Nighthawk System Review

Nighthawk System Review Building a strategy for the forex market depends on two main variables : technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The analysis of the technical side of currency fluctuations over different time ( through charts ) , while the primary side focuses on economic data and political news . This economic news be available at most of the forex trading platforms on the Internet , often without additional charges . One of these statements is a scanning facilities , which is a key part of the report of the conditions of employment , or report to work .

Definition scanning facilities

Survey measures the number of installations of the few functional variables through a survey of nearly 400,000 company employs about 47 million people across the country . Is Nighthawk System Review conducting the survey on a monthly basis ( in the twelfth of every month) , while the results will be announced on the first Friday of the following month . Here we will mention the main sections of the survey installations :

Non-farm payrolls

This figure represents the number of wage earners in the country, with the exception of employees of the following:

Agricultural workers , ( and this is referred to as non-farm jobs )
Independent contractors who teach from a private residence
Government employees
The staff of non-profit organizations
Although the Nighthawk System Review numbers non-farm payrolls exclude a large section of the population , but the impact remains strong due to the nature of the timing of the important and also the large number of participants in this survey , so they remain important in shaping the public image of the employment in the country.

Average hourly earnings

This section of the survey installations represents the average hourly wage during a given month . These information are important because they measure monthly changes in Nighthawk System Review individual incomes and purchasing power , which in turn have a significant impact on the state of the economy in general . This decrease or increase in the average hourly wage can also be matched with the monthly inflation rate to see whether wages in parallel with inflationary pressures .

Average weekly hours worked

Although it may seem an important economic indicator is , however, that the average weekly working hours may have a real impact on the economy. If you change the average weekly working hours , even 1% , this may translate into gains or losses are measurable in the level of productivity of the Nighthawk System Software economy and also the total numbers of monthly income .

The total working hours

This figure represents the sum of all the hours of work a month for all non-farm workers ( part-time and full-time ) . Is one of the important indicators to measure the overall health of the Full Money System economy .


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