , it is still in front of you time to achieve your financial goals . If you're too old you do not have to think or put in your mind that you were late to start investing in the stock market or you 've lost the opportunity to invest in the stock market and investing in the dream became impossible to achieve , or the benefits will come back to you. Just remember that " late start investing certainly much better than not investing at all, and the failure to achieve any of your dreams and your future goals ."

 Regardless of any age belong to , be sure to start the Instant Profit Method Review beginning of the correct and successful , and select companies that are known to achieve good performance and profits. Do not try to drown yourself studying all information about companies . At first , listen to what you offer broker of information and data about the company and then use logic and try to buy when prices are low and less than its real value . Do not make Agbak greed , not refuse to sell the stock at a good price in the hope that the price rises more and more , the price drops suddenly after this rise .

 And avoid making any decisions based on rumors in the market , many of these rumors spread by some stakeholders to gain them on your account.

 8 . Observe your investments

Since the first day begins to invest your money in the stock market , you have to follow the performance of companies that invested in securities issued by the Stock Exchange and their reports and financial statements issued by its news and future plans as well as the economic performance of the sector to which it belongs to him . All this in order to determine whether the performance of this investment is consistent with your plan and investment achieved by you , or is it better to consider changing this investment to another company or other investment vehicle .

 And always remember that we all live in a changing world where there is no eternal constants . For example : If you bought shares of a company because it has made good profits in the past year , keep in mind that this company in the future may be exposed to conditions of strong competition may make them do not achieve the same profit , but can check losses may lead to a decline in its share price in the stock market .

 The case remains good for the company's performance in the time that changing the laws of the state or in some of the surrounding economic conditions may lead to the impact on stock prices and other financial instruments .

 As a result, we recommend that you always monitor the movement of the market and the performance of your investments so you can adjust your investment decisions to fit in with your financial goals .

 And you can do so through the brokerage firm you are dealing with and that they must provide you with technical and financial reports out of the data and information that will help you increase your knowledge of the investment and facilitate you to take your investment decisions .

 Edit investment plans when necessary
Also, check periodically the contents of your portfolio as well as the financial situation because the change in them may require a change in your plan or your financial goals . For example, if increased financial ability and therefore the amount available for investment , this will require you to reconsider your investment objectives and to the best expansion.
Performance Evaluation
Always assess the performance of your investment portfolio .
If , for example, found that the shares of the companies in which they invest big profits , you may find that it is better to increase your investment in the company by buying more shares . If there is another company making losses or profits lower than expected , you may find that it is best to cut them from your investment by selling shares of the company .
Important tip : When evaluating investments in a particular stock , you should not only take into account the profits , which achieved earnings per share ( dividend coupons you get ) , but also has to be you and to take into account the change in the stock price up and down which is called the gain or loss of capital .

So your investment should be based on the total benefit that you will return a dividend in addition to the capital gain .

Example : If you purchased the shares with ten pounds at the end of the year got a coupon distribution pounds worth one, as the stock price rose and became 12 pounds.

The gross profit = Coupon Distributor + capitalist profit
3 = 1 +2
With this , you have achieved 30% profit from your investment in this stock (3/10 × 100)
Given the ways to monitor and evaluate the performance of stocks purchased in the company , you have to follow the following:

 The expected profits of the company
Growth of the company to expand its activities in the distributions of expected earnings
You should also be found on any news concerning the company and what comes out of their reports and annual financial statements and quarterly reports as well as the auditor's it, you should also attend a meeting of the General Assembly of the company and discuss matters and decisions that are raised in this meeting .

Monitoring investment funds
If you choose to invest by buying mutual funds and documents , you'll need to follow the performance of the fund with the investment objectives set forth in the prospectus of the Fund. It is your right to request the information you want from the Investment Manager of the Fund.
 9 . Do you have achieved the goal that you plan for it?

Be sure to periodically calculate the profit and benefit achieved from your investment in a given period and compare this profit with the profit that you are aiming to achieve in the investment plan .

 If you find that the achievements of the profit equivalent to or higher than what you aspire to achieve, congratulations to you I was able to achieve what you are aiming at him and this is evidence that the investment plan may have been appropriate for you from all sides during that period.

 If you find that the realized gain is less than the profit that you plan to him , the investment plan need to be modified or that your financial goals or financial situation need to be revisited .

 • You and the risk and return of investing in the stock market

A key concept must be stuck in your mind all the time , which " whenever you want more profits from investing in the stock market , the more exposed to the risk of greater investment ."

When you buy or sell stocks , bonds or any other financial instruments you at risk of an investment . And the degree of risk varies from this financial instrument to another.

For example, the financial instruments that you expect them highly profitable ( such as active stocks ) contains a significant degree of risk .

The sense that you expect that the share price could rise much (that is to make a profit for you ), but it may happen that the price falls too much ( and these are the risks that may cause the low volume of your money and your investment )

The financial instruments which expects it to return a profit or a little ( government bonds , for example ), they have a lesser degree of risk (because they are guaranteed by the Government of Egypt ) .

Now ask yourself : What is the profit that you want to achieve and the risks that can be faced ?

 You are the only one who can answer this question .
 If you want a huge profit and growth of your investments are large and can not bear the loss of part of the money invested . Bought in active stocks , for example.
 If you want to gain a little bit and the slower growth in investments because you can not afford the loss of part of the money invested. Bought and invested in government bonds and corporate bonds and mutual funds , for example, documents
What kind of investor are you?
There are three types of investors :

Conservative Investor : Is the investor who does not want to take the risk of large and settle on the gains and profits of a few . Investor risk : it is the investor who wants to take a large degree of risk in order to achieve the profits and gains of many .
Investor moderate : it is the investor who wants to take as much as the average of the risks in order to achieve as much as the average of the profits and gains .

 In order to learn what kind of investor you can test yourself by using a simple test . Only duty on the following question:

 Imagine you put your money in an investment with a big return , but surrounded by a high degree of investment risk , you can relax and sleep soundly ?

If you answered "yes" : So you're an investor risks .
 If you answered "no" : you are an investor governor .
 If the answer is " to some extent " : you're a moderate investor .
 It remains the most important question :

 What are the types of risks that may be exposed to when investing ?

 First, the basic risks : the risks are the risks essential . This type of risk exists in all types of investment. A risk on the company's internal affairs and how to manage and cope with competition . The best way to reduce this risk is through diversification sense to invest in many companies , rather than a single company , " do not put all their eggs in one basket ."

 Second: Market risk : risk is the risk of the market, this kind of risk to the extent the impact of economic conditions on the company's performance , such as inflation , unemployment and other political and social conditions . For example, if the state issued a decision to stop the construction projects , this example represents a threat to a company that produces cement or rebar .

 Third: Interest rate risk : The impact of these risks on the bond market are greater than the impact on the stock market.
For example : For the bond market : if interest rates rose in the market , the new bonds issued at a price of new interest becomes preferable to investors wishing to invest their money in the bond market and thus lower prices for existing bonds with interest rates at least for weak demand due to low yield by comparison to bonds that issued the new interest rate .
As for the stock market : If increased the interest rate on bank deposits . Investors will sell their shares and depositing their money deposits to banks and , of course, this will lead to increased quantities offered for sale of the shares for the required purchase quantities leads to lower prices in the stock market .

 Fourth, the risk of inflation : inflation may occur in a market of markets such as the automotive market. In this case , investors are finding that the rate of rise in car prices higher than the rate of rise in their shares in this case, the investors sell their shares and buy cars to take advantage of high prices . This in turn leads to a decline in stock prices.

Fifth: Liquidity risk : the risk that is associated with the ability of the investor to sell shares or bonds and converted to cash at a time when you need the money as a result of lack of demand on them.

 Diversification of investments for greater safety

Intended to diversify investments distribute your money on a number of tools and investment channels instead of investing all in the field or a single company in accordance with the adage " do not put all their eggs in one basket ," you if you put your money all in the shares of one company and the event that the price of this stock in the stock market this means that the value of your investment will go down.

And diversification policy depends on the distribution of investments on a variety of financial instruments such as stocks , bonds and mutual funds documents . As well as also diversification within each group , for example, can be diversification within the equity group so that the distribution of money invested through the purchase of shares from different sectors of the economy and various industries . To achieve the maximum benefit of diversification , must be combined with the stock high degree of risk and low risk stocks .

 You might ask yourself Dear investor , what is the benefit of diversification ?

To answer this question is very simple: Imagine you invest your money in a number of shares of different companies , and dropped the price of one of these stocks while he at the same time share price rose another , so as a result of this increase compensated for the decline in the value of your investment because of the low share price first .

 And make sure that if you Binary Pro Cloner Review policy of diversifying your investments , you will be able to reduce the amount of risk to and therefore more likely to compensate for any losses in the securities as a gain achieved in other securities .

In spite of the advice to diversify your investments , we also warn you of diversification too much to the point that it is difficult to monitor the performance of each of these investments 


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